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The HoneyStick Squeeze Box Phantom is a handsome, dual use vaporizer that works with wax concentrates and essential oils. This wax vaporizer has a cool squeeze-to-vape feature that's functional and fun to use too. This little vape serves good vapor and has several customization options. If you need a vaporizer that'll do your extracts right no matter what media they are...the HoneyStick Phantom is worth checking out.

HoneyStick Squeeze Box Phantom Background

HoneyStick does stealthy¬†vaping well, with vapes like the key-fob¬†Minimax and the Rippo¬†(taking after the iconic lighter). The Squeeze Box Phantom ($129 from Vape-Smart) is the first of their vapes that can handle both oil and wax. The Phantom’s cousin, the¬†Beekeeper—which we love— is pretty similar but works only w/ 510 oil cartridges.

The Phantom has separate wax and oil tanks that easily slip in and out for maximum convenience. The Squeeze Box name comes from a nifty squeeze-to-vape feature that is intuitive and just plain fun to use.

Our¬†HoneyStick Phantom Review¬†lets you know what we love most (and least) about this little vape. Check out the details on the Phantom’s kit, design, and performance.

Best Deal: $129 from Vape-Smart¬† — Use coupon code TVG10 for a 10%¬†off sitewide.

HoneyStick Phantom wax and oil vape Review
The Phantom comes with a wax chamber (left) and an oil tank (right). The Phantom works w/ prefilled 510 oil cartridges too.

The HoneyStick Squeeze Box Phantom Kit

The HoneyStick Squeeze Box Phantom’s kit has what you need—not too much else to report there.¬†If you need a wax vape—you’ve got a chamber that can handle that. If you want to vape your 510 cartridge with your THC oil, you can do that too. All in all, you’re looking at:

  • HoneyStick Squeeze Box Phantom¬†dual use vaporizer
  • 2 chamber options
    • Concentrate tank w/ dual quartz atomizer in a ceramic bowl – powerful and smooth vapor
    • Oil tank made from glass & stainless steelhigh quality materials for high quality extracts
  • 2 magnetic adapters for long and short tanks
  • USB charging cable + user manual

The Squeeze Box Phantom kit is missing¬†dab tools.¬†Amazon has dab tools and wax containers so you can keep yourself in order¬†and get yourself in order too. ūüėÄ Precision tools make sure your globs don’t go to waste,¬†and silicon storage ensures the longevity of your precious dabs.

HoneyStick Squeeze Box Phantom kit
The Phantom's kit has the essentials for vaping THC concentrates: wax & oil tanks w/ long + short adapters and microUSB charger (dab tool not included).

Key Features of the HoneyStick Squeeze Box Phantom

The Squeeze Box Phantom’s oil/wax dual use capability is noteworthy, but the¬†squeeze box¬†component is its namesake for a reason. We haven’t seen much like this feature, so we always love a little originality (thanks HoneyStick!).

You basically just hug the Phantom with your hand and it vapes. You don’t need to press any buttons, the button is basically the side of the device. This button is a latch that opens up to reveal the microUSB port. As far as features, you’re looking at:

  • Compatibility with wax concentrates + THC oils
  • Magnetic adapters hold long + short tanks for customization
  • Squeeze to vape design is fun and effortless
  • 4 preset temperature settings
  • Sold for¬†$129 from Vape-Smart¬†(coupon code TVG10 gets you 10%¬†off sitewide)

The Squeeze Box Phantom also has a high capacity 1000 mAh battery that lasts multiple sessions whether you’re using wax or essential oils. Just charge this little guy a few times a week while you sleep and you’ll be all set.

HoneyStick Phantom oil and wax vaporizer Review
The HoneyStick Squeeze Box Phantom's chambers: wax tank (left) and essential oil cartridge (right).

Design of the HoneyStick Squeeze Box Phantom

The HoneyStick Squeeze Box Phantom is pretty small and feels natural in your hand. Its stainless steel body gives it a rich, sturdy feel. The Phantom is reasonably discreet and just overall pretty good looking. It coordinates well with your pre-filled, stainless-steel-tipped 510 cartridges as well.

The longer tanks stick out further and helps to better cool the vapor on the way to your lips—though, at the cost of pocket-friendly convenience. Both tanks feature stainless steel mouthpieces that are comfortable and swivel around for easy access.

HoneyStick Squeeze Box Phantom dual use vaporizer Review
The Phantom not only vapes well, it feels natural with your other gadgets thanks to neutral, silver a grey design palette.

The Phantom has a cutout that makes it easy to monitor the level of oil in the tank, a very useful feature. Unlike other wax or oil portables, the magnetic adapters can easily fit wider tanks without any trouble.

Have we mentioned how great the squeeze box feature is yet? (Haha.) Okay, yes, we know—we did! But to round out our discussion of the Phantom’s design: the squeeze feature is a little addictive so be careful with those dabs. You might do a little more squeezing than you bargained for. ūüôā

How to use the HoneyStick Squeeze Box Phantom

The Squeeze Box Phantom is a simple vaporizer to use, just get it ready before you are ready to head out by loading up wax and/or oil. Prepping the Phantom is quick and simple so you can basically do your thing on the go without worrying about maintaining it.

For Concentrates:

  1. Remove the tank apparatus from the Squeeze Box Phantom + unscrew the mouthpiece from the tank.
  2. Place your dab on the tank’s coil, replace the mouthpiece and return it to the Phantom.
  3. Choose the temperature.
  4. Once heating is complete, squeeze and enjoy!

For Oils:

  1. Remove the tank + adapter and unscrew the mouthpiece from the glass oil tank.
  2. Carefully drop in oil and replace the mouthpiece, then reinsert the tank.
  3. Choose the temperature.
  4. After fully heated, squeeze the Phantom while inhaling.

Just remember: Be careful! You’re dealing with precious wax and liquids, so aim well. ūüôā

HoneyStick Phantom dual use vaporizer Review
The wax chamber on the Phantom is easy to fill, though the dab tool is not included.

Performance and Vapor Quality of the HoneyStick Squeeze Box Phantom

Whether using wax or oil, the vapor quality of the Squeeze Box Phantom was pretty great and the cloud production¬†is impressive too. We basically figured this would be the case, though, because as mentioned earlier—the Beekeeper is pretty cool with 510 oil tanks and the Phantom favors it.

The dual quartz coils in the wax tank heat quickly and produce nice clouds. Beginners should try the lower temperature settings, as the heat from the quartz coils can be intense. Conversely, once you get warmed up, turn up the dial and take a big rip. The Phantom doesn’t disappoint (especially for a little guy!).

The oil tank has inlet holes that decrease draw resistance and allow for massive hits (if that’s your thing). The longer adapters perform slightly better because the lengthier airpath helps¬†cool the vapor. The shorter adapters do fine too, so if you need to vape low key, you won’t have to sacrifice flavor quality for discretion. The battery is long lasting so you can go for a while without having to recharge, too.

HoneyStick Phantom Review
The dual quartz coils of the wax tank produce intense heat and strong flavor. Quartz is best suited for seasoned vapers.

The HoneyStick Squeeze Box Phantom VS Similar Vapes

The Squeeze Box Phantom is unique but there are other legit concentrate vapes that one might consider in this class. Take a look at the competition:

  • The KandyPens A$AP Rocky vape pen vs the Phantom: Asap Rocky is a badass primo vape pen for¬†wax and oil¬†use—not to mention, a wee bit pricier than the Phantom.
  • The HoneyStick Rippo¬†versus the HoneyStick Phantom: The Rippo is a neat little vape pen gadget in that it resembles the ol’ Zippo lighter, though, it works with essential oils only.
  • The HoneyStick BeeKeeper¬†vs the HoneyStick Phantom: The Beekeeper is a similar vape to the Phantom, though not as attractive, and compatible only with 510 tanks. Cheaper though!

Each of these vaporizers gets the job done—and the Squeeze Box¬†Phantom¬†definitely hangs in there. Check out the review to find out which one will suit you best…

HoneyStick Squeeze Box Phantom Review: Final Thoughts

Once again, HoneyStick has produced a vaporizer that¬†sneaky vapers will dig. The Squeeze Box¬†Phantom ($129 from Vape-Smart) is a super portable little vape pen box that’s just fun to squeeze and hit. It works well with wax and oils, and provides the necessary components so you’re set with what you need from the jump (super potent concoctions not included).

Multi-length tank choices is cool in that you can choose whether vapor temperature or discretion is more important to you based your plans. And if you didn’t get the message, we love the squeeze box design. The Phantom is easy to use, small, and it works—a combination that may earn a nod over at our¬†Best Vape Pens list.

If you’re on the market for a stealthy, portable vaporizer for THC oil and wax, the HoneyStick Squeeze Box¬†Phantom is a solid choice. Check out the HoneyStick Squeeze Box Phantom for $129 at Vape-Smart, and use coupon code TVG10¬†for¬†10% off¬†sitewide!

HoneyStick Squeeze Box Phantom

Stealthy Wax and Concentrate Vaporizer


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