HoneyStick hrb Review: How is HoneyStick’s First Weed Vaporizer?

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HoneyStick hrb Review Bottom Line

After making some of the best extract vaporizers on the market, HoneyStick has decided to enter the dry herb game with the hrb. As long as you don’t expect them to set the weed vaping world on fire the first time out, you won’t be disappointed. It’s a good first effort but it’s mainly for beginners rather than veterans. Hopefully HoneyStick can use it as a stepping stone to better weed vapes.

HoneyStick hrb Background

This is new, the HoneyStick hrb ($129 directly from HoneyStick, use coupon code TVG18 for an 18% discount) is an actual, honest-to-goodness dry herb vaporizer from HoneyStick. What is the world coming to? I thought they were oil and wax specialists, but apparently I was wrong.

I don’t mind, though. We can always use more Great Dry Herb Vaporizers, and besides, HoneyStick already ventured into weed vaping with the awesome Redline Kit. But that had a big old mod battery, while the hrb is a lot more pocket-friendly. Let’s find out if HoneyStick’s skill with extract vaping carries over to weed vaping in my HoneyStick hrb review.

HoneyStick hrb Kit

  • HoneyStick hrb
  • 1 plastic mouthpiece + 1 glass mouthpiece
  • Cleaning brush + packing tool
  • USB charger

A good vape needs a good grinder—good thing there a lot of them to choose from. The Otto is great for electric grinding and the SLX is one of the best manual grinders around.

Key Features of the HoneyStick hrb

  • Compatible w/ dry herb
  • Small and highly portable
  • Glass mouthpiece provides cooler vapor
  • Three temperature settings: 390°F | 405°F | 420°F
  • Retails directly from HoneyStick for $129, coupon code TVG18 saves you 18%
HoneyStick hrb dry herb vaporizer
The glass mouthpiece is the superior vaping option, but it is more fragile and slightly less portable.

HoneyStick hrb Design

I wasn’t kidding when I said the hrb is pocket-friendly, it’s 4” long and 0.8” wide, about the size and shape of a pocket knife. It’s not an eye-catching design, but it is smart and practical. The ridges on the side give the hrb a non-slip surface while you’re vaping and there are cooling vents on the front to prevent overheating.

The hrb easily slips into any pocket or purse, but only with the plastic mouthpiece, the glass mouthpiece is a little too long for pockets, plus there’s the concern that it could break. Loading the hrb is easy since you just need to snap off the mouthpiece to expose the chamber. Using it is also simple because of the one button operation. Overall, this is one of the more travel-friendly dry herb vapes out there.

How to Use the HoneyStick hrb

  1. Remove the mouthpiece to reveal the herb chamber.
  2. Fill the chamber and replace the mouthpiece.
  3. Press the power button 5x to power up the device.
  4. Press the power button once to cycle through the temperature presets.
  5. Once the light stops blinking, inhale from the mouthpiece.
HoneyStick hrb ceramic chamber
The herb chamber is the perfect size for solo users.

Performance and Vapor Quality of the HoneyStick hrb

HoneyStick did a pretty solid job with their first dry herb vape, though it’s mainly for beginners rather than vaping aficionados. Vapes this size aren’t really meant to compete with the bigger, more expensive vapes. They’re meant to be stealthy, portable options, and the hrb excels in that regard.

The flavor is good, if not incredible. I got the best flavor from the lowest temperature setting, the higher ones didn’t do much for me. The glass mouthpiece is the better option since it keeps the vapor cool. The only problem is that it gets a little hot after a few minutes of use, not to the point where you can’t hold it, but it’s definitely noticeable. The battery lasts all day and charges in 2.5 to 3 hours.

HoneyStick hrb glass mouthpiece
The hrb provides decent flavor regardless of which mouthpiece you use.

HoneyStick hrb vs Similar Vapes

HoneyStick hrb vs Atmos Vicod 5G

The Atmos Vicod 5G has many of the same qualities as the hrb, including an optional glass mouthpiece. It’s bigger than the hrb but it also has precise temperature control and more power.

Atmos Vicod 5G Review

HoneyStick hrb Review: Conclusion

The HoneyStick hrb ($129 directly from HoneyStick, use coupon code TVG18 to get an 18% discount) is a good choice for beginners, and makes a decent, portable option for more seasoned vapers. It’s not going to challenge the Best Dry Herb Vaporizers, but it is pretty competitive in its price range.

It’s overall ease of use, convenience, portability, and fast charge time make it one of the better portables available. If you’re a newcomer to weed vaping then this is a good first choice, just know that you’ll probably outgrow it eventually.

Thanks for reading my HoneyStick hrb review, this is a good first start, but hopefully HoneyStick can build on it.

Where to buy the HoneyStick hrb?

HoneyStick hrb

HoneyStick's first weed vaporizer is a smartly designed portable


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