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The HoneyStick Dooble can vape two oil cartridges at once and while that seems like a great innovation at first, it has limited appeal in the long run. The Dooble does work pretty well, it has wide openings that can hold most cartridge sizes, it uses convenient magnetic adapters, it has a smooth draw activation, and uses hefty 350 mAh batteries. However once you get over the novelty of vaping two different flavors, or strains, of oil simultaneously, you realize that you’re stuck with a vaporizer where you need to do everything twice.


$69.99 directly from HoneyStick

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Vapor Quality
  • Can hold two different cartridges
  • Long lasting 350 mAh batteries
  • Fits nicely in the hand
  • Wide opening can hold most cartridge sizes
  • Convenient magnetic adapters
  • Novelty is short lived
  • Just one voltage setting
  • Needing to do everything twice

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HoneyStick Dooble Review

HoneyStick Dooble Background

Just when you think you’ve seen it all, something comes along to make you question everything you have ever believed in and shake your foundation to its very core. I might be exaggerating slightly but the Dooble is one of the most interesting oil vapes to come around in a while. As you can probably figure out from its name, the Dooble is a double oil vape that can hold two different cartridges at the same time.

What was the extraordinary impetus that birthed this creation? I don’t know, but I do know that many people will be happy to vape from two different cartridges at once. The Dooble isn’t all flash though, because it is 510 threaded with magnetic adapters to hold refillable or pre filled cartridges. There is a lot more to the Dooble, so keep reading to learn more about this unusual vaporizer.

What’s in its Kit

HoneyStick Dooble review with cartridges

The Dooble includes magnetic adapters that make inserting and removing the cartridges very easy.

  • HoneyStick Dooble
  • Four magnetic 510 thread adapters
  • One dual USB port wall charger
  • Two USB charging cables

How it is Designed

HoneyStick Dooble design

The spacing of the two cartridges is just right, meaning that it is easy to fit both of them in your mouth simultaneously.

The Dooble looks just like how you think it would, like a large box style vaporizer, or rather, like two normal size box vapes stuck together. Even though the Dooble is around three inches tall, the wide body limits its portability, though it does improve the grip over skinnier solo batteries. The receptacles for the cartridges are on opposite sides, an arrangement that keeps them just the right distance from each other. That means that there are not so close together that inserting the cartridges becomes a hassle, or that they are so far apart that vaping from both feels awkward.

Actually, vaping from two cartridges simultaneously does feel awkward at first, but you get used to it since the spacing between them is just right. You can fit both of them in your mouth and inhale from them both, though you need some decent lung power to do that. There is one clear downside to the design of the Dooble, which is that you need to do everything twice, so setting it up takes twice as long.

The magnetic adapters help, since there are four of them, you can prepare four cartridges beforehand and then drop them in when you’re ready. The Dooble uses two different batteries which can be charged separately, though the wall adapter does feature two USB ports so you can charge them at the same time. The openings for the cartridges are pretty wide so they will accommodate most 510 cartridges. There are also cut outs on each battery that let you monitor the amount of oil left in each cartridge.

How it Performs

HoneyStick Dooble Performance

The Dooble allows you to vape two different flavors or strains at the same time.

Vapor Performance: One of the interesting things about the Dooble is that it allows you to vape from two different flavored cartridges simultaneously. Draw resistance is low, but inhaling from two cartridges at the same time takes some getting used to. You can get some interesting and unique flavor combinations that way. You can also mix a THC and a CBD cartridge for some… interesting results, or you can double up on either one for some really interesting results.

I decided to keep things simple by vaping two different flavors of CBD oil and it was certainly a unique experience. I chose two fruit flavors so the mix was pretty complementary and the Dooble created a taste that I couldn’t get from any other vaporizer, not to mention that the CBD effects kicked in even sooner. It only has a single voltage setting of 3.7V, which works well in most cases, though more settings would have been welcome. So the Dooble certainly works, but at the same time I found myself asking why anyone would want one.

There is the novelty value of course, but outside of that, the Dooble isn’t all that practical. Once you’ve had your fill of mixing flavors and/or strains, you’ll probably just stick to one cartridge at a time, making the Dooble only half as useful. It’s fun to mess around with but once the novelty wears off, you’ll likely get tired of having to do everything twice.

Battery Performance: The Dooble uses two 350 mAh batteries, one for each cartridge, they last for a pretty long time and take about two hours to charge up. However, you should be careful about using one side more than the other since it is possible for one battery to die earlier than the other one.

The Final Word

The Dooble is an interesting idea that is well executed, but at the same time it seems like little more than a novelty. The concept of using two vapes at the same time has no doubt crossed the mind of many a vaper and I’m sure some of them have actually tried doing that. The Dooble satisfies the curiosity of anyone interested in trying two vapes at once, and it works great at providing that experience.

You get to mix different flavors and strains, and it is certainly interesting at first, but eventually the newness wears off and you’ll likely end up using one cartridge at a time, rendering the Dooble’s entire selling point moot. Each half of the Dooble is a very good oil vape or 510 battery, with simple draw activation, convenient magnetic adapters, and a substantial battery life. However, put them together and the whole is less than the sum of its parts.

If you’re still interested, you can purchase the Dooble directly from HoneyStick for $70 and you can use our exclusive HoneyStick coupon code TVG18 to get an 18% discount.

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HoneyStick Dooble

An innovative vaporizer that can use two oil cartridges at once


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