HoneyStick BeeBox Review

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HoneyStick BeeBox Review

The Good: Draw activated | Can fit wider pre-filled cartridges | Highly portable | Durable enough to withstand jolts and impacts | Cutout lets you monitor oil level

The Bad: No voltage/temperature selection

The Bottom Line: I appreciate how simple the BeeBox is to use. Whenever I needed to take a quick, discreet hit of CBD during the day, this little vape did the trick, because the small size and draw activation make using it easy and fast. It’s not what I would use for longer weekend sessions but it works well within its specialized niche.

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Design and Features

HoneyStick Beebox Design
The BeeBox features a cutout that allows you to monitor the level of oil in your cartridge.

Background: The BeeBox is a 510 battery that is compatible with pre-filled CBD or THC cartridges. It’s a pretty simple device that doesn’t have any voltage or temperature settings to mess around with. Combine that with the draw activation and you have a device that is very easy to use. As you would expect from such an uncomplicated device, it comes with an uncomplicated kit, just the BeeBox and its charging cable are included. But, aside from the cartridge, that’s really all you need.

General Design: The BeeBox looks a lot like your typical oil vape mod, the main difference being the cutout where the magnetic adapter for the 510 cartridges sits. That cutout makes it easy to monitor your oil level at a glance, but without compromising the structural integrity of the BeeBox. Plus it is big enough to hold the wider pre-filled cartridges. The micro USB port is located on the base of the battery, so you have to lay it on its side while it charges up. Finally, there is a small LED at the bottom of the BeeBox that lights up when you inhale.

Portability: The BeeBox is about two inches tall, so you won’t have any problems fitting it into your pocket. The mouthpieces of the pre-filled cartridges stick out when they’re connected to the battery, so you’ll have to carry them separately. That’s not too inconvenient since you can attach the cartridges to the BeeBox really quickly.

Build Quality: The BeeBox is made from brushed aluminum, so not only is it tough, it has a nice texture too. You can drop it, toss it, or step on it without worry. As long as there isn’t a cartridge attached to it of course.


HoneyStick BeeBox Performance
The BeeBox is great for taking quick hits of your favorite pre-filled oil cartridges.

The BeeBox is a pretty simple device that is meant for quick hits of whatever CBD or THC oil you’re packing, and that’s exactly what it does, no more and no less. I tested it with Medix vape oil and it worked great. There isn’t any temperature or voltage selection here, you just connect the cartridge to the battery and inhale, simple as that.

Personally, I appreciate that, because sometimes simple is exactly what I want. The BeeBox isn’t for every occasion, but any time I want to take a quick fuss-free hit without fiddling with any calibrations, this battery is exactly what I need. The 380 mAh capacity means that it can last all day and recharge times are fairly quick. The BeeBox isn’t for long weekend vape sessions, but as a daily driver, it’s a great choice.

Bottom Line

HoneyStick BeeBox
8.5 Total Score
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The HoneyStick BeeBox is a draw-activated 510 threaded battery mod that will fit nearly all of your pre-filled THC or CBD oil cartridges. It’s portability, durability, and simplicity make it a great daily vape. You can take it anywhere and take a hit or two from it whenever you like. The BeeBox isn’t about customization, but as far as convenience goes, it’s one of the better batteries out there.

Who is it for: Vapers who like to take a hit or two throughout the day. Active vapers who want a tough, fuss-free vape to take with them on their outdoor adventures. 

Who is it NOT for: Anyone who likes the customization option of choosing their own voltage or temperature.  


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