HoneyStick Bee Master 510 Battery Review

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The HoneyStick Bee Master 510 Battery is another entry into the market of 510 threaded batteries. There are a ton of these out there, so what makes this one distinct? Aside from its colorful paint job, the answer is not much. This doesn’t mean that it’s bad, it’s a pretty solid battery that works well with any cartridge you pair it with. But is it better than any other solid, workhorse type 510 battery? Not really.

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HoneyStick Bee Master 510 Battery Background

The HoneyStick Bee Master 510 Battery ($27.95 directly from HoneyStick, use our exclusive HoneyStick Coupon Code TVG18 to save 18%) is a 510 threaded battery for your pre-filled oil and CBD cartridges. “What, another one?” is probably what you’re thinking, and yes there are a lot of these on the market right now.

So what makes this one stand out? And is it worth getting the Bee Master instead of any other batteries or oil vaporizers? Those are probably the other questions you’re asking, so, keep reading my HoneyStick Bee Master 510 Battery review to get answers to those, and any other questions you may have about this battery.

What’s in the Kit

  • HoneyStick Bee Master 510 Battery
  • Carrying case
  • USB charger
HoneyStick Bee Master 510 battery kit
The carrying case has space for the USB charger (top), the Bee Master 510 battery (bottom), and a single 510 cartridge.

Notable Features

  • Compatible w/ 510 threaded THC oil and CBD cartridges
  • Very compact and portable
  • Three voltage settings: 3.6V | 3.8V | 4.0V
  • Convenient carrying case is included
  • Retails for $27.95 directly from HoneyStick, coupon code TVG18 provides an 18% discount
HoneyStick Bee Master 510 battery threading
The Bee Master's 510 compatibility means that it can be used with a wide variety of oil and CBD cartridges.

Design of the Bee Master

The Bee Master keeps things simple with its design as it looks similar to most of the other 510 batteries out there, the main difference is the outlandish finish that really stands out, for better or for worse. Amusingly, HoneyStick calls this paint job chameleon. I’m guessing it’s meant to be ironic, because the Bee Master isn’t going to be blending into any background, unless that background is tie-dyed.

So, if you’re reliving your hippie days, then the Bee Master will indeed blend in, but it’s going to stand out against more conservative clothing. If you don’t like this garish pattern, then that’s too bad because it’s not available in any other colors, which is pretty disappointing considering that other batteries like the KandyPens 350 mAh Battery and KandyPens C-Box both offer multiple color choices. They also have nicer finishes and feel higher quality than the Bee Master, even though they are in the same price range.

Other than that, it’s business as usual with this battery as it has the standard single button control and highly portable design that is de rigueur for pen-style 510 batteries.

HoneyStick Bee Master 510 battery design
The Bee Master has a glossy paint job that is distinctive and fingerprint resistant

How to Use It

  1. Screw the 510 threaded cartridge onto the battery.
  2. Press the power button 5x to turn on the battery.
  3. Press the power button 3x to cycle through the voltage settings.
  4. Once the setting has been reached, inhale through the mouthpiece of the cartridge.
HoneyStick Bee Master 510 battery
Attaching a cartridge to the Bee Master is a quick and simple process.

The Bee Master’s Performance

The Bee Master worked well with all of the oil and CBD cartridges I tried with it, including Gold Line CBD 510 Cartridges, and it vaped all of them at a pretty high level. It brings out the full flavor of each cartridge and the variable voltage selection is great for vapers of all experience levels.

The reason is that the lowest setting is great for beginners and the highest one is better for experienced vapers. None of the settings feel too uncomfortable or harsh, but newcomers should only use the low or middle settings to get started. The 350 mAh battery lasts all day long and it doesn’t take too long to charge.

HoneyStick Bee Master 510 battery with Goldline CBD
The Bee Master makes a great match with all types of different cartridges.

The Last Word

The HoneyStick Bee Master 510 Battery ($27.95 directly from HoneyStick, use coupon code TVG18 to save 18%) is a good, solid 510 battery that doesn’t really stand out against all of the other good, solid 510 batteries. This doesn’t mean that it is bad or not worth buying, far from it. If you’re into using pre-filled oil or CBD cartridges, then this is one of the better batteries you can use with them.

It’s just that, paint job aside, the Bee Master isn’t particularly distinctive, which isn’t that bad since most people want function, rather than style from their batteries. If that is what you want or need, then you will be perfectly happy with this battery. So the problem isn’t that the Bee Master is bad, it’s that if someone asks what makes it different from the other 510 batteries available, there isn’t anything you can tell them.

Thanks for reading my HoneyStick Bee Master 510 Battery review, it’s not a bad device, it just doesn’t differentiate itself enough from other batteries or any of the really Great Oil Vaporizers.

HoneyStick Bee Master 510 Battery

A 510 battery suitable for all THC oil and CBD cartridges


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  1. Hey! I have been researching. I have this battery, but after a long break from using it a multicolor light appears when turned on. I can’t find any information regarding the matter and the battery won’t work, as this light continues to flash for 3 seconds before turning off no matter whether holding the button or not. I hope someone here can help!

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