Holy Grail CBD E-Liquid

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Holy Grail CBD E-Liquid Review

The hemp oil that is produced by Holy Grail is different from the hemp seed oil that you get in grocery stores.  While some hemp is grown to have more omega fatty acids, Holy Grail has found a way to grow hemp with even more CBD, making hemp oil that has much greater natural CBD content than grocery store varieties. The CBD-rich hemp oil by Holy Grail comes in 10 ML Glass bottles with 30 mg of CBD in each, and is available in more flavors than you can imagine – Apple, Berries, Coffee, Dragon, Fire Ball, Jungle, Hawaii, Menthol and many more.

Holy Grail Flavor
Holy Grail Vapor Thickness
Holy Grail Flavors

Holy Grail also makes CBD Dabs to use with Concentrate Vaporizers.

  • No psychoactive effects like marijuana
  • Made from industrial grade hemp
  • Quality test by third party labs
  • Quality controlled from seed to shelf
  • Derived from mature hemp stalk
  • Choose: Gold 24 % or Blue 18% CBD Oil.

Holy Grail CBD Dab Description

Holy Grail offers highly potent varieties of CBD dabs to maximize your taste and experience.  These two versions are Holy Grail CBD Gold Dabs and Holy Grail CBD Blue Dabs.

Holy Grail CBD Gold Dabs

In this version the average CBD concentration is 24% or 240 mg in each gram of dab.  You can consume it either with a vaporizer or by putting a small grain under your tongue. Even dry herb vaporizers can be used to vaporize this dab.  The average dosage is just half the size of a rice grain. Only industrial grade hemp is used to make the gold dabs.  The Holy Grail CBD Gold Dabs are legal all over the United States.

Holy Grail CBD Blue Dabs

The Holy Grail CBD Blue dabs offer great taste and a good quantity of CBD.  The average concentration in this variety is 18% or about 180 mg per gram. This is one of the highest levels of legal CBD on the market.  Its great taste is attributed to the use of raw natural plant.  If you find the earthiness to harsh, you can add a little coconut oil to the dab.  For best results, put the dab under your tongue and let it melt slowly.  Keep the dosage around half the size of a rice grain. Using this variety in a vaporizer is not recommended.

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