Herbagrind Electric Herb Grinder Review: You Can Take this Grinder Anywhere, But Will You Want to?

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Herbagrind Electric Herb Grinder Review Bottom Line

The Herbagrind Electric Herb Grinder is a solid companion to your dry herb vape. At least when it works. Consistency is the problem with this grinder. Sometimes it works fantastically, sometimes it doesn’t work at all. That’s too bad because its portable friendly size means it’s great for both travel and home use. If you don’t mind the occasional dud grind then give the Herbagrind Electric Herb Grinder a try.

Herbagrind Electric Herb Grinder Background

The Herbagrind Electric Herb Grinder ($39.98 from Amazon) is a sleek, efficient grinder, but can it challenge the Best Weed Grinders on the market? It has a pretty good chance since it has the portability and convenience that few electric grinders can match.

It’s a pretty good looking device, but looks aren’t everything. I’m sure you want to know how it performs, how it works, and other vital information. You’re in the right place to find out so keep reading my Herbagrind Electric Herb Grinder review for all the details.

Herbagrind Electric Herb Grinder Kit

  • Herbagrind Electric Herb Grinder
  • USB charging cable
  • Cleaning brush
  • Instruction manual

Herbagrind Electric Herb Grinder Key Features

  • Compatible w/ dry herb
  • High portability
  • Very long lasting battery
  • Easy to transfer herb from grinder to vaporizer
  • Retails for $39.98 from Amazon
Herbagrind Electric Herb Grinder Review-Design
The Herbagrind's slim, cylindrical design is very travel-friendly.

Herbagrind Electric Herb Grinder Design

The Herbagrind’s small and sleek cylindrical design looks good and is very portable—you can just about fit into a pocket and it easily fits into a purse. It’s simple to fill and empty because it’s easy to connect and disconnect all the pieces.

All of those pieces are securely connected so you never have to worry about your weed spilling everywhere while you’re grinding. Well, maybe you will after you’ve finished grinding, but that’s your fault, not the grinder’s. The Herbagrind is convenient enough to double as temporary storage for your weed once you’re through grinding. That convenience extends to the USB charging because you can charge it wherever there’s an available USB port.

The blades are made of stainless steel and spin at 3000 RPM. The high RPM is great for shredding your weed while the stainless steel is good for your safety. Other types of metal like aluminum could erode over time and small flakes of it could end up in your weed. Since I’m pretty sure you don’t want to be inhaling metal fragments, stainless steel is the perfect blade material.

Herbagrind Electric Herb Grinder stainless steel blade
The stainless steel blades are efficient and will not erode over time.

How to Use the Herbagrind Electric Herb Grinder

  1. Remove the cap from the distribution funnel then remove the funnel from the grinder to expose the blade chamber.
  2. Place your herb in the blade chamber and replace both the funnel and the funnel cap.
  3. Press the power button 3x to turn on the grinder.
  4. Tap the button for a short grind or hold it down for a longer grind.
  5. Remove the funnel cap and pour out your ground herb.

Make certain that the power is off before you fill the blade chamber. Also make sure that your herb is completely dry before using the Herbagrind, sticky herb can get stuck in the chamber.

Herbagrind Electric Herb Grinder Blade Chamber
Make certain that the power is off before loading the chamber with herb.

Herbagrind Electric Herb Grinder Performance

The Herbagrind is fast and convenient but it has a notable problem with consistency. Since the herb and the blade are in the same chamber, the herb kind of floats around without any resistance. Imagine how a blender would work if the blades were in the middle instead of the bottom, that’s the problem with the Herbagrind. Sometimes you get a good grind, other times you end up with a ball of weed.

That inconsistency means that if you get a perfect grind in one session, it can be tricky to replicate it in another session. Also, there isn’t a kief catcher, so the kief can build up on the chamber walls, good thing a cleaning brush is included. There’s also no way to check on the herb during the grinding process, a viewing window would have been useful to monitor the consistency of the herb.

Herbagrind Electric Herb Grinder Funnel
The Herbagrind has a one button operation that makes it very easy to use.

Herbagrind Electric Herb Grinder Review: Conclusion

The Herbagrind Electric Herb Grinder (Retails from Amazon for $39.98) is a decent electric grinder that won’t really challenge the Best Weed Grinders. It’s great for both portable use and home use and the long lasting battery can last for multiple sessions. However, anyone used to manual grinders might miss the consistency they provide and the presence of a kief catcher.

When the Herbagrind works, it’s awesome. It can be a pocket friendly grinder you can take anywhere that chops up your weed just the way you like it. When the Herbagrind doesn’t work, it’s annoying. It can be a portable grinder that never grinds properly and ends up wasting your precious herb. If you’re willing to take the risk or just really need a portable grinder, then give the Herbagrind a shot.

Thanks for reading my Herbagrind Electric Herb Grinder review, it’s a good companion to any vaporizer. When it works.

Herbagrind Electric Herb Grinder

A powerful, portable weed grinder


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