Hemp Bombs 510 CBD Oil Cartridges Review

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Hemp Bombs CBD cartridges are some of the best around because of the sheer number of options that they offer to users. There are a wide variety of choices when it comes to concentration levels, plus they have more flavor selections than any other type of CBD oil available. If you’re getting into CBD oil, then Hemp Bombs 510 cartridges are a great place to start.

Flavor Variety
Concentration Variety
  • Wide variety of flavors
  • Good variety of strength levels
  • Flavors taste great
  • Mouthpiece has a smooth airflow
  • Silicon thread protectors preserve the threading
  • Not full spectrum
  • Highest concentration level is expensive

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Hemp Bombs 510 CBD Oil Cartridges Review

Hemp Bombs 510 CBD Oil Cartridges Background

CBD is becoming a popular substance to use because its benefits are gaining widespread recognition and also because companies like Hemp Bombs offer CBD in easy to use 510 prefilled cartridges. These cartridges can be used with any inexpensive, 510 compatible batteries, or with most oil vaporizers, so they are very versatile.

Hemp Bombs come in a variety of concentration levels and a truly staggering array of flavors, far more than any other brand of 510 cartridges. So, every user should be able to find a cartridge that perfectly suits them. If you’re still not convinced, then check out the rest of the review for more information.

If you are convinced, then you can get them directly from Hemp Bombs in the $30 to $100 price range, be sure to use coupon code TVG15 for a 15% discount.

Flavor and Concentration Selection

Hemp Bombs Prefilled CBD oil cartridges review flavor selection

Hemp Bombs CBD Oil Cartridges are available in a variety of different flavors and potencies.

Each Hemp Bomb 510 cartridge is available in concentrations of 125 mg, 300 mg, and 1000 mg in the following flavors:

  • Arctic Spearmint Blast
  • Crisp Honeydew Melon
  • Crushed Pineapple Paradise
  • Glazed Chocolate Donut
  • Roasted Colombian Coffee
  • Farm Fresh Strawberry Milk
  • Bangin’ Fruity Bedrock
  • Sugar Cookie Kryptonite
  • Sweet Mango Seduction
  • Vanilla Cupcake Swirl
  • Exotic Watermelon Kush
  • Whipped Marshmallow Dream
  • Wild Blueberry Jam

How They Perform

Hemp Bombs Prefilled CBD oil cartridges review packaging

Each Hemp Bombs CBD cartridge delivers the effects stated on the box, higher concentrations deliver them faster.

The reason that CBD works so well when it is vaped is that it goes directly from the lungs right into the bloodstream, so it doesn’t have to be filtered through the liver and digestive system. That means you feel the effects far more quickly, and that was certainly the case here, with the effects kicking in after twenty to thirty minutes depending on the concentration level. The higher the concentration, the faster the effects, but casual users should be fine with the lower strength levels.

The flavors that I got to try were Whipped Marshmallow Dream, Exotic Watermelon Kush, and Sweet Mango Seduction. The mango is my favorite but I am most impressed by the Watermelon because that is a hard flavor to get right and Hemp Bombs managed to nail it. The marshmallow flavor is decent but not my favorite because it isn’t as strong as the others. Overall, the cartridges that I tried delivered the effects I expected and tasted great, and now, I can’t wait to try out all the other flavors.

Vaping from the cartridges feels good because the tapered mouthpiece is very comfortable and the four air holes at the top of the device provide a smooth airflow. Each cartridge has a silicone thread protector that eases screwing and unscrewing from the battery and prevents the thread from getting worn down.

The Final Word

Hemp Bombs CBD cartridges are among the best 510 prefilled cartridges because they provide a wide variety of options in flavor and concentration levels. That means all users should be able to customize the experience to their liking. You just need to find a good battery, but fortunately those are very easy to come by. When you are ready to try CBD, these cartridges are among the best place to get started.

Hemp Bombs vs Sun State vs GoldLine

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Hemp Bombs 510 CBD Oil Cartridges

CBD cartridges that come in a wide array of flavors and strengths

$29.99 - $99.99

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