Healthy Rips Fury Review – World’s Tiniest Dry Herb Convection Vaporizer

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The Healthy Rips Fury is the world's smallest dry herb convection vaporizer. It produces nice vapor quality and flavor, plus it won't waste your weed due to the convection heating method--an impressive achievement for a weed vaporizer this size. The Healthy Rips Fury is a great vaporizer for first time vapers because it delivers good performance at a reasonable price. Keep reading for the deets on big features in a small package.

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World’s smallest Convection Vaporizer!

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Healthy Rips Fury Background

The Healthy Rips Fury ($139 from Healthy Rips) is a compact, highly portable dry herb vaporizer. It is one of the smaller dry herb vaporizers around, which as we know, is a very convenient feature. The price point of the Healthy Rips Fury, its portability, and convenience make it a very good starter weed vaporizer.

In this HR Fury review, we’ll go over unboxing, usage, and vapor quality.

Healthy Rips Fury weed vaporizer review

Healthy Rips Fury Kit

The Healthy Rips Fury kit includes only the basics that you would expect in a dry herb vaporizer:

  • The Healthy Rips Fury dry herb vaporizer
  • Tweezers, cleaning brush and packing tool
  • Wall Charger

It’s a standard package but it contains nearly everything you need. Well–nearly everything, because every weed vaper needs a good grinder like the Easy Grinder when it’s time to prep the herb. The Easy Grinder is fast, efficient, and best of all, electric. A weed grinder will make sure that you get the most out of your vaping experience efficiency and economically so don’t skimp on this step.

Healthy Rips Fury review

Key Features of the Healthy Rips Fury

There are two major features to note on the Healthy Rips Fury: the dry herb vaporizer’s small size and its convection heating system. The advantages of a small, portable vaporizer are apparent but the benefits of convection may still be unknown to some.

The convection heating method is preferred because the herb is heated by hot air rather than a hot surface; that means your buds are heated evenly and won’t reach the point of combustion. A convection heating system is pretty impressive for such a small dry herb vaporizer.

Comprehensively, our favorite features on the Fury include:

  • Small, compact size
  • Convection heating system
  • Glass vapor path – for pure vapor taste and cool temps
  • Granular temperature controls for precision

These features indicate that the Fury takes it a step further than the basic dry herb vapes in this price range.

Healthy Rips Fury dry herb vape review

Design of the Healthy Rips Fury

Did we mention that this dry herb vaporizer is really small? Because it is; at 3.2 x 1.9 x 0.9 inches, the Healthy Rips Fury can fit easily into the palm of your hand or any pocket or receptacle. Despite the small size, this weed vape has some impressive features. The Healthy Rips Fury has discrete temperature controls via a pair of buttons, with a display of the current temp on the top of the vaporizer.

The Healthy Rips Pro has a glass airpath which helps to maintain the flavor of the vapor because glass is a neutral material that doesn’t affect the vapor’s flavor. All of this is wrapped in kirksite, a zinc-aluminum alloy that is pretty durable. The removable mouthpiece is made of plastic and seems kind of cheap compared to the rest of the Healthy Rips Fury.

Healthy Rips Fury dry herb vaporizer review

Using the Healthy Rips Fury

The Healthy Rips is a super simple vape to use.

  1. Remove mouthpiece to access herb chamber and load herb — replace mouthpiece
  2. Hit power button five times to power up
  3. Heating process will start immediately  –  change temp on the fly if you like.

Once the selected temperature has been reached, inhale from the mouthpiece while pressing the fire button. The Healthy Rips Fury heats up in about 20 seconds so you won’t be waiting long.

Note (!): With convection vaporizers, you don’t want to pack herb tightly, otherwise the oven won’t heat up the herb properly.

Healthy Rips Fury herb vaporizer review

Performance and Vapor Quality of the Healthy Rips Fury

The vapor quality of the Healthy Rips Fury is pretty good, especially for such a small vaporizer. We can attribute this to the convection heating system and the glass airway. The convection system heats up the herb evenly and the glass airpath keeps the flavor pure. If you like huge clouds–the Healthy Rips Fury delivers as long as you don’t pack the herb chamber too tightly.

Battery life is where the Healthy Rips Fury falls slightly short. The 1600mAh battery is only good for about 30 to 40 minutes–obviously due to a small body and battery. You’ll either want to have a charger close by or vape judiciously when using the Healthy Rips Fury. And always plug in before bedtime!

Healthy Rips Fury herb vape review

Healthy Rips Fury Review: Final Thoughts

The Healthy Rips Fury ($139 from Healthy Rips) delivers impressive value for the money. You get a vaporizer roughly the size of a large cigarette lighter that delivers quality vapor, precise temperature controls, and a convection heating system. This dry herb vaporizer is great for beginner vapers since they can take it anywhere, it’s easy to use, and it delivers solid performance.

The Healthy Rips Fury produces dense vapor, that is the same quality as some of best vapes we tried here at the Vape Guide, maybe even the best at its price range. Consider the Healthy Rips Fury the Little Dry Herb Vaporizer that could!

Where to buy the Healthy Rips Fury?

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