HCigar VT Inbox Review

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HCigar VT Inbox Review

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The HCigar VT Inbox Starter Kit combines the VT Inbox Squonk TC mod powered by Evolv's DNA75 chipset with the Maze RDA V2 Squonk. The VT Inbox is a classic and retro squonk box chassis, with an interchangeable magnetic cover panel. It features an internal 8ml e-liquid storage bottle inside the device together with its single 18650 battery. In this way, you can enjoy the pleasant sensation through freewheel vaping.

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In-Depth HCigar VT Inbox Review:

HCigar VT Inbox ($99.90 from VapeSourcing) continues to adopt the technology behind Evolv’s DNA75 chipset. This makes the device stable with a wattage output of 75W. The classic square box shape and the double-sided interchangeable magnetic cover makes the overall shape of the device classic and retro.



VT Inbox installed its 8ml e-liquid storage bottle inside the device together with its single 18650 battery. It has a built-in pipeline which directly connects to the atomizer (Maze RDA V2 Squonk). The Maze RDA Squonk has a single or dual heating wires and with an upper chamber cover that can be freely rotated.

As I mentioned earlier, the RDA is connected through a built-in pipeline to an e-liquid storage bottle. The liquid filling can be directly injected through squeezing the e-liquid storage bottle. In this way, you can enjoy the pleasant sensation through freewheel vaping.

hcigar-inbox-squonker-labelThe Maze RDA V2 Squonk drip tip is removable. Its mouthpiece has a swivel portion so opening and checking you wicks and RDA build is easy and convenient now. The VT Inbox can be charged directly via USB or replacing the battery to achieve duration. The USB port not only uses for charging but also be connected to the computer to customize through Escribe software.


The Maze RDA V2 is a 22mm diameter atomizer with flip top design for easy use.


I did notice that my Kanger DRIPEZ bottles have the same size and it fits perfectly with the device. In this way replacement bottles won’t be an issue, plus it comes with two bottles and they should have replacements sooner or later on their website.

The magnet on the front-side of the panel are not that strong, I frequently hoist the detachable panel when squonking which is quite annoying sometimes. Other than that, giving it a hard shake and tap is okay. I only hear a little rattling but the panels are steadily put.

Detachable Carbon Fiber Accent Panels

VT Inbox features double-sided interchangeable magnetic cover panel.

The overall performance of this device is a must-have if you love RDAs or TC box mods with squonk feature. At a reasonable price this box mod is the comeback benchmark for HCigar. Before buying this mod try to check out my best vape mods this year to give you a heads up and better understanding about vape mods.


It’s a little smaller than Halcyon by Lost Vape than I thought it would be, nice size and feels good in the hand. Not much bigger, just a little wider than my Alien 220W and doesn’t weigh as much. The squonk tube has a big inner diameter so even thick VG will not be an issue. The bottle fits tight and snug and easy to remove. Although removing it may cause a little bit of an e-liquid mess. The cover panel magnets are not that strong and do rattle a bit if shaken hard enough but strong enough to stay put unless intentionally removed.

Where to buy the HCigar VT Inbox:

I recommend buying the HCigar VT Inbox from VapeSourcing. They offer Great Deals and Money Back Guarantee.

HCigar VT Inbox Starter Kit

Buy the HCigar VT Inbox Starter Kit from VapeSourcing.




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