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The Haze Square Pro features four bowls, convection heating, fast-charging, and more great features. Unfortunately, all those great features are hindered by the overly complex reassembly process and lengthy, tedious cleaning procedure. That’s too bad since this weed vape could have been an all-timer. As it stands, it’s an also-ran that is let down by its below-average execution. Its ease of use—or lack thereof—can’t compare to top shelf weed vapes like the Crafty/Mighty or Arizer Solo 2, which is why it won’t be used as regularly as they are.


$189 from VAPE-SMART

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Ease of use
Performance & Vapor quality
  • 4 Chambers for max compatibility
  • Good vapor quality
  • Mouthpieces does not sit tight
  • Too many moving parts makes cleaning harder than it should be

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Haze Square Pro Vaporizer Review

Haze Square Pro Background

The Haze Square Pro ($189 from Vape-Smart, use our exclusive Vape-Smart Coupon Code) is a dry herb (and concentrates) vaporizer that’s a lot better in theory than it is in practice. The theory being that four bowls are better than one, it’s an idea that every vaper can get behind but the execution lets it down.

That’s a real shame, after all, with four bowls that can accommodate weed, wax and liquids, convection heating, and good app support, the Haze Square Pro could have become one of the Best Weed Vapes around. So what went wrong? Keep reading my Haze Square Pro review to find out.

What’s in its Kit

Haze Square Pro kit

Clockwise from bottom right: USB-C charger, wall charger, USB-C cable, cleaning brush, tweezer, Haze Square Pro.

  • Haze Square Pro
  • Four dry herb pods
  • Two stainless steel concentrate pads
  • Two silicon lids
  • Wall charger
  • USB-C cable
  • Cleaning tool + loading tool

Any vaporizer needs a good grinder and the SLX is one of the best, so if you plan on getting the Haze Square Pro, you should plan on getting this grinder.Notable Features

Notable Features

  • Compatible w/ dry herb, e-liquids, and wax concentrates
  • Four pods allow users to mix and match substances
  • Convection heating
  • Smartphone app availability
  • Five temperature presets—adjustable via app
  • Retails for $189 from Vape-Smart, coupon code TVG10 provides a 10% discount


Haze Square Pro

The Square Pro has a simple but distinctive design.

This is quite possibly the most accurately named vaporizer ever, since the Haze Square Pro is shaped like, well, a square, one that is three inches on each side. At first glance, with the mouthpiece sticking out of the top, it looks kind of like a juice box with a straw sticking out of it. It’s not the most exciting-looking vape ever, but it is very distinctive, there’s no cookie cutter design here.

As for function, there is a lot going on, some good and some bad. For the good, the aluminum construction feels durable and well made, and there’s a nice little receptacle to store the mouthpiece, which enhances the vape’s already, very good portability. Switching between the various chambers is very easy, you just rotate the front of the Square Pro—kind of like you’re rotating a Rubik’s Cube—to snap the new chamber into place. Each chamber has an icon representing its number labeled on it, so it’s easy for the user to keep track of them. They’re all pretty big too, despite the small size of the Pro. When everything clicks, the Haze Square works great.

Getting everything to click is where the bad part comes in, this can be a fiendishly complicated vape to take apart and put together again. This is a big issue, especially when it comes to cleaning, which, as you can imagine, takes four times as long as typical single chamber vapes since you have to clean the bowls, as well as the screens, of each chamber. The Haze Easy Load/Deep Cleaning tool helps, and almost seems necessary, but it is sold separately.

Disassembly isn’t too bad, but reassembly can be a pain since everything has to be perfectly aligned. As for the mouthpiece, well it sits more firmly in its little receptacle than it does in the air shaft, it always feel loose, like it’s going to fall out. Ultimately, the design ideas are solid, but they’re a little too complex and high maintenance.

How it Works

  1. Turn the handle on the back of the Square Pro until it is horizontal to unlock the lid from the base.
  2. Separate the lid from the material pod and remove the silicon covers from the pods you wish to use.
    1. For dry herbs, place your weed into one of the pods. Do not replace the cover unless it is for storage.
    2. For concentrates, place the stainless steel pad into one of the pods, dab your wax onto it, then reattach the silicon cover.
    3. For e-liquids, place the stainless steel pad into one of the pods, then pour six to eight drops of liquid onto it so that it is damp, then reattach the silicon cover.
  3. Once loading is complete, reconnect the lid and material pod, and then reattach it to the base. Rotate the handle until it is vertical to secure the lid to the base.
  4. Remove the mouthpiece from its receptacle and insert it into the air shaft.
  5. Twist the lid until the icon of the chamber you wish to vaporize is aligned with the heating symbol on the base.
  6. Press the power button 3x to turn the Square Pro on, use the temperature selection button to choose one of the preset temperatures.
  7. Once the power button turns green, heating is complete, hold down the power button while inhaling from the mouthpiece.


Haze Square Pro mouthpiece and airshaft

The mouthpiece sits too loosely in the air shaft to be comfortable.

When you eventually complete the loading procedure and turn it on, the Haze Square Pro produces some great vapor, though mainly with weed. The concentrate and e-liquid performance won’t trouble your vape pen or e-cig, so you shouldn’t be using it for those substances. The bowls are surprisingly large for such a small device, so you’ll be floating pretty high after vaping just one of them. This is great for experienced vapers but could be too much for novices, so this shouldn’t be anyone’s first weed vape.

Switching between chambers is easy and it’s nice that you can have some herb stored away in the device itself. Heat times are very fast—five to twenty seconds—and the convection heating provides great flavor, plus the ceramic mouthpiece helps to cool down the vapor. Unfortunately, there is some bad news here too, as the mouthpiece refuses to stay in place because it sits too loosely, so you’re constantly fiddling with it. Also, while the vapor is good, the mouthpiece doesn’t really help you receive it because it’s made from a hard plastic that feels uncomfortable.

Battery life is decent at around two hours and the USB-C charger means that charge times are very fast, about thirty to forty minutes. The battery is replaceable, but you have to buy it from Haze since it’s a custom model, this is kind of annoying, but at least you can change it. The Square Pro has a smartphone app but since it doesn’t have Bluetooth, you need to connect it to your computer or Android phone—there’s no iPhone compatibility yet—via the USB-C cable. This is more cumbersome than the app integration of other phones, but the app does work well, allowing you to customize the five preset temperatures from a range of 320°F to 480°F.The Last Word

The Last Word

Haze Square Pro review disassembled

The Haze Pro produces good flavor but it is difficult to reassemble.

The Haze Square Pro ($189 from Vape-Smart, use coupon code TVG10 for a 10% discount) is an awesome concept that is hampered by elements of over-design. It’s easy to admire what they attempted here, the problem is that they tried to do too much with too little space. The placement of four large chambers in a pocket-friendly device is an engineering feat, the problem is that you might need a PhD in order to reassemble it. The whole disassembly/reassembly process will make this dry herb vape remind you of Humpty Dumpty, it’s easy to take apart but hard to put back together.

The vapor it produces is tasty, but the loose mouthpiece can make it difficult to enjoy. Ultimately, this vape is best for seasoned vapers who enjoy assembling Swedish furniture, since putting this device back together is just as complicated. Novice vapers, or vapers who want an easy to use, low maintenance vaporizer should steer clear. That’s a shame, because with some more user-friendliness, this could have been a contender for one of the Best Dry Herb Vapes ever.

Thanks for reading my Haze Square Pro review, it’s an improvement over the Haze Square, hopefully the next iteration will get the idea right.

Haze Square Pro

A highly portable vaporizer containing four separate bowls


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