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Haze Square Vaporizer Review

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Haze Square is everything you need in a Vaporizer

From power to functionality, the Haze Square is very promising. It feels solid, and the unique feature of having 4 cartridges available to use without reloading will surely be addicting. Vapor Quality should be just as good as the Haze Dual V3 and even better as the Square features "instant-heat" technology. And the Square is packed in a small, ultra portable package! Great job Haze.

Please note: Haze Square is still in prototype and this is just a preliminary impression based on my interaction with the Square at the Champs show in Las Vegas. Stay tuned for the release date and full review.

Haze Square Vaporizer Review:

The Haze Square is a newly released (prototype) Dry Herb and Concentrate Vaporizer from Haze industries. Their pervious well known device is the Haze Dual Vaporizer which features 2 ovens and has been extremely popular. The Haze Dual was revolutionary in the way that it allowed the use of Dual Chambers, capable of cooking Dry Herb as well as Wax and Concentrate. The Chambers could have been used in one session, and features portable pull-out cartridges, the Haze dual was a convenient and high performing device.

So  I expected a lot from Haze when I visited their booth at the Champs Show in Las Vegas, and the Haze Square surprised me when it fulfilled my expectations on every category. The Square has one Ceramic Heating Chamber, with a rotating plate that can fit up to 4 canisters of Oil or Herb simultaneously.  While you can only use one canister at a time, the plate rotates and allow for an easy switching between canisters and you can go from Wax to Herb in one second and Vise Versa. Wow, I love this feature. You can pack the Haze Square with enough supply for 4 sessions in one time! And if you really want to be efficient, you can purchase replacement canisters and use them as cartridges that you can re-fill once every few days, with Oil or Herb, and place them into the Haze as necessary. And being the fact that the Square hold 4 of them at a time, means less dealing with re-laoding the chamber. You can use one, and rotate the plate to switch to the next cartridge. Use different type of herbs, waxes, all in one session, and without any re-filling. Amazing.

The design of the Haze Square is convenient and feels smaller than it looks. The outside shell as well as the rotating plate are made of high grade aluminum and it feels smooth to touch. It feels like a high quality device and balances good in hand. The mouthpiece can be stored inside the Square while not in use, eliminating the possibility of breaking it when the device is in your pocket or purse. The Haze Square has a power button on the front of the device, and the Temp/ Settings buttons on top of the unit. The Square uses a Micro USB charger.

Note: I have not tested the Haze Square yet and this review is based on specs that Haze released as well as my personal impression when I had the chance to visit Haze at the Champs show in Las Vegas. Release date and price have not been confirmed yet. Stay tuned for a full unboxing and review of the Haze Square.

Scott from HAZE introduces the Square

Champs show in Las Vegas 2016

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