Haze Dual V3 Review

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Haze Dual V3 Review

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The Haze Dual V3 is a dual chamber portable vaporizer that offers both conduction and convection heating methods for your dry herbs and can also vape your e-liquids, concentrates, and waxes. The conveniance of being able to switch Herb / Wax so easily is awesome and the removable canisters are super convenient.

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In-Depth Haze Dual V3 Review:

Haze Dual V3 Vaporizer Design:

I found the design of the Haze quite different from other portable vaporizers.  Given the fact that it is a dual chamber vaping device, the design element does not surprise much.  What is really noteworthy is its sturdy built; every part feels quite solid and well built. There is ample ventilation provided to get rid of the excessive heat safely.  On the inside, it might be an elaborate vaporizer but on the outside, the design is simple and user-friendly.  The Haze is also compact enough to be carried in your pocket with ease.

On the inside, the two chambers have been kept at a distance to prevent the heating of the other chamber when one is being heated up.  I found the capacity of each chamber to be around 0.3g with dry herbs; however, it may vary depending on how finely you have ground your material.  The manufacturer have given two screens with the vaporizer – one for conduction and another for convection.  The only difference between them is that the conduction screen has the sides cut out, so your herbs make direct contact with the oven walls.

Using the Haze V3 Dual Performance:

haze v3 vaporizer reviewIn spite of its dual chambers and a visibly intricate design, I did not face any issues while loading or using the Haze.  To access the chambers, simply click open the vaporizer, fit in your preferred screen, load your material, shut it, and you are good to go. Both the chambers have strong lids made of stainless steel to prevent any leakage of your material.  

Haze includes two mouthpieces with the device – one is made of glass and another of stainless steel. I somehow liked the stainless steel mouthpiece more than the glass one.  The Haze offers four different temperature settings that you can toggle with one button on top of the vaporizer.   

I noticed that the mouthpieces, especially the glass one tended to get sticky after every few sessions.  Even the stainless steel one is not much immune to the stickiness issue.  So, I advise cleaning the mouthpieces regularly so that they do not get stuck.  Alternatively, you can put the vaporizer upside down to cool to avoid the stickiness, at least for me it worked pretty well.

It is worth mentioning here that the Haze V3 Dual Vaporizer is not exactly a maintenance free vaporizer. You will have to clean it at regular intervals.  The good news is that it is easy to clean with alcohol and does not lose color or shine in spite of regular cleaning. 

Haze V3 Vaping Experience:

I tried the Haze Dual V3 with different settings and for me, it worked best when I used the conduction screen with finely ground herb and packing the chamber pretty tightly. Only the long, slow draws give the best of flavor and density of vapor.  

In terms of the temperature setting, the Haze V3 works well on level 4 and 3 but I liked it best on level 3.  On level 3 the Haze takes about 60-90 seconds to heat up with a fully charged battery.  If you choose the level 4, be ready to wait for good 2 minutes before taking a draw. At the beginning of the session, I did not get good draws but 3 to 4 draws down the line the flavor and density of vapor starts building up and stay until the end of the session.  But, for this effect, you have to take real slow and long draws.  

Draw resistance is also very low which is nice; it’s not a hard vape to pull from. I usually do about 12-15-minute sessions, and I’m averaging about 12 good draws per session

I found the vapor production a bit on the hot side.  No doubt I have seen worse results, but there is no dearth of better vaping sessions as well.  So, I would say the overall vapor quality is average. Just like other portable vaporizers, the Haze tends to lose taste towards the end of the session.  

Haze V3 Battery & Warranty:

The Haze V3 comes with rechargeable batteries that add to the convenience of the user.  You can easily replace the battery and replace it with a charged one.  The battery life is good with an average usage time of about 90 minutes.  However, it may come down significantly if you use the Haze on level 4 continuously.  To compensate for this minor drawback the manufacturer gives two rechargeable batteries with the device.  Moreover, the Haze comes with a 5-minute auto shut-off function to enhance the battery life.  

The manufacturer offers a good ten-year warranty with the Haze V3, which adds a lot of value to the deal. However, the battery and glass mouthpieces are not covered under this warranty.


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Haze Dual V3 Vaporizer

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