GTRS VBoy 200W Review – Powered by YiHi SX500!

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GTRS V-Boy 200W Review: Bottom Line

The GTRS VBoy Box Mod is a very powerful vaping device with a 200 watts of maximum output, powered by a Flagship Chipset from Yihi which is the SX500. Housing a dual 18650 external Batteries that will last you a whole day of sub-ohm vaping. This is recommended for advanced users.

Background: GTRS VBoy 200W Box Mod

The GTRS VBoy Box Mod ($119.99 directly from VaporDNA) has a powerful Chipset inside, The YiHi SX500. A new flagship product from YiHi, this is one of the famous chipsets available in the market rivaling with Evolv’s DNA that is considered as the top and trusted manufacturer for variable mods.

GTRS VBoy SX500 200W In The Dark
GTRS VBoy with High Resolution Screen

What’s in the box?

It is a Big Plus for me that GTRS included a carrying pouch for VBoy Box Mod, a great thing if you are bringing your device outside for protection against scratches. Hopefully, all manufacturers will include this in their package.

  • GTRS VBoy SX500 200W Box Mod
  • USB Cable – For firmware updates
  • Carry Pouch
  • Microfiber Cloth
  • User Manual & Warranty card
GTRS V-Boy SX500 200W Package

Key Features of the GTRS V-Boy Box Mod

  • Yihi SX500 Chipset – Aside from DNA Chipset, this is one of the famous chipset available in the market. SX500 has a Maximum Output of 200 watts with 1.0 to 9.0 volts that can fire any Sub-ohm builds from 3.0 up to 0.05 ohms. (Always be safe, I suggest that don’t go to low with your atomizers resistance)
  • Customizable Wallpaper – A unique feature, now you can add a personality to your device.
  • Temperature Control – Temp Control with different modes of Joule, Nickle, Stainless Steel and Titanium modes.
  • 1.3″ High-Resolution Screen – High definition user interface with the option of adjusting screen brightness.
  • Fits up to 30mm atomizers – This is a big plus for me. Having a flush atomizer on a Box Mods are great.
  • Comfortable Grip – A device that is designed to be comfortable as possible while using for a good vaping experience.
GTRS VBoy SX500 200W Into The Woods
GTRS Vboy Box Mod into the woods

Design: GTRS VBoy Box Mod

There are only two words that will best describe the design of the GTRS VBoy Box Mod, “Comfortable Grip“.

The round edges on both sides have a very comfortable grip, the material used is silicon, something like a rubberized material. The GTRS VBoy Box Mod is ergonomically designed to fit the shape of your hands exactly for a nice vaping experience. 510 Connector in this device is large enough to fit up to 30mm atomizers, as most of the latest vaping device will only fit up to 25mm atomizers (Common size for a regular RDA/RTA’s).

GTRS VBoy SX500 200W Design
5 Color Options for GTRS VBoy Box Mod

Using the GTRS VBoy SX500 200W

While this is recommended for advanced users. Here’s a quick tutorial about the settings for everyone who are not familiar with YiHi SX500 Chipset.

  • 5 Clicks on power button to Turn On the device
  • While turned On you can click 5 times to: Turn off the device, change the font, change temperature settings, adjust units, select coils, change the TCR settings, adjust screen brightness and change the wallpaper.
  • To adjust the wattage: Click the middle button then click Up/Down button to adjust.
  • 4 Clicks to change clock settings
GTRS VBoy SX500 200W Buttons
Unusual Alignment for Up/Down Buttons
GTRS VBoy SX500 200W Battery Slot
Slots For Dual 18650 Batteries

Performance: GTRS VBoy 200W Box Mod

Overall performance is great, The GTRS VBoy is specially designed for advanced vapers. This device is powered by the newest Chipset from YiHi which is The SX500 with a maximum output of 200 watts. This chipset can power any possible Sub-ohm coil builds with up to 0.05 ohms resistance. The SX500 is packed with some useful power modes like Eco, Soft, and Powerful modes.

The GTRS VBoy houses two 18650 Batteries that will last you a whole day of battery life for a Sub-ohm coil builds.

Quick Tip: Always charge your batteries with External Charger for a safe and longer battery life span.

GTRS VBoy SX500 200W Performance
200 Watts of Maximum Output on SX500 Chipset

GTRS VBoy Box Mod VS Similar Mods

  • Smok G-Priv 2 vs GTRS VBoy – Both Box Mods have a similar performance with only 30 watts advantage with Smok G-Priv 2. In terms of comfortable grip, GTRS VBoy will be a better choice for this.
  • Stentorian BASILISK vs GTRS VBoy – Big difference in size and comfort, GTRS VBoy is way slimmer and more comfortable in the hands, as this device is ergonomically designed.

Final Thoughts on the GTRS VBoy Box Mod

My overall impression for GTRS VBoy, this is a very powerful vaping device to use. With the top of the line YiHi SX500 Chipset it can provide accuracy, power, and safety. GTRS VBoy Box Mod is recommended for the advanced user. If you are a Beginner you should study and do your own research first about this chipset because this is not a common chipset that is available in a typical vaping device.

You can have the GTRS VBoy and choose 5 different color options from VaporDNA. The GTRS VBoy is a very powerful Box Mod that can rival with our Best Vape Mod of 2017.

Where to buy the GTRS VBoy 200W?

GTRS VBoy SX500 200W

GTRS VBoy 200W Box Mod with a 200 watts of maximum output, powered by a Flagship Chipset from Yihi which is the SX500. Recommended for advanced users.

$119.99 $129.99

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