G Pen Pro vs G Pen Elite: A Sibling Rivalry

The GPen Elite ($134.95 from G Pen) and GPen Pro ($99.95 from G Pen) are two dry herb vaporizers from GPen–or Grenco Science for fancy–that each provide great value for the money in that they produce flavorful vapor and are economical.

So, which one should you choose? In this GPen Elite versus GPro comparison, we evaluate these two well-priced dry herb vapes to help you decide which device you should go with.

We’ll go over a few technical and performance features of the G Pen Pro and G Pen Elite to let you know how they stack up. Being that they are relatively similar devices, we highlight the differences so that you know which of these weed vapes is best for your needs.

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The G Pen Elite

The G Pen Elite made it onto our list of the best dry herb vaporizers because of how simple it is to use. That hasn’t changed, nor have any of the other reasons we enjoy it so much: it has a great ergonomic design that fits perfectly in the hand, and it is perfectly portable.

A few more features we love on the G Pen Elite include:

  • Adjustable temperature controls
  • Sleek LED display w/ exact temp and battery life
  • Comfortable design + generous .75g oven capacity
  • Simple loading – pop off the mouthpiece, load the herb, replace.
The GPen Elite is a long-time favorite of dry herb vaping minimalists: it works and it's simple to load and operate.

We love the vapor quality the G Pen Elite produces, impressive for a dry herb vaporizer this size. In our review, we state that the G Pen Elite makes for a great portable vaporizer because of its quality and accessibility and even with competition emerging all the time (including the G Pen Pro!), this still holds true.

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The G Pen Pro

The G Pen Pro is ready to challenge its established sibling and it has what it takes to put up a good fight! It is the same height as the Elite, with a smaller circumference. It feels very comfortable when you hold it, and it’s the ideal size for throwing into your bag or back pocket for convenient use.

  • Easy to use – simple loading procedure (same as Elite)
  • Ceramic chamber w/ .2g capacity – ideal for solo use
  • Preset temps – simplicity is a good thing, for beginners
  • Super compact – Great for traveling + Discretion.
G Pen Pro design
The G Pen Pro has a smooth, simple design and is simple enough that even first-time vapers won't have any problems learning how to use it.

The G Pen Pro doesn’t have a fancy LED screen but the vertical strip of four lights under the power button provide all the info you need–from the current temperature setting to the battery level. The Pro does have a smaller oven (0.2 grams) than the Elite (0.7 grams) but, for this reason the GPro is great for solo users, particularly beginners.

The vapor quality of the G Pen Pro is above average for its class–and considering the Pro’s size, portability, and price–this is very good. One thing to note about both the Pro and the Elite is that they each come with a grinder, which is a thoughtful intent. A real grinder, however–like the SLX–will allow you to break down your herb and result in more efficient sessions.

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What to Choose?

The G Pen Elite and the G Pen Pro are two great dry herb vaporizers from the same family. So, the customization of the G Pen Elite or the convenience and portability of the G Pen Pro? When deciding between the two, keep these things in mind:

  • Price. GPen Elite sells for $134.95 vs the GPro at $99.95 (use coupon code vapeguide10 for 10% off on both!)
  • Oven Size. GPen Elite holds ~.75g compared to the GPen Pro’s .2g oven capacity–both are ceramic
  • Temperature Control. G Pen Elite includes LED +/-1 degree control vs the Pro’s preset options
  • Operation. Both are simple to load and operate!

You can’t go wrong with either one since they’re both highly portable dry herb vaporizers that provide good value for the money. Those that are really pushing for session customization will go with the Elite, while portability-fanatics and beginners will opt for the GPro.

Regardless of which you choose, these are simple vape staples that get the job done every time!

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