G Pen Pro vs G Pen Elite Comparison

G Pen Pro weed vaporizer review

The G Pen Pro (Review | Buy) and the G Pen Elite (Review | Buy) are two of the best and most popular dry herb vaporizers made by Grenco Science, one of the top vape companies around. The Elite is the more expensive of the two so that automatically means that it’s the better of the two, right? Not so fast, the Elite certainly has its positive attributes, but so does the Pro.

So, the best way to find out which one is right for you is to have a good old fashioned head to head. Here, you’ll find out what these two vapes have to offer in a variety of different categories. Once the comparison is complete, you’ll know exactly what each weed vape has to offer. So, without further ado, let the G Pen Pro vs G Pen Elite comparison begin.

G Pen Pro vs G Pen Elite At a Glance

G Pen Pro G Pen Elite
Heat-up Time30 seconds30 seconds
Temperature Settings/RangeThree temperature settings200°F – 428°F
Battery Life30 to 40 minutes45 to 60 minutes
Charge TimeTwo hoursTwo to three hours
Oven capacity0.2 grams0.75 grams
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Design Details

G Pen Elite Design
The Elite has a sleek, ergonomic look with a convenient LED display on the side.

G Pen Pro: The Pro has a simple, streamlined design that makes it very beginner friendly. It has a single power button to control all of its functions, underneath which lies a vertical strip of four lights. They illuminate to indicate the temperature settings and the battery life. The Pro has a slim design that makes it easy to hold and operate with one hand.

It’s not the most ostentatious weed vape ever made but its small size and unobtrusive looks make it highly portable and highly discreet. The main downside to the design of the Pro is the flat mouthpiece. It helps keep the design streamlined, but it’s not the best mouthpiece for vaping because it always feels a little awkward.

G Pen Elite: The Elite is a sleek, ergonomically designed vaporizer that looks good and feels good. Since it has precise temperature control, there is an LED screen that indicates the temperature as well as the battery life. Even though the lights of the Pro are pretty easy to understand, the screen of the Elite offers greater clarity.

As for the overall design of the Elite, it has curves in all the right places, which means that it’s easy to grip. It also means that the power button and the temperature control buttons are all well placed and easy to reach. The Pro is a little more portable than the Elite but not by much since the latter is really easy to carry around. In this category, the Elite is easily the superior dry herb vape because it is the better looking of the two and has more functionality.

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Cleaning and Maintenance

Both the Pro and the Elite are very easy to clean and both are cleaned in the same way. You use the cleaning brush included in the kit of either vape to clean out the herb chamber and you’re pretty much done.

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Oven and Heating

G Pen Pro weed vaporizer review
The Pro can hold about 0.2 grams of herb, which is enough for a solo session.

Heating Method: The G Pen Pro and the G Pen Elite both use conduction heating.

  • G Pen Pro Oven Capacity: 0.2 grams
  • G Pen Pro Heat Time: 30 seconds
  • G Pen Elite Oven Capacity: 0.75 grams
  • G Pen Elite Heat Time: 30 seconds
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Vapor Quality

G Pen Pro Performance
The vapor quality of the Pro is just okay even when you take its size and price point into consideration.

G Pen Pro: The Pro produces vapor that tastes good at first but the flavor falls off a little too quickly for my liking. I liked the lowest temperature setting the most because it produces the best flavor. The vapor gets a little too harsh at the highest setting. Since the vapor path is so short, the vapor and mouthpiece eventually get a little warm on any setting but are particularly bad on the higher ones.
G Pen Elite: The vapor quality of the Elite is generally quite good, but it is at it’s best in the 350°F to 380°F temperature range. Any lower and you don’t get much flavor, any higher and the vapor starts to feel hot and harsh. That’s something you want to avoid because the Elite also has a short vapor path and even on the mid-range settings, the vapor and mouthpiece can get a little warm. Draw resistance is low, so you never have to pull too hard whenever you vape.

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Longevity and Reliability

Both the Pro and the Elite are pretty simple two-piece devices so there isn’t a whole lot that can go wrong with either of them. They both have aluminum bodies that feel pretty durable, and plastic mouthpieces that feel kind of cheap, which is too bad. That’s because they get warm pretty quickly no matter which temperature setting you choose in either device.
Warranty: The Pro and the Elite each have a one year warranty.

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Battery Life and Charge Time

G Pen ProG Pen Elite
Battery Life30 to 40 minutes45 to 60 minutes
Charge TimeTwo hoursTwo to three hours

Even though the Elite has a larger battery with a higher capacity, it doesn’t last much longer than the smaller Pro. Even so, the battery life of either vape isn’t too bad when you consider how small they are.

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How to Use

g pen elite dry herb
The Elite produces good tasting vapor, particularly at the mid-range temperature levels.

G Pen Pro

  1. Snap off the mouthpiece to expose the herb chamber.
  2. Fill the chamber with herb, and then replace the mouthpiece.
  3. Press the power button five times to turn on the device.
  4. Hold down the power button to cycle through the temperature settings and release it to choose a setting.
  5. Once heating is complete, inhale from the mouthpiece.

The official user manual can be found here.

Temperature Settings: 375°F | 400°F | 428°F

G Pen Elite

  1. Snap off the mouthpiece to expose the herb chamber.
  2. Fill the chamber with herb, and then replace the mouthpiece.
  3. Press the power button five times to turn on the device.
  4. Use the control buttons to select a temperature.
  5. Hold down the power button for one second to initiate the heating process.
  6. Inhale from the mouthpiece once heating is complete.

You can find the official user manual here.

Temperature Range: 200°F to 428°F

The Pro and the Elite are each equally easy to use, which means that they are good choices for both new users and experienced vapers.

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