Gold Line CBD 510 Cartridges Review

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Gold Line CBD 510 Cartridges Review Bottom Line

Gold Line’s CBD cartridges stand out from the crowd because of their wider mouthpiece and adjustable airflow. So vaping from them feels a little better than it does with the tapered mouthpieces of other 510 cartridges. The flavor and concentration selection is not as varied as other brands, but what’s there is very high quality.

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Gold Line CBD 510 Cartridges Background

Gold Line CBD 510 Cartridges ($24 directly from Gold Line, use the Gold Line Coupon Code TVG20 for a 20% discount) are the latest in the seemingly endless line of pre-filled CBD oil pods. This is a category that has really taken off lately as more and more people discover the benefits of CBD.

We know all the great things about CBD, but is there anything great about these CBD cartridges? Or, more specifically, is there anything that makes them stand out from all the other CBD cartridges out there? There is, but you’ll have to check out the rest of my Gold Line CBD 510 Cartridges review to find out what it is.

Flavors of the Gold Line CBD 510 Cartridges

Each cartridge holds 1 mL of CBD oil at a concentration level of 100mg in the following flavors:

  • Natural
  • Mango
  • Strawberry
  • Tropical

Noteworthy Features

  • Compatible w/ all 510 threaded batteries and vaporizers
  • Good flavor selection
  • Very nice mouthpiece
  • Retails for $24 directly from Gold Line, coupon code TVG20 provides a 20% discount
Gold Line CBD 510 Cartridges vs Hemp Bombs & Sun State
The Gold Line Cartridge (L) has a wider mouthpiece and an adjustable airflow, features not found on the Sun State CBD Cartridge (Middle) or the Hemp Bombs Cartridge (R).

How to Use it

  1. Screw the cartridge onto a 510 threaded battery.
  2. Power up the battery, then select the temperature/voltage if that option is available.
  3. Inhale from the mouthpiece of the cartridge.
KandyPens 350 mah battery with cartridge
The 350 mAh battery is very simple to use with cartridges like the Gold Line 510 CBD Oil Cartridges.

Flavor Quality and Performance

The flavors of the Gold Line cartridges are all quite tasty, they all taste quite similarly to the fruits with which they are flavored. The exception is the natural flavor, which just tastes like CBD. Even though the flavors come through strongly, there are currently only four of them to choose from, which is less than what most other brands of CBD oil, like Sun State 510 Cartridges, offer. So, if you don’t like fruity flavors—or if you want even more fruity flavors—then you might find the limited selection a little underwhelming.

The fact that they are only available in a 100 mg concentration could also be a sticking point for some. That relatively low concentration is great for beginners, but seasoned CBD vapers may feel that it is too low. Other brands, like Hemp Bombs, offer a wider variety of concentration levels in their CBD cartridges, so Gold Line will have to step up their game if they want to keep up with the competition.

One way in which these cartridges are ahead of the competition is the mouthpiece. It is much wider than the ones on other brands and has an adjustable airflow. Both of those features mean that the airflow from the Gold Line cartridges is far superior to those of other brands, plus it offers a nice level of customization that is uncommon in CBD cartridges.

Gold Line CBD 510 Cartridges with KandyPens 350 mAh Battery
The Gold Line CBD cartridges are best used with quality batteries like the KandyPens 350 mAh.

The Last Word

Gold Line CBD 510 Cartridges ($24 directly from Gold Line, coupon code TVG20 saves 20%) are a great addition to the ever-growing lineup of pre-filled CBD cartridges. They taste great and feature a customizable airflow on the mouthpiece. These cartridges are a great fit with any of the Best Oil Vaporizers available.

There are a few caveats that might limit their appeal to some. The flavors are good, but there are only four of them, plus there is only one concentration level to choose from. That concentration level is 100 mg, which is great for beginners, but experienced CBD users, or anyone who needs a higher dosage, may find these cartridges unsatisfying.

Thanks for reading my Gold Line CBD 510 Cartridges review, despite some reservations, the Gold Line Cartridges are still very good, but with more flavors and concentration levels, they could become great. Check out the Gold Line CBD Oil review to learn more about the company behind this, and other CBD products.

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Gold Line CBD 510 Cartridges

510 threaded CBD cartridges that are great for beginners


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