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I was suprised by the Alfa's performance and vapor quality considering its size. It is slick and a pleasure to carry it around, it feels solid, and it performs well above same price level vapes.

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In-Depth GoBoof Alfa Vaporizer Review

The Alfa Vaporizer is a mid-priced portable vape, from a new company called GoBoof. The Goboof Alfa Vaporizer is capable in vaping dry herbs and does a great job of delivering good quality vapor with short and easy draws (2-4 seconds).

Other features we liked is the small size, ease of use, and a chamber with pin in the middle, allowing for a more even heat distribution inside the chamber. The last feature has made the GoBoof Alfa vaporizer stand out in term of efficiency as well.

In this in-depth review, we explore other features and our experience with this slim portable vape. We will answer questions on how to use the Alfa vaporizer and explain some of the specs.

Alfa Vaporizer Main Features:

  • Unique Chamber with a central pin to heat herbs from the inside out
  • Delivers good vapor with short draws
  • Very small, sleek, and lightweight
  • Unique Herb chamber that cooks the herbs more evenly

GoBoof Alfa Design:

The Alfa Vaporizer is made in Ireland, and the built quality feels pretty solid. It does not seem delicate of fragile, it feels great on the hand and is easy to manipulate. As we mentioned before, this is probably one of the smallest and slimmest portable vaporizers we reviewed.

As per the design, the Alfa Vape has an exquisite, compact, sleek and neat ergonomic design. It features all-metal anodized machined heating oven, that sits at the bottom of the Vape. A unique feature that the Alfa has is a metal pin in the middle of the herb chamber, that heats the herb from the inside out. Unlike most vaporizers, that use an Open oven method. On the top of the vaporizer is a temperature setting dial and the silicone mouthpiece.

Because of its minimalistic and simplistic design, the cleaning and maintaining of it is a very easy job to do. We liked the design, it feels solid and durable, and most importantly it is beautiful and highly functional.

How to use the Alfa Vaporizer?

Using the Alfa Vaporizer is fairly straightforward. First, grind you herbs finely with a good girder. spread the herb in the chamber (around the center pin) and use a tool to pack it up so it is tight but not tight enough to restrict airflow through the chamber. Close the chamber, turn on, let the Alfa heat up, and viola.

The Alfa Vaporizer has 5 heat settings: LO, MID, HI, A/P, A/T. After you choose one you can start using it, we recommend the LO and MID heat settings as they perform the best.

Alfa Vaporizer Cleaning:

The Alfa Vaporizer was easy to clean, and doesn’t seem like it had a lot of residue compared to other vapes, and it kind of stayed clean during our testing period. We suggest cleaning every about 10 sessions, and that is a big plus as some vapes require cleaning every 2-3 sessions. We did not feel any effect on performance with the Alfa, even though not completely clean.

Cleaning is very basic and involves removing the mouthpiece, opening the chamber, and using a pipe cleaner and rubbing alcohol, clean the air path, chamber, and any other residue you find along the way. Push the screen out using the pipe cleaner and clean or replace the screen. Seems like this vape will require screen change after every 20-30 sessions of so.

The Alfa comes with a few replacement screens to get you started.

Alfa Vaporizer Vapor Quality:

We experienced a rich tasting, potent vapor from the Alfa, when using the low and mid temperature settings. The Alfa was able to produce good Vapor with draws ranging from 4 seconds to 8 seconds. More than that and the Vapor felt a little harsh. At least on the Med settings We do not recommend to use the High heat setting during normal sessions.

Overall the Vapor quality is above average and surprisingly good especially considering the size of this thing. The chamber is of average size and can fit about .3gr of fine herb, and we found that every session will give you around 15 good tasting draws with an average 4 seconds draw time. That is not bad in terms of efficiency, seems like the Alfa Vaporizer fully vaporize the material.

The Pin in the middle of the chamber does a great job of evenly heating the material, and you can even get away with loading the chamber with as little as .15-.2gr of herb. As long as you pack it tight you will get a shorter session (6-7 draws) if that’s what you are after.

Alfa Vaporizer Tip
As with every other herbal vaporizer, you should use a good grinder and finely grind your dry herb. When packing the chamber try to fill it up so the herb is packed tight, but still do not restrict airflow. Restricting airflow might increase the draw resistance and might cause the air path to heat up. You can pack the chamber half way, as long as the material sits tight in the chamber.

Pros and Cons of Goboof Alfa Vaporizer:

  • Unique heating oven with a center pin that helps for even cooking of the herb, sleek and slim.

  • Almost 4 hours charge time, about 1 hour use time. And also the mouthpiece is a bit too short.

Battery and Power:

We got around 60-90 minutes of usage on a full charge, only using the Alfa in low and medium heat settings. This is pretty amazing as the vaporizer is very small, so it uses small batteries and still does not suffer in usage time.

Probably the biggest drawback of this vape is a 3.5-4 hours charge time from 0% to 100% ! That’s a lot. To be fair, the Alfa has a pass-through option meaning you can use the vaporizer while it is charging. So you don’t really need to wait for it to charge in order to use the Alfa This helps reduce the pain of the long charge time.

Warranty and Where to buy?

The Alfa Vaporizer comes with a 2 years warranty. If some of the parts stop working you will get a replacement or they will be repaired.

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GoBoof Alfa Vaporizer

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