The Ghost MV1 vs The DaVinci IQ Comparison: Showdown of the Premium Vaporizers for Pot

The Ghost MV1 (Full Review | Buy) and the DaVinci IQ (Full Review | Buy) both combine brains with style. They have unique, tech-advanced features that set them apart from the other best weed vaporizers out there—because, there are quite a few!

The MV1 is a stylish, dual use vaporizer with a retractable glass mouthpiece and is best suited for home use due to its hefty size.

The IQ is a very portable vaporizer with unique features like a zirconia Pearl in the oven and an innovative Flavor Chamber. Don’t know what those things are? You will by the end of our Ghost MV1 versus DaVinci IQ comparison. You’ll also know which one of these premium vapes you’re going to dig the most. Check it out.

Where to Buy?

DaVinci IQ

Small, highly portable vaporizer with several unique features.


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Ghost MV1 vs DaVinci IQ – Key Differences


The Ghost MV1 is large and in charge so it’s too big to be considered a portable and for this reason—is going to be a better choice for use at home.

The DaVinci IQ is a true portable and can fit in a pocket, purse, fanny pack, under a hat (hey, why not?), pretty much anything that you take with you when you head out.

Ghost MV1 VS DaVinci IQ mouthpiece
The DaVinci IQ (L) and the Ghost MV1 (R) are two high-tech vaporizers for weed. The IQ is quite portable, the MV1 better for at-home use.

Session vs On Demand

The Ghost MV1

  • On Demand Vaporizer – this means that the MV1 is ready whenever you are and you don’t have to use all your herb in one session. You can take a hit, take a break, then repeat until your herb is used up.
  • Oven Size – DaVinci IQ = 0.7 – 1.2 grams = ~10-12 session hits

DaVinci IQ

  • Session vaporizer – which means that you have to vape all the herb in the oven in one sitting. So, you have to adjust the amount of herb in the chamber if you want longer or shorter sessions.
  • Oven Size – Ghost MV1 = 0.12 grams = ~3-5 on demand hits

Heating System

The DaVinci IQ – Conduction: With conduction systems the herb comes in direct contact with the heating surface. The temperature has to be carefully modulated in these kind of vaporizers to avoid burning the herb. The zirconia pearl does just that, while also facilitating even heating of the herb—so no stirring or sifting.

The Ghost MV1 – Convection: Convection systems heat the air around the herb rather than the herb itself. These types of vaporizers tend to be more efficient. They also preserve the flavor of the herb better than conduction vapes do.


Ghost MV1 VS DaVinci IQ match-up
The DaVinci IQ (L) and the Ghost MV1 (R) are both stylish vaporizers that stand out from the crowd.

The Ghost MV1

MV1 Design Highlights
  • Very stylish, futuristic look in its alloy shell which comes in 4 metallic colors: Black chrome, Silver, Nickel, Rose gold. Attention-grabbing that’ll prompt people to ask, “WTF is that?!?”
  • Ergonomic design feels comfortable to hold.
  • Modular design provides versatility.
  • Retractable glass mouthpiece cools down the vapor and can adjust the airflow.

MV1 Design drawbacks
  • Ghost Vapes claims that it is fingerprint resistant but we found that wasn’t the case. It does get fingerprints and needs occasional cleaning.
  • The MV1 can stand upright but it is easy to accidentally knock over if you’re not paying attention.
  • The MV1 is composed of several pieces that could break apart on impact.

The DaVinci IQ

IQ Design Highlights
  • Fits comfortably in your pocket or your hand
  • Comes in the following finishes: Stealth, Copper, Gunmetal, Blue
  • Comfortable, highly portable design
  • Low thermal conductivity of zirconia elements keeps the vapor cool
  • Flavor chamber design enhances flavor because the vapor passes over material inside the chamber without heating it.
  • 51 LED light grid display clearly shows various setting information.

IQ Design drawbacks
  • The body of the unit can get pretty hot while in use.
  • Short mouthpiece is uncomfortable to use and doesn’t cool down the vapor as much as the longer mouthpiece.

Substance Compatibility

  • The Ghost MV1: Compatible with dry herb and THC concentrates.
  • The DaVinci IQ: Uses dry herb only.

Device Longevity and Reliability

The Ghost MV1 – The MV1 is an unknown quantity since Ghost Vapes is a brand new company that doesn’t really have a reputation yet. We’ll keep checking in on them and let you know how they fare in the reliability and service departments. If any of you have dealt with their customer service, hit us up in the review comments and let everyone know how it went down.

*Warranty Info: 2 years, can be extended to 5 years if you register it on the company’s website or smartphone app.

The DaVinci IQ – The IQ is a reliable and long lasting device and DaVinci is a company that’s been around for a few years. They have an established reputation and responsive customer support.

*Warranty Info: 10 years

Battery Life and Charging

The Ghost MV1

  • Very long battery life – approximately 70-90 hits
  • Multiple charging options:
    • The included micro USB is a long overnight (~8 hours) charge.
    • There is also an optional fast charger that can charge the battery separately from the rest of the MV1 in 2.5 hours. It sells for $60 from Ghost Vapes.
    • Ghost Vapes sells extra battery packs for $59.95 each.

The DaVinci IQ

  • Has a removable 3500mAh 18650 Li ion battery that can be charged separately
  • 90 minutes of battery life – 70-90 hits
  • Micro USB cable is the only included charging option
  • 3-4 hour charge time using USB cable
  • 2-3 hour charge time using external charger
    • External charger is sold by DaVinci for $22.95
    • Extra batteries are sold by DaVinci for $10.95 each – 10% off for purchasing two, 15% off for three
    • These type of batteries are commonly available from many retailers

Ghost v Solo 2: Usability Overview

Ghost MV1 VS DaVinci IQ herb chamber
MV1 vs IQ Loading -The DaVinci IQ (L) has a zirconia Pearl in the oven to aid in heat distribution. The Ghost MV1 (R) loads using a removable herb chamber.

Ghost MV1

  • Slight learning curve
  • Several removable parts
  • Involved component set up (you will manage, though)
  • Smartphone support


  • herb chamber is easy to load
  • up/down arrows allow for precise temp control
  • switching between various control and display modes using only the buttons on the IQ can be complicated
  • smartphone support adds custom temperature settings

The Ghost MV1 vs the DaVinci IQ – A Closer Look

Ease of Use

The Ghost MV1

How to Use the Ghost MV1:

*Before getting started using any dry herb vaporizer, make sure to optimize the efficiency of your session by breaking down your trees with a good grinder for weed like the SLX. This will give you better clouds, and more delicious flavor.

  1. Remove the chamber, load the herb or wax, replace the chamber.
  2. Hold down the power button until LEDs light up, release it then click it 3x to turn on the MV1.
  3. Choose the temp by holding down the power button to enter heat setting mode, click the button to choose 1 of 4 temp settings.
  4. Hold down the firing button on the back until the unit vibrates. That means it’s vaping time.
  5. Hold down the firing button while you inhale from the mouthpiece.

The smartphone app (free for iOS and Android users) gives you more temperature control options as well as other features like the ability to lock your MV1 so that no one else can use it.

Ghost MV1 versus DaVinci IQ
The Ghost (L) and the IQ face off in a well-matched premium weed vape comparison.

Using the DaVinci IQ

Follow these steps to use the IQ:

  1. Open the herb chamber, pack in your herb tightly, close the chamber.
    a. (Optional) Place dry herb or other aromatic substance into the flavor chamber.
  2. Press the power button 5x to turn on IQ in smart path mode, click button to switch to precision mode.
  3. Press up/down arrows to choose either a smart path or exact temperature.
  4. Hold down the power button while inhaling to start vaping.
How to Use the IQ’s Advanced Features – Expanded

You can also hold down the power button when you’re not inhaling to enter boost mode, which pushes the IQ to its maximum temperature of 430°F. The zirconia Pearl is used to enhance heat distribution and vape the herb more evenly, but it reduces the size of the chamber. The Pearl does let you coax a bit more herb in the oven though by tamping down fluffy buds.

The flavor chamber can remain empty or you can fill it with dry herb or even other kinds of herb, like chamomile or eucalyptus. Placing aromatic herbs in the chamber can affect the vapor flavor in interesting ways, giving users a unique vaping experience.

When using dry herb in the chamber, the vapor passing over it leaves behind a THC residue that increases its potency and builds up over time. Vaping with it will give you a hell of a kick.

Four Smart Path modes are preset to provide users with options about how they’d like to vape—whether it be a gradual temperature increase, or steady low or high temperatures, etc. You can flow with the provided preset paths, or create your own. Vapers who like to point-and-shoot will appreciate this feature because the IQ is pre-programmed and ready for you. Those who like to customize, will appreciate setting their own custom paths.

Ghost MV1 vs DaVinci IQ: Final Thoughts

The Ghost MV1 (Full Review | Buy) and the DaVinci IQ (Full Review | Buy) are two premium vaporizers that give vapers two different experiences. The MV1 is better for home use since its large size limits its portability. Its on demand heating system and long battery life make it a great choice for users who like to vape on their own time.

The IQ is a true portable since it can easily slip into most pockets or purses even with the longer mouthpiece. It’s also a good choice for you mad scientist types because experimenting with different kinds of aromatic materials in the flavor chamber can create some interesting results.

You’ve got all the information you need about these two high end vaporizers. The choice is up to you now. If you want more vaporizer choices, check out our list of the Best Dry Herb Vaporizers.

The Ghost MV1

Ghost MV1 Herb Vaporizer Review
The on demand heating and the small herb capacity of the crucibles make the Ghost MV1 great for solo use.
  • Retails for $295 from Ghost Vapes
  • Convection heating – fast, precise, on demand
  • Stylish design – futuristic, not fingerprint proof
  • Retractable glass mouthpiece – cools vapor, adjusts airflow
  • Herb + concentrate compatibility
  • Removeable crucibles – tricky to use (at 1st) / easy to clean
  • Long battery life – charge time varies depending on the method used

The DaVinci IQ

davinci IQ design
The IQ with the extended mouthpiece and LED light grid, which displays battery level and temp setting.
  • Retails for $274.99 from DaVinci
  • Zirconia elements cool down the vapor
  • Zirconia pearl in oven improves heat distribution
  • Longer zirconia mouthpiece provides cool vapor
  • Flavor chamber provides unique vaping experience depending on the material placed inside it
  • Smart path mode gradually increases temperature during each session
  • Removable battery is convenient – just slip in a fresh one when the current one dies
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