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The Ghost MV1 is a device that doesn’t look like any other vaporizer. It also performs better than most other vaporizers. That quality extends to its performance with both dry herb and wax concentrates, which puts it ahead of most dual-use vaporizers. The on-demand heating means that you won’t be waiting long to experience that flavor, and that you can enjoy it whenever you want. There’s a slight learning curve involved in loading and using the Ghost, but with this kind of vapor quality, you won’t mind.


$295 directly from Ghost Vapes

Vapor Quality
ease of Use
  • Unique, stylish design
  • Can vape both herb and wax
  • Excellent flavor with both herb and wax
  • On demand system provides instant heating
  • Very long battery life
  • Loading procedure has a learning curve
  • Larger than average size limits portability
  • Cleaning all the components can take a while

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Ghost MV1 Review

Ghost MV1 Background

The Ghost MV1 is a big, advanced, futuristic looking on-demand vaporizer that can vape both herb and wax. It’s definitely an eye-catcher, since it eschews the boxy shape of most portable vaporizers. Its unconventional shape also means an unconventional loading procedure, so this vape requires a bit of a learning curve. Is it worth it? For the most part, yes.

The vapor quality is great, and the on-demand heating means that you won’t be waiting around to start vaping. Despite the list of great features, which includes a retractable glass mouthpiece, some users might be put off by the MV1’s size and somewhat fiddly loading procedure. You’ll get more details in the rest of my Ghost MV1 review, and you can get the Ghost directly from Ghost Vapes for $295.

Inside its Kit

Ghost MV1 package

The package of the Ghost includes a set of useful accessories (top left) and a USB charging cable (bottom left).

  • Ghost MV1
  • One crucible, i.e where you place your wax or herb
  • One concentrate pad for using wax concentrates
  • Three picks
  • Three alcohol wipes
  • Three cleaning tips
  • USB charge cable
  • User manual

How it’s Designed

Ghost MV1 black

The Ghost has a glass mouth piece that cools down the vapor and that can be retracted for safekeeping.

With a name like Ghost, you might expect this vape to be pretty stealthy, but that’s hardly the case. It sticks out like a brand new sports car in a junkyard, even if no one knows what it is, they’ll definitely be looking at it. The distinctive, curvy design doesn’t have any right angles and is quite striking, it’s also quite large. This is not the most portable vape, it’s almost the size of a can of soda just to give you an idea of how big it is.

It has a lot of features, some better than others. On the better side, the retractable glass mouthpiece cools down the vapor, keeps it pure, and can be stowed away when you’re not using it. The crucibles that are used for loading the herb or wax are a little more questionable because they make the loading procedure rather finicky. Instead of just placing the herb in the chamber, you first need to load up one of the crucibles, place a lid on it, and then put it into the heating chamber, which pops out of the Ghost. It’s not a complicated process, but it does take longer than most other vapes that load the herb directly into the chamber. That is because loading the herb into the crucible is a more exacting process.

On the plus side, if you own multiple crucibles, you can pre-fill them and be good to go for each session. The Ghost comes in a variety of cool colors that unfortunately attract fingerprints, with the exception of the new matte black stealth edition. Cleaning the Ghost can be a chore because of the multiple pieces that have to be disassembled from the rest of the device.

Matte Black Stealth Edition: Speaking of the new matte black Ghost, aside from looking incredibly cool, it actually feels different to the glossy finish. It feels grippier and less slippery. I was never worried that the original finish was going to fall out of my hands, but I do like how this new one feels.

It has some great new upgrades too, the heat sink has seen an improvement and the action of the door that opens up to the crucible chamber feels much better. It has also received a firmware update so that it works better and more efficiently.

On-demand Heating: This feature is great because it heats up the chamber almost instantly, which means that you can vape all the herb in one go or stretch your session out to a few hours. This feature gives you more control over how long or short you want your session to last, which is always great.

How it Performs

Ghost MV1 chamber

The Ghost delivers great flavor with both dry herb and wax concentrates.

Dry Herb: The Ghost produces impressive vapor and flavor quality that’s easy to enjoy, thanks to the glass mouthpiece. It has three preset temperature settings of 340°F, 365°F, and 390°F, with another, higher temp setting for concentrates. You can also select customized temperatures anywhere between 300°F and 470°F using the smartphone app. As with most vapes, I prefer temps in the mid range, the Ghost produces tasty vapor that isn’t too hot and harsh within those parameters.

Wax Concentrates: Unlike most dual use vapes, the wax performance is nearly as strong as the dry herb performance. It produces great flavor that can match any of the best vape pens, though those vape pens are less expensive and more portable. If you’re a wax vaper, or if you enjoy both wax and herb, then this is one of the better vapes out there.

Battery: The battery can last for a very long time, you can get close to one hundred hits before it needs a recharge. That recharge does take several hours though, which isn’t great, but is expected with many of these high capacity batteries.

Accessory Options

Ghost MV1 Review crucible dispenser

The crucible dispenser is a convenient and efficient way to store pre-loaded crucibles.

The Ghost MV1 has a bunch of cool, useful accessories that make using it far more convenient. None of them are necessary, but they do make the MV1 more practical. You can get a bundle with all the accessories for $100 more than the base price of the Ghost. This is what you get in that bundle:

Fast Charger: It does what it says. If you don’t like how long the MV1 takes to charge, then this is a great way to drastically shorten that time.

Spare Battery Pack: Another way to solve the charge time problem. An extra battery means that you can just pop it in while you wait for the other one to recharge.

Crucible Dispenser: The dispenser holds five extra crucibles that you can pre-fill and set aside. It helps to mitigate the MV1’s lengthy loading process.

The Last Word

If you like near instant heat times, like to vape herb and wax, and prefer to vape at home, then the Ghost MV1 is one of the best vapes you can get. It’s a great vaporizer for vapers of any experience level because of the flavor quality. However, the price point and loading process may limit its appeal to more experienced vapers. The cool look and long battery life certainly appeal to everyone, but the long charge time and involved cleaning process probably won’t.

Overall, the Ghost is one of the best, and most versatile, premium vapes on the market, its bold look and great flavor quality puts it on the same level of most of the competition, including other big at-home vapes like the Mighty or Arizer Solo 2. And wouldn’t you know it, I’ve already done comparisons of the Ghost and the Mighty, as well as the Ghost and the Solo 2, check them out if you’re curious to find out how the Ghost hangs with the best of the best.

Ghost MV1 vs Mighty vs Arizer Solo 2

Ghost MV1 Mighty Arizer Solo 2
Compatible withDry herb, WaxDry herb, WaxDry herb
Heating MethodConvectionConvection/Conduction HybridConvection
Warranty2 Years2 Years2 Years
Precise Temp Control on DeviceNoYesYes
Smartphone AppYesNoNo
Price$295 directly from Ghost Vapes$349 from Vape-Smart $249.99 from Vape-Smart


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