GeekVape Karma Kit Review

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GeekVape Karma Kit Review

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GeekVape Karma Kit Review Bottom Line

The GeekVape Karma Kit is a hybrid device consist of copper Black Ring mechanical mod and a 2-in-1 atomizer that can be easily switched from an RDTA to an RDA and vice versa. Although this is a kit it's NOT a starter kit for beginners and intermediate users. I totally not recommending this if you're new to vaping, you need to be an expert with a lot of understanding of Ohms Law before using this incredible and straight forward device.

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In-Depth GeekVape Karma Kit Review:

The GeekVape Karma Kit ($49 from Heaven Gifts) is basically a hybrid vaping device consist of the Black Ring mechanical mod made from copper and a 2-in-1 atomizer that can be easily interchanged from an RDTA to an RDA and vice versa. Another GeekVape’s advancde mechanical mod is the soon-to-be-available Mech Pro Kit. The kit pairs the Mech Pro box mod with their Medusa RDA (check it out).

Black Ring Mechanical Mod Design

The first time I look at this kit I was surprised by the way it looks – It is a nice looking piece of a kit consist of the copper Black Ring mech mod and the 25mm Karma RDTA/RDA tank. The two parts contrast really well especially with its color scheme, the kit feels well-built and has a weight to it since the mech mod is made from high-grade Copper.

Black Ring Copper Label

The GeekVape Karma Kit is made from high-grade Copper and the battery sleeve is made from Delrin to prevent short circuits.

The firing button is located at the bottom of the device and has the GeekVape logo printed onto it. The switch as they called it or the firing button is also the battery cap that can be easily screwed off and allows you to insert a single 18650 battery. The battery compartment inside the mod is insulated with Delrin preventing short circuits while firing up the unit. Keep in mind that copper is a good source of electricity and is a good conductor of heat. So, this is a great feature since it gives you an extra layer of protection against short circuits.

There are also venting holes around the bottom of the Black Ring mech mod that dissipates the heat from the battery. At the top of the Black Ring mechanical mod, is a direct 510 pin – meaning the atomizer connects directly from the battery and allows for maximum conductivity, but be cautious since this can also be dangerous. You need to make sure that the 510 pin on your atomizer is protruding at least 1mm, never used atomizers with a flat 510 pin, and ensure that the 18650 battery you used has no torn wrapper to prevent short out and explosion.

Karma Tank 510 pin

Only use with atomizer with positive pin that protrudes at least 1.0mm

Karma RDTA/RDA Tank Design

The Karma tank included in the kit can be easily switched from RDTA to RDA in an instant. It is pretty cool as an RDTA and an RDA as well. The 510 pin set on this tank is already corrected and no need to adjust it. This tank caters 5ml capacity when on RDTA mode and 2ml capacity when using RDA.

GeekVape anatomy label

The Karma Tank can be easily interchanged from an RDTA to an RDA and vice versa.

It has three airflow holes on each side and can easily be adjusted by the top cap. There is a 2 post Velocity style deck (build deck and central post) included in the tank for building RDTA. It also has a large chamber holes so filling the tank with e-liquid is effortless.

How to change the Karma tank from RDTA to RDA, vice versa

Transforming the Karma tank into an RDA is a very simple task, just unscrew the central post underneath the build deck, remove the glass tank and screw the build deck back into the base before inserting the top cap.


The anatomy of the Karma RDTA/RDA atomizer.

GeekVape Karma Kit Performance

I really like the concept of the Karma tank that can be switched from an RDA to an RDTA. Although, in my opinion, the performance of both modes are the same. It is still great to have this type of feature on a tank. The option to interchange between RDA to RDTA and vice versa is great. You can have it in RDA mode for dripping with 2ml capacity and can quickly switch to an RDTA and take advantage of its 5ml capacity.

The switch/firing button is fantastic as well. It’s fairly smooth to press. Despite its inexpensive price point, it is well-made and it feels ergonomically comfortable in the hands. The price is insanely a good deal for a mech mod and 2-in-1 atomizer combo.

The Vape Guide recommends the GeekVape Karma Kit for:

You need to be an expert with a lot of understanding of Ohms Law before using this device. There’s a lot of precautions you need to be aware of before using this great device. Although it is a great kit it’s NOT a starter kit for beginners or intermediate users. I advise to check out my other vape mod reviews this year and my top picks to give you a heads up what vape mods will be great for you.

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Where to buy the GeekVape Karma Kit:

I recommend purchasing it from Heaven Gifts. They have one of the largest selection of e-cigs with 24-hours Shipping and Fast Shipping methods. Customer Satisfaction guarantee.

GeekVape Karma Kit

Buy the GeekVape Karma Kit from Heaven Gifts. Customer Satisfaction Guarantee.



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