G Pen Quartz Review

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G Pen Quartz Vaporizer Review
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The G Pen Quartz is a good choice for those looking to enjoy vaping oils and/concentrates. It’s compact, discreet, portable, and produces decent vapor. But what I like about this unit is its low price pointand portability. It is an ideal vaporizer that you can always bring anytime and anywhere you desire to go.

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In-Depth G Pen Quartz Review:

G Pen Vaporizer by Grenco Science is one of the pioneers in the wax pen industry. Being in the industry for a while now, it has gone so many improvements and changes over time. In this review, we will talk on the freshly NEW G Pen Quartz vaporizer ($62.95 from G Pen using coupon code VAPEGUIDE10) for wax and concentrates.

G Pen Quartz Design and Functionality

In every vape pen, there are 3 main parts: the battery, the coil (atomizer), and the mouthpiece. Almost every vape pen in the market share similar components and only few variation that makes each pen slightly unique from each other. We will find out if the G Pen Quartz for wax/concentrates shares the same varieties or if it’s different from many other vape pens in the market.

The battery of the G Pen Quartz has a nice and comfortable feel to it like most pens, but the power button is different from many others due to the fact that it glows faint blue when fires up.

I know most cynical vapers don’t particularly like vape pens that light up when in used, but the strength of the light with the G Pen is modest and low so you can still use it discreetly and even for stealth vaping.

G Pen Quarts

Grenco Science didn’t mention how much mAh is in the batteries, but the battery life is on average, and it doesn’t take long to power the battery up when it’s drained.

The G Pen has a very nice ceramic heating chamber with a stainless steel and ceramic wick that allows it to produce large clouds and smooth flavor. Overall, it has above average vapor quality for a vape pen of its price.

G Pen Quartz sells for just $62.95 if you use VAPEGUIDE10 on your cart. The price point makes this an ideal starter wax pen and a good occasional use pen for more experienced vapor enthusiasts.

The deep heating chamber of the G Pen Quartz makes it a little difficult to load, but there are many vape pens that are much harder to load than this one. It’s not quite as easy as shallow coils, but not difficult either.

G Pen with Quartz

The G Pen Quartz was designed for concentrates with a thicker viscosity, like wax, budder, or shatter.

Depending on how often you use it and what kind of concentrate you use the coil will eventually burn out. Normal life span in all vape pen coils would last somewhere between 4-5 weeks. If you use this vape pen often it’s a smart idea to buy a bundle of spare coils to lower your cost.

The design of the mouthpiece is similar to some other pens but there’s a screen at the bottom that filters the vapor. The screen tends to clog over time and major cleaning is required, so if this happens Grenco Science includes a bunch of alcohol-soaked swabs that you can use to clean it off. You can also use these to clean the atomizer but handle it with care since the atomizer is frail.

The new version of G Pen uses Dual Quartz Coil and the mouthpiece has screen at the bottom that filters the vapor.


  • Economical price makes it a great budget vape
  • Simple operation that’s geared toward beginners
  • Above average vapor quality in terms of flavor and smoothness
  • Easy to carry and relatively discreet


  • Can be a little hard to load
  • No variable temperature setting options
  • May not be adequate for everyday use for more advanced vapor enthusiasts

How to Use

G Pen Quartz Vaporizer has a decent feel to it and is extremely lightweight. As this unit is for oils and/or concentrates only, it will not be able to vaporize herbs. Watch the video by Grenco Science to know how to load this great vape pen.

Overall Experience

This is a great portable vaporizer for connoisseurs searching to vape oils and/concentrates. It’s compact, discreet, portable, and produces decent vapor. But what I like about this unit is its low price range and portability. However, due to the past history of the old version and proneness of it to breaking, I suggest, be better off investing in a much suited portable vaporizer. Check out my Best Vape Pens to see which vape pens I currently like the most.

The Vape Guide recommend the G Pen Quartz for?

The G Pen Quartz is a good choice for those looking to enjoy vaping oils and/concentrates. It is an ideal vaporizer that you can always bring anytime and anywhere you desire to go.

Where to buy the G Pen Vaporizer?

Buying directly from Grenco Science. It’s the safest option and will ensure that you get the full warranty.

G Pen Quartz Vaporizer

Buy directly from G Pen official store and use coupon code VAPEGUIDE10 to save 10%



Grenco Science not only redesigned the original G Pen vaporizer but they also created new versions of the popular G Pen MicroG and G Slim vaporizer, both are compatible with wax and concentrates. These newly models are only smaller versions of the G Pen vaporizer with Quartz. They are more compact, slim and discreet, but it does have a shorter battery life and a smaller herb capacity than G Pen Quartz.

G Pen Slim Quartz Images

The G Slim Quartz vaporizer has received a makeover from Grenco Science. With an upgraded borosilicate chamber and quartz rod atomizer. This new device shared the same compact and lightweight design of the original G Slim, ideal for stealth vaping, but with added vapor purity. The G Slim quartz concentrate vape comes fitted with an easy-to-use on/off battery control feature, and a sleek and slender design that’s geared towards ultra-discreet wax vaping.
How to Use
The G Slim is super-simple to use. Just unscrew the mouthpiece, load your wax concentrate into the chamber, screw back the mouthpiece, and hold the button to heat as you inhale.

G Pen Slim

Updated- April 2017: Inspired from Los Angeles-based pro-skaters-turned-artisan-pizza-slingers Pizzanista. The new G Pen Slim Pizzanista Kit is the new collaborated brand from Grenco Science and Pizzanista – a skateboard company that doesn’t sell boards but sells pizza. This limited edition G Slim vaporizer kit is delivered packaged inside a flocked black-light-reflective mini pizza box and includes a pizza slice-shaped grinder, rolling tray, two commemorative 3D magnets, and a resealable bag. The Pizzanista! G Slim battery comes equipped with 3 separate tanks for ground material, liquid, and concentrates, and includes a USB charger.

MicroG Quartz Images

This next generation model features improved durability and function, while still maintaining the fundamental makeup integral to the original microG. It’s ideal for essential and waxy oils with medium to thick viscosity. Since it’s made by Grenco Science, you can be assured that it’s made from the highest quality components.
How to use
Using the microG is quick and easy; simply place a dab of your favorite wax onto the atomizer and hold the button for approx. 5 seconds to start the vapor production.


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