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The G Pen Pro is a simple version of its big brother- the ELITE. It features a simple interface with 3 heat levels and a Ceramic oven that fits a perfect amount of herb for a single person. I loved the sleek design, small size, and the vapor quality is better than I expected. The G Pen Pro is an affordable vaporizer that delivers solid performance, all for less than a hundred bucks.

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G Pen Pro Background

The G Pen Pro is G Pens latest dry herb portable vaporizer, featuring a built-in battery, ceramic oven, and three heating profiles. The feel of the G Pen Pro is similar to its big brothers- the ELITE. There are a few differences which we’ll discuss below. G Pen’s previous products made it to our best weed vaporizer and best vape pens lists, and I was looking forward to a new vape from GPen.

The G Pen Pro is geared towards first-time users with a simple interface, and a retail price of $99.9 directly from G Pen (use coupon code vapeguide10 for 10% off sitewide). In this review, we’ll talk about the kit, design, interface, and hands-on usage.

G Pen Pro dry herb vape review
Vaping vs smoking can be a very personal choice for each cannabis consumer, but there are clear pros and cons to each that you should know to make the right decision for you.

G Pen Pro Kit

The package includes all the essentials needed to get started:

  • The G Pen Pro vaporizer
  • Packing tool, cleaning brush, charging cable
  • Grinder card

The grinder card is supposed to help you ground weed on the go, but it just doesn’t work. I prefer to use a good grinder such as the SLX nonstick grinder to ground my herbs. It’s fast, creates no mess, and grounds to the perfect consistency.

G Pen Pro review

The G Pen Pro’s Key Features

  • 3 Preset temperature levels (Blue- 375F, Green- 400F, Red- 428F)
  • Compatible with dry herb
  • Ceramic oven with about .2 gram capacity- perfect for a single use.
  • Small, very portable- the G Pen can easily fit into any pocket or purse, it’s light and discreet.
  • Retails for $99.95 directly from G-Pen (use coupon vapeguide10 to save 10%).
G Pen Pro weed vape review
The GPen Pro is even more compact than the Elite with further simplified features, making it ideal for beginners and traveling too!

The G Pen Pro’s Design

The GPen Pro has a micro USB port on the bottom, a simple one-button interface with LEDs to display settings, a rubber mouthpiece, and a 360 degrees ceramic oven. Air intake holes on the side let air into the oven, and then to the mouthpiece.

The G Pen has a sleek matt finish and feels well-balanced and easy to hold. The Vape Pen is not completely round, and will not roll off the table if laid down. Just like the ELITE, the Pro is a well-designed unit that feels sturdy and is aesthetically impressive.

How to Use the G Pen Pro

To use the G Pen, load dry herb into the oven, pack it using the included tool, and close the mouthpiece back up.

Turn the G Pen on by clicking the button five times, and it will start heating up automatically. You can hold the button down to select one of three temperature levels- Blue- low, Green- medium, Red- high.

The LED lights will blink while the G Pen is heating up and turn solid when ready to vape. The number of lights turned on during a session, indicates the current battery level.

Once the lights are solid, pull through the mouthpiece to start vaping.

Tip: when packing your oven, pack it even and tight but not too dense that will restrict airflow.

G Pen review

Performance and Vapor Quality of the GPen

The G Pen Pro performed surprisingly well for its size and price point. The flavor and vapor quality were better than most vapes in its class, and very similar to the ELITE’s (which retails for $150).

The G Pen was quick to heat up, and produced a nice amount of visible vapor. The draw resistance was minimal, meaning that pulling through the G Pen was easy and felt natural.

While the vapor quality is not comparable to more expensive units such as the Crafty, Pax, or Firefly, it definitely passed (especially considering that the G Pen is a third of the price) as above average.

Tip: for a long session and to get super efficient with your herbs- start with the lowest temperature, quickly rise to the medium temp (400F) and stay there for a few minutes. Towards the end of the session, increase the temperature to the max for a min. This will allow you to vape your material thoroughly.

G Pen Pro weed vape

G Pen ELITE vs G Pen Pro

The G Pen Pro is a smaller version of the big bro- the (very popular) ELITE. The main differences are:

  • Size: the G Pen Pro is smaller
  • Temperature control: The ELITE allows a precise +/- 1F temperature adjustments, while the G Pen Pro has three preset temperature levels.
  • Oven size: The ELITE has a large oven that can contain up to .7 grams, vs the Pro that can fit much less- .2 grams. I find the oven size on the Pro is better suited for an average user, especially a beginner.
G Pen Pro dry herb vape

  G Pen Pro Review: Final Thoughts

The G Pro is a nice looking vape that is effective, efficient, and performs better than most vapes at its price range. If you are a first-time vaper, you can not go wrong with this one. It is simple to use, easy to load and clean. One of my favorite features is the small oven, which is a perfect portion for a single person.

Overall great value with this budget vaporizer- that performs like a big boy.

  • Buy from G Pen and use coupon code vapeguide10 to save 10%.
GPen Pro

Simple, yet sleek dry herb vaporizer that is ideal for beginners.



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