G Pen Pro Review

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G Pen Pro review

The Good: Very easy to use | Portable and discreet

The Bad: Average vapor quality | Short battery life | Mouthpiece gets hot after extended use

The Bottom Line: The G Pen Pro is an okay choice for first time vapers, but I can assure you that vaping veterans won’t be too impressed. Even when you take the price into consideration, the vapor quality and battery performance of this weed vape are just okay.

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Kit and Accessories

  • G Pen Pro
  • Cleaning brush + packing tool
  • USB charging cable
  • Grinder card

Compatibility: The G Pen Pro is only compatible with dry herb.

Official Accessories

You can get replacements for the mouthpiece, grinder card, and the charging cable at the G Pen website. However the grinder card is not the best way to grind herb, so you would be better off using a quality herb grinder like the SLX, which you can get from Amazon. It’s also unnecessary to buy a replacement cable from them since you can buy one anywhere. Whatever you decide to buy from their website, don’t forget to use the G Pen coupon code when you do.

Design and Features

G Pen Pro design
The G Pen Pro has a smooth, simple design and is simple enough that even first-time vapers won’t have any problems learning how to use it.

General Design: The Pro has a very sleek, discreet design that looks good, but also won’t attract too much attention, which is a pretty nice trick. It has a smooth, slim design without any bumps or protuberances since the power button sits flush against the body of the vape. That means it fits nicely in your hand and easily slips into your pocket.

It has the understated grey color that you see in all of G Pen’s vapes, and it manages to look good without being too noticeable. My only issue is that the flat mouthpiece with the small slit isn’t my favorite type of mouthpiece because it always feels awkward. It does help with portability and concealability though, so I can see why they chose it.

Ease of Use: This is a pretty good choice for beginners because it is very easy to use. There is only one button to control the power and preset temperature settings, so it’s pretty simple to come to terms with using the Pro. Loading is easy too since all you have to do is remove the mouthpiece when you want to fill the chamber, and replace it when you’re done. The G Pen Pro is a simple, uncomplicated weed vaporizer to use, which is always a good thing.

Build Quality: The Pro is made from aluminum so it’s nice and durable, plus it’s fingerprint and scratch resistant, which is always a plus. The mouthpiece is made of plastic though, which is a little problematic. That’s because it’s located right over the oven, and since plastic doesn’t really disperse heat all that well, the mouthpiece tends to get a little warm during use.

Cleaning and Maintenance

It’s really easy to take care of the G Pen Pro. You can use the included cleaning brush to clean out the chamber. As for the mouthpiece, a soak in isopropyl alcohol for an hour or two should do the trick.

How to Use

  1. Remove the mouthpiece from the rest of the vaporizer to expose the herb chamber.
  2. Fill the chamber with herb and replace the mouthpiece.
  3. Press the power button five times to turn on the device.
  4. Hold down the power button to cycle through the temperature settings.
  5. Once the setting has been chosen and heating is complete, inhale from the mouthpiece.

Temperature Settings: 375°F | 400°F | 428°F

Performance and Vapor Quality

G Pen Pro Performance
The vapor quality of the Pro is just okay even when you take its size and price point into consideration.

Vaporizer Performance: The Pro heats up in about thirty seconds, which is pretty quick for a dry herb vaporizer. As I mentioned earlier, the mouthpiece does get a little warm after you use it for a while.

Vapor Quality: The vapor produced by the Pro is just decent. You wouldn’t expect amazing vapor quality in a weed vape that costs less than $100, but even in that category, the Pro isn’t the best. Vapor quality starts out decently strong, but falls off during each session, which is pretty disappointing.

I got the best vapor at the lowest temperature setting because, at the higher ones, the vapor becomes too harsh and uncomfortable. Vapor production isn’t too dense no matter the temperature setting, which isn’t a bad thing since the Pro is meant to be a discreet vape.

Battery Performance: The battery only lasts for about thirty to forty minutes and takes roughly two hours to recharge. Those aren’t great numbers even when you take the Pro’s size and price point into consideration.

G Pen Pro vs Vapium Lite vs X Max Starry V3

The Lite and the Starry are both good vapes that cost less than $100. The Lite has buttons to control the temperature selections, which makes it slightly easier to use than the Pro, it’s also the cheapest vape here. The Starry is the most expensive, and also the best, because it has some great features. It’s the only one with precise temperature selection and it has the best mouthpiece. That’s because it’s a tube-like—or straw-like if you prefer—mouthpiece that feels good and swivels away when you’re not using it.

G Pen ProVapium LiteX Max Starry V3
Compatible withDry herbDry herbDry herb. wax
Heating MethodConductionConductionConduction
Temperature Range/SettingsThree temperature settingsFour temperature settings212°F to 464°F
Battery Life40 minutes30 minutes80 minutes
WarrantyOne yearsTwo yearsTen years
Price$90 from G Pen$79 from Vape-Smart$99 from Planet of the Vapes

Bottom Line

G Pen Pro weed vaporizer review
8.2 Total Score
G Pen Pro Review Bottom Line

The G Pen Pro is a decent vaporizer that’s a good choice for beginners because of how simple it is to use. However, the vapor quality is just okay and the battery life is below average. The Pro makes a good starter vape, but you’ll eventually want to move on to more advanced vapes with better vapor quality.

Who is it for: Beginner vapers who want an affordable, easy to use vaporizer.

Who is it NOT for: Anyone who wants high quality vapor and/or a wider temperature range. 


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