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The G Pen Nova is a great vape pen for beginners because of its versatility and because the vapor it produces never gets too harsh. It’s versatile because it can vape wax and dry herb, plus it’s 510 threaded so it can use THC/CBD cartridges as well. It has a dab/stirring tool right in the mouthpiece, so you can add convenience to its list of features as well. The Nova may not be intense enough for experts, but it is just right for first-time vapers.


$34.95 directly from G Pen

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Vapor Quality
Ease of Use
  • Compatible with wax extracts and dry herb
  • 510 threaded
  • Integrated dab/stirring tool
  • Affordable price point
  • Stealthy and portable
  • Dry herb performance is just okay

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G Pen Nova Review

G Pen Nova Background

The G Pen Nova is a dual use vape pen that is compatible with both wax and dry herb, making it one of the more versatile vape pens out there. It’s also G Pen’s first foray into wax vaping, so this is something new for everyone. One great thing about this vape pen is that it is 510 threaded, so you can use your favorite CBD cartridges with it, which gives it a leg up over a lot of other vape pens.

There are some other cool features that give it a leg up too, like the integrated loading/stirring tool that negates the need for a dab tool. It also has three voltage settings for some extra customization as well. This is overall, a pretty solid, affordable, multi-use vape pen that’s great for beginners because of how easy it is to use.

Beginners—and everyone really—can get it directly from G Pen for $35, just make sure to use our exclusive G Pen coupon code TVG10 to get a 10% discount.

Inside its Kit

G Pen Nova Kit

L-R: G Pen Nova case, G Pen Nova, USB charging cable.

  • G Pen Nova
  • USB charging cable

How it is Designed

G Pen Nova Integrated Dab Tool

The Nova has a dab/stirring tool integrated into the mouthpiece, which is a nice design feature.

The Nova is a cross between the standard vape pen design and the standard G Pen vaporizer design. That means it has the simple pen design of most wax vapes and the signature, stealthy charcoal grey color scheme of G Pen’s vaporizers. It also has a mouthpiece that is like a mini version of the ones in the other G Pen vapes, like the Pro, so it feels comfortable to vape from, and has a low draw resistance.

It has the very nice feature of a dab tool integrated into the mouthpiece, so you don’t need to worry about taking one with you everywhere. The dab tool also doubles as a stirring tool for dry herb, but you’ll mostly be using it for dabs. Attaching 510 cartridges to the Nova is very simple, so you can easily switch from wax or herb to CBD oil in a snap, that’s the kind of simple use and versatility that the top vape pens have to offer, so this vaporizer is in good company.

How it Performs

G Pen Nova Wax Chamber

The Nova has a quartz chamber so it retains the flavor of the wax or herb well.

Even though the Nova is a dual use vaporizer, it works better for concentrates than it does for dry herb. G Pen are weed vaping specialists, so the herb performance isn’t bad, it’s just not up to their usual standards. The wax performance is much better because you feel that it is what the Nova was made for. It has three voltage settings—3.2V | 3.5V | 3.9V—none of which are too harsh, though my preference is for the middle one.

The lack of harshness might be a little disappointing for experienced vapers who are used to more intense sessions, but that makes it great for beginner vapers. The Nova is also a great fit for any oil cartridges, like the Medix CBD Vape Oil, because they attach easily and feel comfortable to use. What’s more, the three voltage settings offer some extra customization options, so you can optimize your vaping experience no matter which substance you use.

Battery: The battery is a 300 mAh that can last all day and charges very quickly.

The Last Word

The G Pen Nova is a great vaporizer for beginners who are into both dry herb and wax vaping, though it is better at extracts than it is at weed. Oil extract lovers will love this too because of the 510 threading of the Nova’s battery.

That makes the Nova an impressively versatile vaporizer because it can use your favorite CBD cartridges in addition to wax and herb. The integrated dab tool is just icing on the cake, so to speak. So, if you’re new to extract vaping, consider the affordable G Pen Nova, it’s a stealthy, multi-use vape that’s simple to operate even for first time vapers.

G Pen Nova vs KandyPens C-Box vs Puffco Plus

G Pen Nova KandyPens C-Box Puffco Plus
Substance CompatibilityWax, dry herbCBD/THC oilWax
Heat/Voltage SettingsThreeFourThree
510 ThreadingYesYesNo
Price$34.95 directly from G Pen$44.95 directly from KandyPens$89 from Vape Active
G Pen Nova

A multi-use, 510 threaded vaporizer for wax, dry herb, and THC/CBD cartridges



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