G Pen Elite vs Pax 2

G Pen Elite vs Pax 2

Note: I recommend buying the G Pen Elite directly from Grenco Science. To ensure safety in terms of warranty and service. You can use their coupon code VAPEGUIDE10 to get 10% off.

For the best offer on the Pax 2 try visiting Vape-Smart, just used the coupon code TVG10 to save 10% on your entire purchase.

G Pen Elite vs Pax 2:


The first thing I like between this two of the Best Dry Herb Vaporizers of 2016 are their size. They are both easy to hold in the hand, and it pretty much completely concealed for discretion. Let’s talk first about G Pen Elite’s size, it’s a bit bigger than Pax 2, coming in at 4.5 inches tall, 1.5 inches wide, and 1 inch deep. But weighs lightly at 88g compared to Pax 2 which is 90g. So these vaporizers are extremely easy to put in the pocket and on-the-go.

G Pen Elite vs Pax 2 Comparison

The G Pen Elite has a super modern ergonomic design with a well-thought curve and controls. It feels luxurious, dense and sturdy. G Pen Elite completely changed the design over their previous generation of products like Grenco’s G Pro. On the other side, the Pax 2 was ground-breaking when it first came out and is definitely a popular and good device. An update from its predecessor, it holds the title of one of the smallest portable vaporizers on the market. With a 20% deeper oven, 25% smaller body, 10% lighter, and improved battery life, the Pax 2 improves on the original Pax in every way.

Vapor Quality

The G Pen Elite has one of the largest if not the largest chamber size out of any dry herb portable units. At around 0.75g it suppress the Pax 2 which has only 0.35g. But I found out that you want to finish your material/dry herb in one session because the vapor quality drops pretty fast. Unlike the Pax 2’s vapor quality it has a very good flavor for a conduction vaporizer, and it’s definitely better than the G Pen Elite when it comes to vapor quality.

Usability Test

G Pen Elite

G Pen Elite is easy to use just remove the rubber mouthpiece with two fingers while holding the body with your other hand. Lift the mouthpiece upwards to expose the deep ceramic chamber. It fully uses ceramic heating chamber instead of a stainless steel heating chamber like Pax 2 does. Fill the chamber with your favorite dry herb and re-place the mouthpiece.

To power ON the G Pen Elite, press the power button 5 times. Once ON, it will display the current temperature. Adjusting the temperature can be done by pressing the lower/upper buttons on the side of the unit. After adjusting your desired temp (between 200-428°F), hold down the power button for 2-3 seconds will turn ON the chamber and starts heating up. When the chamber reaches the desired temp (it will take 20-30 seconds), inhale and enjoy aromatherapy at its best.

Note: To toggle between Celsius and Fahrenheit hold the power button together with the upper button (for Celsius), or with the lower button (for Fahrenheit).

Pax 2

Getting started with the Pax 2 can be a little complicated for it features a lot of surprises. But if you get used to it you will think it’s the simplest unit on the market.

To get started, you open up the magnetic lid on the bottom of the unit and fill it with your favorite herb. After loading up, re-place the magnetic lid and turn it up. To turn it ON, long press the power button (top part of the mouthpiece) and the LED lights begin to glow purple (it will take 30sec-1min to heat-up).

To change the temp settings (ranges from 370-410°F), press the power button (top part of the mouthpiece) again. Then the LED lights will display

  • The Top-Left LED for the lowest setting (yellow)
  • The Top-Two LEDs for mid (orange)
  • Then, the Top-Two and Bottom-Right LEDs for mid (red-orange),
  • All four LEDs for high (red).

After setting up your desired temp and pre-heating, hold down the power button (top part of the mouthpiece) again and inhale!

Battery Life

The Battery is surprisingly good for the size of the G Pen Elite. I am able to get 4-6 sessions per charge. The unit will fully be dead in about 2 hours (be sure to used 2amp charging cable for fast charging). The G Pen Elite charges via micro-USB cable and does not offer replaceable batteries. But so far I never experience issues with the batteries degradation.

On the battery and charging of the Pax 2 it iss a bit of a mixed bag. No doubt it gives you a longer usage (roughly 5-6 sessions) with each charge, but it takes three (3) hours to charge the battery. The charger uses a cool magnetic dock that simply gets attached to the unit and can be connected to any laptop or PC via micro-USB cable.

G Pen Elite versus Pax 2

So overall, the battery life of the G Pen Elite is superior in all the battery average in the market today. While the Pax 2 has a long duration of battery life but it takes a lot of time to charge.

Choosing between G Pen Elite or Pax 2

It depends on different factors like how you like to vape medical marijuana (cannabis), your budget, and what extra features you want. Both the G Pen Elite and the PAX 2 vaporizer has their upsides and downsides.

With that being said, if I had to choose between the two – who’s the winner, I think it would be the G Pen Elite because I believe it is more user-friendly and is much cheaper.

Unlike the PAX 2 vaporizer (which doesn’t include a manual temperature control feature), the G-Pen Elite vape comes with a new modern digital display that allows the user to control easily the temperature of the chamber at any times by pushing the lower/upper-temperature buttons on the side of the unit. What this essentially means is that you can finally have good-tasting vapor. No More Burnt Taste!

Where to buy the G Pen Elite and Pax 2?

I recommend buying the G Pen Elite directly from Grenco Science ($134.95 if you use coupon code VAPEGUIDE10 to save 10%). To ensure safety in terms of warranty and service.

For the best offer on the Pax 2 try visiting Vape-Smart, use the coupon code TVG10 to save 10%.

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