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The FocusVape Tourist Vaporizer is a multi-functional unit that can handle herbs and concentrates with ease. It is a nice and sturdy vaporizer that has an impressive temperature. It uses 2 different attachments to handle herbs and waxes, each with its own water filtration, giving you a unique performance for both herbs and waxes. Although lack of portability due to its hugeness, the design is fairly discreet.

FocusVape Tourist Background

The Focus Vape Tourist ($259 CAD from TorontoVaporizer) is the latest dual use vaporizer that appeals to all your needs with its ability to vape both herbs and wax with multiple attachment options. Most vaporizers that try to do this end up being jacks of all trades and masters of none; their wax vapes cannot compete with the best wax vaporizers on the market and the best dry herb vaporizers leave them in the dust.

The Tourist, however, stands a better chance because Focus Vape is a pretty ambitious company; after all, they also make the Adventurer, one of the few dry herb vaporizers with an integrated water bubbler. Now with the Tourist, Focus Vape will attempt to meet all your vaping needs at once. Keep reading to see how the latest dual use vaporizer fares.

Focusvape Tourist Kit

Kit: Tourist Dual-Use Vape

The Tourist includes everything you need without having you wade through a bunch of accessories. You’ll get the dry herb mouthpiece and wax mouthpiece of course, the latter comes with a titanium nail. Titanium nails are a good choice for wax vaporizers because of their superior durability compared to ceramic and glass nails, with their impressive heat retention, and their fast cool down times.

There is also the glass water filter, which works with both the wax and herb heads and helps to cool down the vapor for both of them. There is a dabber to apply the wax and a cleaning tool to keep everything nice and sanitary. Finally there is the USB charging cable and a nice little magnetic stand so you can place the Tourist upright while it is charging or when you’re not using it.

Focusvape Tourist Kit
Focusvape Tourist is compatible with Dry Herb and Wax using various kind of attachment for great vaping experience.

Everything is packaged nicely and the instruction manual is easy to follow. With dual use vaporizers like the FocusVape Adventurer, it is very important to review the manual so that you know exactly which settings are best for the different media that you will be vaping. Though, with the FocusVape, these things are pretty apparent due to the device’s easy-to-discern setting button.

Tourist Key Features

The main compelling feature of the Tourist is its multi-use nature. It comes with separate heads and temperature settings for wax and herbs, which helps make it more versatile than other vaporizers that attempt to combine wax and herb vaping in a single unit. This flexibility will naturally appeal to vapers who enjoy both, but those who enjoy one of these media more than others are recommended to choose either a one of the best dry herb vaporizersvape pens or e-rigs for their material of choice. If you are looking for a device that can do it all, however, the Tourist is a solid choice in this category.

The water bubbler is another key feature because it helps to cool down the vapor and deliver a smooth feeling even at higher temperatures where, normally, the extra heat would harshly impact the vapor. Another appealing feature is the removable and rechargeable Lithium Ion 18650 battery. You can just use spare batteries if recharging is not an option, which adds to the user-friendly nature of the Tourist. Having the option to simply swap out batteries is invaluable–as serious vapers know.

Focusvape Herb attachment
The herb attachment set up is like FocusVape Pro but a little bulkier with a ceramic heating chamber.

Tourist Vaporizer Design

The Tourist is a solidly built vaporizer, the metal parts all feel sturdy while the glass parts are all well made; you can tell that Focus Vape did not sacrifice quality in any aspect of this vaporizer–especially the build components. The ceramic oven chamber and glass attachments mean superior vapor quality and premium construction.

It is fairly large and is definitely intended for home use, especially with the water filter attached. You can use the dry herb mode without the filter, at which point the Tourist is about the size and weight of a medium sized flashlight. Even then, it’s not really a portable vaporizer, unless you place it in a backpack or purse; it definitely won’t be fitting in anyone’s pockets.

Each of the components are easy to attach and detach and switching between the dry herb and wax heads is easy. Once the desired head is attached, you just choose the appropriately labelled mode and wait for the Tourist to heat up. The herb chamber is accessed by unscrewing the dry herb mouthpiece and can hold a good amount of herb, enough for a really nice session.

It's pretty awesome that this mult-use vape let's you use dry herb, plus it gives us a VERY wide range to work with for extracts.

Using the FocusVape Tourist

The Tourist is quite easy to use in either wax or dry herb mode, even with the water filter attached. When using herbs without the water filter, you simply unscrew the mouthpiece from the dry herb head to expose the herb chamber; you fill up the chamber, replace the mouthpiece, and screw the dry herb head onto the body of the Tourist.

The Tourist's simple to use button easily manipulates the different heating modes - making it simple to switch from herb to wax.

Herb Mode

To use, select herb mode and wait as the vaporizer quickly heats up. You can adjust the temperature to your liking using the plus and minus buttons and the Tourist will remember your settings for the next time you use it–a pretty smart little device. Make sure you use an herb grinder like the SLX to ensure that you are maximizing the efficiency of your herb. Not doing so will cause you to waste your precious buds.

To use the herb attachment with the water filter, you remove the mouthpiece as you do when filling the herb chamber, fill the bubbler with water, and and slip it on instead of reattaching the mouthpiece. It’s so simple a beginner is able to figure it out which is awesome when considering how many different functionalities this device has. The bubbler also creates a cooling effect which is pretty awesome.

The herb attachment can be set anywhere between 194 – 464°F giving users a wide range to experiment with when vaping dry herb.

Wax Mode

Using the wax attachment is just as easy. Remove the dry herb head if it is attached and place the wax attachment onto the body of the Tourist, fill the bubbler with water and affix it to the wax attachment. Next, place your wax on the dabber, choose wax mode on the Tourist and once it reaches your chosen temperature, apply the wax to the titanium nail while drawing from the mouthpiece.

The Tourist is smart enough to know which head is attached to the unit, so if you accidentally select wax mode with the dry herb head, or vice-versa, the Tourist will let you know via the LED display. If the head is improperly attached or, for some reason, not attached at all, the Tourist will let you know.

Focusvape herb mode
The wax attachment can be set between 500 – 752°F (260 – 400°C) giving users a comfortable range to work with for concentrates.

Tourist Performance and Vapor Quality

The Tourist aims to appease all types of vapers; aside from being able to use both wax and dry herb, it is also effective at a wide range of temperatures in each mode. This makes it better than other multi-function vaporizers because wax and herb vape effectively at vastly different temperatures; this is not a one size fits all type of situation. If you prefer wispier, more flavorful vapor then temps between 356 and 374 are your preferred range; if you want clouds thicker clouds, you have the ability to increase the heat settings.

For wax, the temperature ranges from 500 to 842 but the ideal is about 700 to 710. In either mode the flavor is impressive, with a lot of subtle notes dancing around your mouth; the water filter helps by cooling down the vapor, allowing users to experiment with higher temperatures without worrying about harsh, desert-wind-like hits.

Battery Life

The battery lasts for about an hour when using dry herbs; it lasts longer in wax mode despite the higher temperatures because sessions tend to be shorter. Charging takes about 3 to 4 hours and a pass through function allows you to use it while it is charging.

Tourist Battery
The removable, rechargeable Lithium Ion 18650 battery lets you swap out in case you run out of juice unexpectedly.

Final Thoughts on the FocusVape Adventurer

We finally have it, a genuinely good multi use vaporizer. Anyone who vapes wax and herbs, or who is in a situation where different people vape different substances, will be more than happy with the Tourist ($259 CAD from TorontoVaporizer). The herb attachment can compete with the best dry herb vaporizers and the wax compatible components hang in their with the best e-nails as well.

The water bubbler and the replaceable battery are just extra icing on the cake, each adding to the functionality and convenience of the Tourist. This is a vaporizer that is best suited for home use because, even in its smallest configuration, it takes up a lot of space. That being said, this thing is so damn convenient–we love it. Anyone who vapes only herbs or waxes has a lot of options to choose from but for those who vape both, this is their only choice and is, quite possibly, the only vaporizer they will ever need.

Oron has been vaping for over ten years, and been 100% combustion free since early 2016. He is passionate about health and The Vape Guide gave Oron a platform to influence on a larger scale and share his extensive vaping knowledge with a large audience. Oron has tried and tested hundreds of vaporizers with every functionality imaginable. Some of Oron's favorite vapes are the Mighty, Solo 2, and Juul. After switching to vaping, Oron experienced first hand the benefits of being smoke-free and decided to help as many people as possible to make the switch. When Oron is not vaping, he is passionate about photography, technology, gadgets, health & nutrition, physical activities.

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