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The Adventurer is the newest dry herb vaporizer from Focus Vape and it comes with a unique feature in the form of a water bubbler. You won't find such a feature in many other dry herb vapes and we are known to love our unique features. Add that to a powerful, replaceable battery, cool, flavorful vapor and you're looking at a device that is ready to put the vaporizer market on notice.

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FocusVape Adventurer Background

The Adventurer ($179.95 from Vape-Smart) is an awesome new dry herb vaporizer with some pretty unique features. How does it compare to the year’s best dry herb vaporizers? Well, the Adventurer has an innovative built in water bubbler, a feature lacking in other vaporizers, and this feature drastically improves the flavor and vapor quality. Our expectations were high for the Adventurer because FocusVape has produced other quality dry herb vaporizers such as the Tourist and the FocusVape Pro which really impressed us.

FocusVape has experimented with water filtration before with the Tourist so the water bubbler of the Adventurer is not something new to them–but we love it none-the-less. We also love that buying through Vape-Smart enables you to receive 10% using our coupon code: TVG10. With the experience that FocusVape brings, they are able to pull off such a bold feature addition with this dry herb vaporizer. Focus Vape is trying something new with this vaporizer and any vapers interested in pushing the envelope should consider trying out the Adventurer. Keep reading to check out our thoughts and the full FocusVape Adventurer Review.

Adventurer Dry Herb Vaporizer Kit

The Adventurer is the total package as it comes with quite a few useful accessories, they include; a spare screen for the ceramic oven with a tweezer to remove and replace the old screen. A glass mouthpiece to use with the water bubbler, and a packing tool that you can use to stir your dry herbs.

We’re not done yet, the Focus Vape also includes spare O-rings for the water bubbler’s filter, a USB charging cable, and alcohol wipes to clean the vaporizer.

All of those accessories are useful but there are so many of them that there is a chance that you’ll end up with more than you need–though that’s not a bad thing.  We appreciate how thorough Focus Vape is with the Adventurer, everything you need to clean and maintain it is in the box.

FocusVape Adventurer Kit
The Adventurer comes with a glass mouth piece, cleaning tools, micro usb cable, and a water bubbler.

Adventurer Vape Key Features

The Adventurer has some unique features that make it stand out from the crowd. The main one is the water bubbler, an innovation unique to the Adventurer that helps to cool down the vapor and improve its flavor.

This vaporizer also has a removable and rechargeable Lithium Ion 18650 battery; this is a fantastic convenience because it means that you can easily swap out the battery with a spare if recharging is not an option. This makes the Adventurer a great vaporizer to take on long journeys provided you have extra batteries with you.

FocusVape Adventurer
The built-in vibration feature and green LED notifies you when the Adventurer is ready

Design: Adventurer Dry Herb Vaporizer

The Adventurer is of a similar size to most dry herb vaporizers like the Crafty, so it can fit in your pocket, though it will create a big bulge. The design is not eye-catching but it is smooth and functional without any extraneous adornments that could make it feel uncomfortable in your pocket or hand.

The power button is well placed on the back of the Adventurer but the temperature control buttons are a little too low, their placement prevents you from operating them with one hand. You also have to be careful when operating them because the two buttons combined are the size of the power button; operating the minus button is fairly easy but the plus button can be tricky.

The size means that the Adventurer could be a great portable but the exposed mouth pieces could cause problems. It will be up to individual users if that becomes a factor or not. The Adventurer has a great LED display that keeps you well informed of all its actions.

The Adventurer’s body is made from a hard plastic that feels quite durable. The default mouthpiece is made of high-quality silicon but it is short compared to other vaporizers, so your mouth and face will be quite close to the body of the Adventurer. The glass mouthpiece is a better length and feels more comfortable.

Adventurer Ceramic Chamber
Quick seal magnetic cover works in conjunction with the heating chamber for a seamless experience

Using the Adventurer

The water bubbler means that preparing the Adventurer for use can be an involved process–though, in the end with the resultant vapor quality, you’ll be glad you spent the time. You start by removing the mouth piece on top of the device and the magnetically attached herb chamber on its base. From the base you push the bubbler out through the top of the vaporizer.

You then remove the metal base of the bubbler, fill it with water, and replace the metal base. The bubbler is then replaced followed by the mouthpiece and the cover of the herb chamber. The herb chamber is easy to load, especially with the help of the included packing/stirring tool. The chamber being on the base of the device is an interesting choice and something to get used to, though it has no bearing on the device’s performance.

The temperature controls are easy to use with the LED display clearly showing the current setting. Each heating cycle lasts for five minutes, after which the Adventurer will go into sleep mode for three minutes before the oven stops heating. You can enter sleep mode manually if you prefer by holding down the power button for two seconds.

Adventurer Glass Mouthpiece
OLED screen allows the Adventurer to be precisely adjusted to the degree from 176°F to 464°F

Adventurer Performance and Vapor Quality

The Adventurer’s water bubbler component makes for a really unique and practical experience. This dry herb vape’s bubble component results in cool, great tasting vapor, however users will definitely experience a learning curve with the bubbler. The important thing to remember when using the Adventurer’s water filtration is that you need to test it out and find out what works best for you. Dry herb vaporizers always have a learning curve, but once you figure this one out–the vapor is cool and refreshing.

Dry vaping is also an option with this herb vape but you won’t be taking advantage of what makes the Adventurer unique. It is nice, however, that you can just pop in your herb and get going if need be based on your patience or time constraints. You do not need to worry that you will not be able to use your new vaporizer for weed even if you aren’t in the mood to fill the water chamber.

The vapor quality is good but cloud chasers might be disappointed with how thin vapor can be if the bud in the chamber is not properly ground. Be sure to use an electric herb grinder like the Pen Simple which will not only electronically dispense your herb, but it will maximize its surface area, thus making it more efficient during your sessions.

Regarding the chamber, it is quite large which is awesome for group and session vaping. It would be great if there were a screen to help tightly pack a half-filled chamber–such as how the Pax 3 incorporates a half-oven lid so you don’t need to fill an entire chamber if you don’t need to. The life of the battery is good for about 8 to 10 sessions and it charges in 3 to 4 hours. There is a pass through system so that you can use it while it is being charged as long as there is more than one bar of power.

Final Thoughts on the Focus Vape Adventurer

The Adventurer ($179.95 from Vape-Smart) is great for, well, adventurous vapers who want to try a different kind of dry herb vaporizer. There are a few issues with this vaporizer but when it is working as intended, it produces some of the coolest, tastiest vapor you can get.

The packaging is impressive and once you get over the initial hump, it is not that difficult to use. Not to mention that it has great battery that is actually replaceable.

Ultimately, Focus Vape should be lauded for trying something different in the vaporizer market and mostly succeeding. If you’re not a cloud chaser and don’t mind a few minor bugs then you should seriously consider giving the Adventurer a try.

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Pocket Herbal Vaporizer with an Integrated Water Bubbler!


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