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FOB Vaporizer Review

Best Deal: $119.99 from Vape-Smart
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FOB Vaporizer Review

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The FOB Vaporizer is designed for on-the-go and stealth vaping. Its discreet key FOB design appears to be just a simple car key, it disguise so well, you might even accidentally try to start your car with it!

Best Deal: Buy at Vape-Smart and use the coupon code TVG10 to save 10% OFF.

FOB Vaporizer Review:

Micro Vaped introduces the ultimate discreet portable vaporizer in the market today, the FOB Vaporizer ($119.99 from Vape-Smart). Created and designed for on-the-go and stealth vaping, at first look, it appears to be nothing more than a simple car key. But it hides more than your eyes can deceive. In fact, the FOB Vaporizer is disguised so well, you might even accidentally try to start your car with it! 😀

First Impression

Can you identify which one is a vape?

car key FOB Vaporizer

At first glance, I really thought it’s a key FOB for a high-end, luxury car. The Micro Vaped logo on this FOB Vaporizer was stylized to look like a standard car key and the function buttons like the power and temperature control are evenly disguise as a “trunk open icon” and door ‘lock/unlock icon’ buttons. Now that’s stealthy!

6 Temperature Heat Settings and How to Use

Equipped with six optimized heat settings (360°F – 420°F), for that various vaping experience. It also includes two different mouthpiece options; stainless steel and silicone for your vaping preference.

To Turn it On press the power button (‘trunk open icon’) rapidly 5 times (two LED lights will Turn On).While the FOB Vaporizer is heating up the two LED lights flashes. The ‘lock’ and ‘unlock’ icon are used to interchange from 6 preheated settings of FOB Vaporizer.

  • Turquoise for 360°FFob Vaporizer LED lights
  • Blue for 380°F
  • Green for 390°F
  • Purple for 400°F
  • Yellow for 410°F
  • Red for 420°F

When you’ve done filling the chamber with herbs and putting it on your preferred heat setting. Just start taking draw from the retractable mouthpiece stick. So easy!

Vaping Experience

I started taking hits with the mouthpiece sticking up and set it on 410°F which light is Yellow; it feels clean, nice and fresh at 1st. The 2nd and 3rd hit feels robust and thick clouds. But when I take my 5th or 6th hit, I felt the vapor is a little harsh. The dry herb is definitely warmed up towards is optimum temperature.


FOB Vaporizer BoxMicro Vaped packages their FOB Vaporizer beautifully in a large black box. I know the box is too big for the item, but this provides enough room for the accessories. Here is where you’ll find the AC power adapter, a silicone mouthpiece, 2 replacement screens and instruction and warranty card plus a little pack of cleaning equipment. Use this to store all of your equipment in a dry, cool place. Keep the system clean and it will work effectively for a long time.

FOB vaporizer Review


Although the FOB Vaporizer from Micro Vaped can be carried anywhere without anyone knowing it’s actually a vaporizer. I still DON’T LIKE the stainless steel herb chamber, its too small which is highly understandable, maybe it can only fit .1 or .2 grams and can be a little bit difficult to load your favorite dry herbs. The vapor experience I get from this unit is quite harsh if you take bigger hits. Totally self-explanatory, for this is a small vaporizer and every time you use a small unit there’s not too much airflow to make the vapor cool down when you take draws. So I recommend this to those who just want to take a chill and just want to puff every now and then.

On the contrary, what I totally LIKE about this unit, is it’s small and cuteness, it can fit in your pocket with room to spare and the design it’s too cool and perfect for stealth vaping. It’s a perfect gift for Christmas time or birthdays especially the packaging included very discreet and nice, an interesting vaporizer for vapor enthusiasts.

Where to purchase?

I recommend purchasing the FOB Vaporizer only from an Authorized Dealer. I had a great experience with Vape-Smart, their processing and shipping times are super fast.  Use coupon code TVG10 and save 10% OFF.

FOB Vaporizer

Buy the FOB Vaporizer at Vape-Smart and use coupon code TVG10 to save 10%, Plus FREE 2pc Metal Grinder. Free Shipping


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    Robert Keesey September 2, 2017 at 4:04 pm

    Can you help me get in contact with the manufacturer?? I have one and I love it but I lost the Magnetic chamber cover and I cannot find a replacement. Everytime I try to search for the manufacturer all I get are dealers selling them.. Any help would be greatly appreciated.. Thank you…

  2. Reply
    William A Major January 9, 2018 at 8:44 am

    join the club, i cant get to them myself for the warrenty registration ! eventually ill need something… if i find it ill get it to you RKeesey

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