Flytlab Lift Review

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Flytlab Lift Review

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The Flytlab Lift is a new herbal vaporizer and is inspired from the original Flytlab H2FLO Elite. The Lift has three temperature settings that range from 365 – 425°F. Inside the FlytLab Lift is a ceramic chamber with a mesh screen that keeps the herbs at a safe distance from the heating element. The FlytLab Lift Vaporizer is a very simple to use semi-convection style vaporizer with only one button, so beginners can utilize it with ease.

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In-Depth Flytlab Lift Review:

The Flytlab Lift Vaporizer ($150 from Vape-Smart) is the company’s newest creation herbal vaporizer. Flytlab is well known for making great and awesome vaporizers at a reasonable price. In line with the original H2FLO Elite which has minor issues such as its size and tendency to produce a slightly harsh vapor. Flytlab Lift will be much smaller, sleeker, and better vaporizer than its predecessor. Read on to find out more.

First Impression

The entire chamber of the Flytlab Lift Vaporizer is made from ceramic with a mesh screen that keeps the herbs far from its heating element making the Lift a semi-convection style vaporizer. On the low and mid settings, the Lift will give you flavorful vapor but subtle visibility. But you can move up to the highest heat setting to increase the strength and cloud vapor, but it may result in bit hot and harsh temperature.

The Lift has three temperature settings that range from 365 – 425°F. Each setting has a LED light indicator for easy use and identification:

  • Blue – Low Temp
  • Yellow – Mid Temp
  • and Green – High Temp

The Flytlab Lift has only one single button, and it doesn’t have much draw resistance, making it great for beginners but not for advance vapers. Also worth mentioning, that this device is well regulated and holds a steady temperature throughout your sessions.


The Flytlab Lift has a heat-up time of 60 seconds which is a little bit slower from other convection style vaporizer nowadays. Also you may grind you material finely. The finer it is, the more efficient the vaporizer will be. Its mouthpiece retracts in the top making its size even more compact. Available in black and white, the device is relatively discreet, as you can easily cover up its power light while you take draws. The FlytLab Lift Vaporizer offers an average battery life but no pass-through feature. Its LED light indicator lets you check how much power remains with a Smart Heat system for added convenience.

  • Green LED – Full Battery
  • Yellow LED – Half Battery
  • Red LED – Low Battery

The Lift will flash Red while charging and will turn Green when fully charged.

  • Convection-style vaporizer that keeps herbs at a safe distance from the heat source
  • High-quality ceramic chamber for vapor purity
  • Above average flavor on mid and low temperatures
  • Fast heat up
  • Simple to use

  • Can be a bit hot and harsh on the high temperature
  • Vapor clouds are not very big

Cleaning the Flytlab Lift

To clean the Lift make sure the device is powered off and wait until the oven has cooled. Use the cleaning brush included in the kit to remove any remaining material inside the heating chamber. If there is any residue build up. Use a wipe or moisturized swab to clean it off. It’s important to clean the Lift on a regular basis. For the best performance clean the heating chamber after every session.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a dry herb vaporizer that is advanced from a vaporizer pen, the FlytLab Lift Vaporizer could be a good investment. Just keep in mind that you will need to grind your herbs finely to achieve the best results from this vaporizer.

Where to buy the Flytlab Lift Vaporizer

The FlytLab Lift Vaporizer comes with a 10-year warranty, which is a reasonable warranty for a portable herbal vaporizer.  It retails for $150, making it an inexpensive portable vaporizer for just under $200. I recommend buying it from Vape-Smart they will give you 10% off using coupon code TVG10 and Free Shipping on all orders.

Flytlab Lift Vaporizer

Buy the Flytlab Lift Vaporizer at Vape-Smart and use the coupon code thevapeguide581 to get 10% off. Free Shipping




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