Flytlab H2FLO Review

Flytlab has comes up with its latest offering – the H2FLO Herbal Vaporizer.  In terms of design and usage it offers quite a few unique features.  While the modular design is quite eye catching, it is the ease of use that is the USP of this portable device.  The H2FLO can be used in three different modes – On the Go, Air Chamber and Water Chamber.  In spite of these modes, the usage is simple and easy.  The battery is potent enough to power long herbal vaping sessions.  Overall, it is a good package barring the lack of temperature control function.  But given the kind of vaping experience you get from this vaporizer, you can easily ignore the temperature control functionality.

What I like about the Flytlab H2FLO:

  • Rich Vapor Quality
  • Three Different Modes
  • Easy to Use
8.5 Total Score
Versatile Vaporizer and defiantly worth the price

The Flytlab H2FLO is a good option for beginners and experienced users alike. If you are out for a Vape that can do it all and is very well made, the Flytlab H2FLO is it.

flyt lab h2flo review

Flytlab h2flo comes with 3 attachments all of which are excellent performers and the quality of the Vapor is outstanding.

In-Depth Flytlab H2FLO Review

Flytlab H2FLO Design

The Flytlab H2FLO has a simple and elegant design that incorporates the three main components of the vaporizer in a compact structure.  The complete unit consists of the vaporizer, a control valve, vapor chamber and a water chamber.  This is perhaps the first portable vaporizer that features a carb control system.  It regulates the flow of air within the vaporizer to give thick vapors.  By using the vapor chamber in conjunction with the carb control, you can build up vapor before taking a hit.  The water chamber is easy to install and works well with the vaporizer.  It is a great feature for those who like their hits to be cool and moisturized.

Flytlab-H2FLO-weed-vaporierUsing Flytlab H2FLO 

I found the H2FLO to be very simple and easy to operate.  To access the ceramic heating chamber, all you have to do is simply unscrew the top cap of the vaporizer. You can pack up to .4 grams of dry herb in this chamber, which I found pretty good for the size of this vaporizer.   The ceramic chamber not only adds to the overall appeal of the H2FLO, but also enhances your vaping experience.  Originally, they offered a metal heating chamber, but now they have switched to this more sophisticated equipment.  To start your session, just pack the chamber, attach the mouthpiece and press the start button three times.  Initially the indicator light will turn white and then red, signifying that the heating has started.  It takes a good one minute for the vaporizer to reach the optimum temperature and then the red light turns into solid green.

I missed the temperature control functionality in the H2FLO.  Most of the vaporizer in this category offers at least a few preset options.  Given the brand value of this vaporizer, this is a bit off putting thing about the H2FLO.  However, considering the overall features and vaping experience, it is certainly not the deal breaker.

Flytlab H2FLO Vaping Experience

On the Go Mode

This is the basic mode of H2FLO vaporizer in which you simply pack the chamber and attach the mouthpiece.  In this no-frills mode the herb is heated in the chamber and you inhale directly.  The on the go mode produces very thick clouds of vapor that are rich in flavor.  To produce such rich vapor, you need a temperature of about 400 degrees Fahrenheit.  Though the manufacturer has not given the temperatures used to vaporize the herb, I think the H2FLO uses heat on the right side of 400 degrees.  But when you get thick vapor rich in taste, asking for the heat settings is the last thing on your mind.

Flytlab-H2FLO-portable-vaporierAir Chamber Mode

In this mode the flow control valve or the carb is attached to the vaporizer chamber.  I liked vaping in this mode as it allows the vapor chamber to fill completely before you take a hit.  You get big clouds of vapor that are cooler.  By controlling the valve you can choose the density of the vapor produced.  There is a slight downside to this mode – the overall height of your vaporizer touches around 9 inches.  So, vaping in this mode the portability becomes a bit on an issue.  But the vapor quality your get is really smooth and rich.

Water Chamber Mode

The water chamber mode utilizes the included water chamber attachment.  It filters and cools down the vapor produced and you get really soothing vapors that are as rich in flavor as in air or on the go modes. The flow control valve is not used in this setup – only the water chamber and vaporizer itself. Considering the H2FLO runs a bit hot, I really like this mode because it sort of cools everything down. The vapor production is still really strong, and probably the best tasting of all the modes we’ve discussed thus far. The water chamber attachment adds a considerable amount of height to the unit, and isn’t something you’d be able to carry around and conceal easily.

flyt lab h2flo review

The FLYTLAB H2FLO Kit comes with everything you needed in order to Vape like a pro right out the Box

Battery & Warranty

Though the manufacturer has not given the exact specifications of the battery, it is potent enough to power long vaping sessions.  You get a mini USB charger and a power plug to charge your vaporizer.  The device comes with a 10 year manufacturer warranty; however it does not apply to the general performance degradation of batteries, air chamber, water chamber and grinder etc.

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