FlytLab Flyt Stik Review

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FlytLab Flyt Stik Review

The Good: Separate temperature settings for each atomizer | Excellent vapor quality with ceramic atomizer | Big clouds with dual quartz atomizer | Very portable friendly

The Bad: Rectangular shaped components can make reassembly tricky | No 510 threading

The Bottom Line: I had a good time with the Flyt Stik and I’m eager to use it again. The separate settings for each coil is such a great idea that I’m surprised no one thought of it before. Even though I’ve been vaping for a while and know which temperature to choose, I still appreciate how easy the Flyt Stik makes that choice for me. That makes it great for vapers of any experience level.

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Kit and Accessories

  • Flytlab Flyt Stik Vaporizer
  • Dual quartz atomizer
  • Ceramic atomizer
  • Dab tool
  • USB charging cable
  • Travel bag + hatpin

Compatibility: The Flyt Stik is only compatible with wax concentrates.

Design and Features

FlytLab Flyt Stik Design
The Flyt Stik has a strong rectangular motif going on throughout its entire design, including both atomizers.

General Design: The Flyt Stik has a strong rectangular motif going on, which certainly makes it stand out. There are right angles all over the place including, oddly enough, the two atomizers. The charging dock and mouthpiece are rectangular shaped as well. As you can probably guess, there is no threading here, instead each piece is attached to the other by magnets.

That means putting the pieces together is like that kids’ game where you insert shaped blocks into the holes that match them. It’s not too complicated, but you have to make sure that the corners fit together when you reassemble the pieces. You can probably also guess that there isn’t any 510 compatibility either, which isn’t too big of a deal but it does mean that the various components are not easily replaced since they are all proprietary.

The two atomizers are pretty deep, so you can use a lot of wax. They are also clearly labelled even though it’s unlikely you wouldn’t realize which one is which. It does add a nice dose of attitude to the overall design of the Flyt Stik.

Portability: The Flyt Stik is a nearly five inches in height, which is slightly taller than other vape pens, but still very pocket-friendly. The mouthpiece is exposed so there is some risk of it getting dirty but if you keep your pockets, purse, or backpack clean, then you’ll be fine.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Dual quartz atomizers: A Q-tip that has been dipped in isopropyl alcohol should be used to clean the coils of the atomizers and the chamber surrounding them. Make sure that they are completely dry before using the atomizer again.

Ceramic atomizer: This atomizer can be wiped out using a cotton pad soaked in iso alcohol. It can also be completely submerged in an iso alcohol bath for about an hour.

Mouthpiece: The mouthpiece can be immersed in iso alcohol for an hour or so in order to clean out the aipath of any residue that’s inside of it.

How to Use

  1. Attach the atomizer of your choosing to the battery, and then attach the mouthpiece to the atomizer.
  2. Press the power button three times to power up the device.
  3. Press the power button twice to switch between the temperature settings.
  4. Inhale from the mouthpiece once heating is complete.

Ceramic Coil Temperature Settings: 200°F | 250°F | 300°F | 350°F

Dual Quartz Temperature Settings: 400°F | 500°F | 600°F | 650°F

Performance and Vapor Quality

FlytLab Flyt Stik Performance
The dual quartz atomizer (L) uses higher temperatures and produces huge clouds but the ceramic atomizer produces more flavorful vapor.

Vaporizer Performance: The airflow of the Flyrt Stik is nice and clear with either atomizer and it heats up pretty quickly. Though, as you would expect, the ceramic atomizer heats up faster because of the lower temperatures.

Vapor Quality: The ceramic atomizer is the star of the show where flavor is concerned. It delivers some excellent vapor that was nearly on par with more expensive e-nails or more complex dab rigs. The 300°F setting is the sweet spot for me, but any of the temperature settings produce impressive flavor and decent clouds.

However, if it’s big clouds you want, then you want the dual quartz atomizer. It produces huge plumes of vapor with every inhale, though it comes at the cost of some flavor quality. The vapor is a little hotter and harsher, and the hits are stronger as well. So, there is an atomizer that’s right for you whether you’re a flavor chaser or a cloud chaser.

Battery Performance: The ceramic atomizer lasts a little longer because of the lower temperature settings. You can get a little over seventy sessions with this atomizer and about sixty with the dual quartz coils. That’s pretty good, and even better, it recharges in just ninety minutes. Even better than that, you can vape while it charges because it has pass through charging. So you’ll be vaping whenever you want with the Flyt Stik.

Flytlab Flyt Stik vs KandyPens Prism vs Linx Blaze

The Prism and the Blaze are both 510 threaded so they have that going for them. However, the Stik is the only one that has custom temperature settings for each coil. The Prism sets itself apart from the other two with its glass mouthpiece. The Blaze stands out with its use of a quartz bowl instead of a ceramic one like the other two. So, each of these vape pens have unique features to separate them from the pack.

FlytLab Flyt StikKandyPens PrismLinx Blaze
Compatible withWax concentratesWax concentratesWax concentrates
Atomizer TypeDual quartz coil and ceramic coilDual quartz coil and ceramic coilDual quartz coil and quartz bowl
Temperature SettingsFourFourFour
Special FeaturesSeparate temperature settings for each atomizerGlass mouthpieceQuartz bowl
WarrantyOne yearLifetimeOne year limited
Price$100 from Vape-Smart$97.99 directly from KandyPens$135.99 directly from Linx Vapor

Bottom Line

FlytLab Flyt Stik
9.1 Total Score

The Flyt Stik is a unique looking vape pen that comes with ceramic and dual quartz atomizers. So far, so ordinary, but the twist is that this wax vape has different temperature settings for each atomizer. So you don’t have to wonder which temperature is right for which atomizer. This makes the Flyt Stik a great choice for both beginning and experienced vapers.

Who is it for: Beginner vapers unsure of which temperature settings to choose. Any vaper who enjoys big clouds and big flavor.

Who is it NOT for: Vapers who like the versatility 510 threading provides. 


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