Flowermate Swift Pro Review

Flowermate Swift Pro Review
8.6 Total Score
Flowermate Swift Pro Bottom Line

Flowermate releases their first convection vaporizer called Flowermate Swift Pro. It features a full convection heating chamber that preserves the taste of your material by sending heated air through the bottom of the chamber, an interchangeable chamber wall to enhance your convection experience, and Isolated Airpath to eliminate substance that may cause harm to our body.

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In-Depth Flowermate Swift Pro Review:

Flowermate Swift Pro ($149.95 from Planet of the Vapes) releases their first convection vaporizer. Flowermate is a sister company of Boundless who brings us one of their popular convection vaporizer, the Boundless CFX.

Swift Pro Vaporizer

Convection vaporizer like the Swift Pro preserves the taste of your material by sending heated air through the bottom of the chamber creating convection vapor rather than applying direct heat to the chamber which can cause combustion and has been the standard of portable vaping for years.

Design and First Impression

Swift pro Chamber

Customize the material of your chamber with stainless steel, rosewood, or borosilicate glass, to enhance your convection experience.

I have the most popular portable vapes over the last 2 years and recently have been using the Firefly 2, Pax 2, and G Pen Elite as my daily drivers.

My usage is generally solo, short sessions and preferably convection style so I can take occasional small pulls and then put it back down again. Fast heat up time is really important to me as well so I can sneak a session around people.

So I’m only a few sessions in but a few things stand out immediately. The vapor is cool and delicious, way tastier than even my firefly 2 does. The first full session was a bit low on visible vapor, but the next session with a fresh bowl produced great vapor, and the third as well. I wonder if the rosewood ring helps to round out the flavor because it is excellent.

The effects are strong and clean, really solid, and it’s definitely convection since it isn’t cooking when I’m not using it. The Swift Pro takes about three sessions before my herbs became brown, which is a good thing.

Swift Pro temperature

The Swift Pro has an OLED display screen which you can see the temp control settings from 140 – 446°F / 60 – 230°C.

The heat up time is almost exactly 30 seconds to get to 400F. And any less than 400F doesn’t seem to do very much at all, you kinda need to start there for this vape to work well. So far cleaning appears to be fairly simple. The herb is easy to extract from the chamber, and the whole chamber comes out easily using a disassembly tool making it easier to clean. I’ve noticed after only a few bowls there is some residue below the screen, so it might be worth wiping that off a few times a week.

Build Quality

Flowermate Swift Pro

The Airpath of the Mouthpiece is isolated, eliminating any radiation during combustion of the material.

I like the finish, it’s smooth but not slippery. I really like the feel and the way the mouthpiece swivels out, it feels well supported, not like it will easily break off.

But what I don’t like about the Swift Pro is it’s insanely light, which is frankly nice but feels like there is almost nothing in it. Squeezing it a little bit makes the sides flexing as if it is somewhat hollow. Altogether it feels incredibly cheap, but maybe it will hold up just fine. I didn’t say it’s fragile, but it definitely isn’t robust.

The screen is definitely dimmer as a few reviewers have noted in their videos. The battery level indicator has a certain issue, it’ll say it’s almost empty and I’ll plug it in and it says it’s full. Doesn’t makes sense at all.

Overall Impressions

For me, it is a new type of vaporizer that I hadn’t tried before, it does deliver excellent vapor, fantastic flavor, and fast heat up time in a nice form factor. However, It is at least as big as a moderately sized e-cig mod but with much much less battery life, and I’m nervous that if it falls on the ground the thin plastic case will crack. Frankly, I’m sold on this Mighty/Crafty style vaporizer but may order a CFV when they are available to compare it with.

Where to buy the Flowermate Swift Pro?

The Flowermate Swift Pro is now officially released and I recommend visiting an Authorized Dealer like Planet of the Vapes. They do compensate me if you buy through my referral link but I truly believe you will enjoy this nice vaporizer.
Flowermate Swift Pro Vaporizer

Buy the Flowermate Swift Pro at Planet of the Vapes. They have great customer service and Free Shipping.



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