Firefly 2 vs Pax 2

  • The Firefly 2 weighs 140g. While the Pax 2 only weighs 90g
    Firefly 2 vs Pax 2
  • The Firefly 2 is made of Borosilicate Glass which you can find in smartphones now adays. The Pax 2 uses a stainless steel chamber with a silicone mouthpiece
    Firefly 2 vs Pax 2
  • The Pax 2 is a conduction vaporizer. While the all-new Firefly 2 is a pure convection vaporizer
    Firefly 2 vs Pax 2

Note: I recommend buying the Firefly 2 directly from Firefly. It is the safest in terms of warranty and service. For the best deal on the Pax 2 try Vape-Smart. They have great processing and shipping time. Plus use coupon code thevapeguide581 and save 10% on your purchase at Vape-Smart>>

Firefly 2 VS Pax 2 Comparison:

In this article, we will compare the Pax 2 and the all-new Firefly 2. Both of these vaporizers are two of the Top Dry Herb/Wax Vaporizers of this year. I will compare each others performance, sizes, vapor quality, temp ranges and battery life. And either one could be the vaporizer your looking for. Another great competitor is the Crafty, so feel free to check out my Firefly 2 vs Crafty comparison (includes 4K video).


  • Performance and Size Comparison

Pax 2

  • is a Conduction Vaporizer, meaning the dry herb chamber itself bake the material. This means the Pax 2 works best if you have the time to sit down and enjoy the session for 5-15 minutes.
  • If discretion is your game, then the Pax 2 is for you. There are two (2) things that struck me about the Pax 2. First, is its size, it’s absolutely tiny, the average hand can completely conceal the unit during used. Second, is the built quality it just oozes with luxury, the design is very sleek and well-made.
  • Check out my full review of Pax 2.

Firefly 2

  • is a Convection Vaporizer, meaning the chamber does not heat the dry herb. It’s the heater underneath, that draws air which heats the material and extracts it. Perfect for a real quick session without having to wait for heat-ups or having to vape a full session. It really performs best and is the most efficient vaporizer, above else.
  • The Firefly 2 can start your session in under 3 seconds. While other Vapes you have to wait 30-45 seconds for the chamber to heat up, causing your material to “cook” while you are waiting for a draw.
  • Check out my full review of Firefly 2.

  • Vapor Quality

Pax 2

  • In regards to vapor production, it would probably not produce massive clouds due to its small size ( But you can take a long draw to blow bigger clouds). The vapor does taste beautifully clean which is, I like.
  • It doesn’t work with Wax and Concentrates – only Dry herbs. But the Pax 2 includes a part called the Pax Pusher which I found to be a huge savior. Not only it uses as a pad for wax and concentrates. But, it essentially reduces the size of the chamber oven and improves the heated coverage, so that you can operate the unit with the smaller amount of material.

Firefly 2

  • The Firefly 2 produces the best vapor quality that you can currently get out of a portable vaporizer. The Vapor is smooth and consistent, both with Herb and Concentrates. It heats up in less than 3 seconds, you can easily split bowls into multiple sessions and comes with 2 replaceable batteries.
  • It works with dry herb, wax, and concentrates.

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  • Temperature Range

Pax 2

  • It has four preset temperature profile ranging from  360-420°F (182-215°C). It can be harsh on the third or fourth settings. But this is not exactly surprising for the Pax 2 is extremely small vaporizer.
  • Also, comes with the new Lip Sensing Technology, this feature enables to sense your lips on the top of the mouthpiece and heats up production during draws to keep it more consistent.

Firefly 2

  • The Firefly 2 offers five (5) different heat settings for dry herb ranging from 340–420°F (171-215°C) and one (1) setting for concentrates that is 500°F (260°C). Overall you get a bit more control with the Firefly 2 since you get one additional temperature setting for dry herbs and the extra boosted temp for concentrates.
  • The temperature can be changed via the Firefly Vapor App which is available on Android and iOS smartphones.

  • Battery Life

Pax 2

  • This unit can roughly provide 5-6 sessions per charge which for its size is AMAZING. It can’t be used while charging but the included magnetic dock is very small and can be connected to any laptop or PC via micro-USB cable.

Firefly 2

  • The Firefly 2 has been reengineered from its predecessor the Firefly 1. The Firefly 1 includes one battery only and you get 2-3 sessions per charge. While the Firefly 2 comes with two replaceable batteries and can get you 4-6 sessions per charge. So basically, the Firefly 2’s battery life has doubled from the battery life from its predecessor. And if you like on-the-go sessions, I suggest to carry around an extra battery.

Bottom Line: Should I choose Firefly 2 or Pax 2?

Either of these portable vaporizers could be your favorite. Everyone will have different needs, wants, and expectations when looking for a portable vaporizer and there is no best vaporizer for everyone. So it’s important to figure out where you will be using your vaporizer, how you will be using it, and what features matter most to you.

Okay, If you are after a sneaky portable vape and can be used in public places, the Pax 2 is probably the best option available at the moment. It can easily pocket it and I know it’s durable enough to sustain any drops/bangs/crashes. It’s the smallest and one of the durable vaporizers in the market today and the built quality is just OUTSTANDING. If you want to purchase the Pax 2, I totally recommend buying it from Vape-Smart. They are certified Authorized Dealer, plus they give you 10% discount if you used the coupon code thevapeguide581.

Overall, For me, the Firefly 2 is the winner. It is the perfect Vaporizer if you’re looking for vapor production, quality, taste and if you like using small amounts of herb at a time, and take breaks between draws this is the one you’re looking for. Most Herb Vaporizers are “session” Vapes, meaning you click a button to start a session and at the end of this session your herb is fully vaporized and you need to reload the chamber. The Firefly 2 is more of a “One-Hit-At-A-Time” device and will allow pauses with the same material in the chamber. If you’re looking where to buy the Firefly 2. I totally recommend buying it directly from Firefly. To ensure safety in terms of warranty and service.


Thanks for reading.

Happy vaping 😉

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