Firefly 2 VS Crafty

Firefly 2 VS Crafty Vaporizer

In this 4K video I compare the size, chamber size, session style, performance, and vapor quality of the Firefly VS Crafty by SB

The Firefly (Full Review) weighs 140g while Crafty (full review) weighs 132g. They are both well-made and sturdy type of vaporizers as you expect from the two of the best portable vaporizers of 2016). Their sizes are pretty comfortable in the hands, and in the video above we tackle the differences between the two – Its size, chamber size on how much herbs the two can handle and full usage review on how to use and the vapor quality of the two. Right now we will tackle the battery life it’s charging time and usability, and how much time to consume on cleaning the both vaporizer. Let begin 🙂

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Battery Life

The Crafty’s battery life has some defect issues to it. There are some reports that its battery life will degrade over time – It’s defect rate is just too high, unacceptable. But the performance and the vapor quality of it is so good and enjoyable to use that you can’t ignore it. I can’t lower the rating of this unit that much just because of its defect issues. The only good thing about it though is the manufacturer, Storz and Bickel will handle all requests and notices from customers under the warranty – means they will replace the battery for free.

The Firefly 2 has been reengineered from its predecessor the Firefly 1. For Firefly 2 it has also defect issues but as long as you follow the best practices like don’t leave the Firefly 2 on the charger too long after its full charge, or drain its battery first before charging it again. It may extend its battery life.


Firefly 2 vs Crafty chargerFirefly 2 has no charging adapter unlike Crafty does. Crafty is the most convenient charging on-the-go for me. You can do whatever you want with it because it charges using USB cable (like other standard charging you can simply put it on a bag, a case, you can charge it on your car and power banks or even use it while charging). While the Firefly 2 should be sitting on a dock on a flat surface only (It can’t be charge away from a flat surface and can’t use when charging because it uses dock). On the other hand, Firefly 2 has a two batteries included in the box for backup usage. Neat Thumbs up!Firefly 2 charger vs Crafty


Portable vaporizer should be cleaned as often as it should be unlike desktop vaporizers. The build-up of residues and gunk is susceptible. And can affect airflow and even the overall performance of your vaporizer.

Cleaning the Crafty unit is simple. You can clean it maybe once every dozen times of sessions or more. You can’t see the build-up of residue and gunk off it (because it’s stored in a secret compartment of the mouthpiece), not difficult to clean and doesn’t need to do it too often. Just soak it in ISO alcohol for 30 mins and clean the edges with Q-tip.

The Firefly 2 is much easier and faster to clean than the Crafty but has a visible build-up of residues and gunk especially at the glass window. Also, it needs to be cleaned every 5 to 6 sessions, but as what I’ve said it’s super easy to clean and doesn’t take a lot of time or special materials (pipe cleaner) to clean it out. Just rub the chamber and the airflow  with paper towel soak in ISO alcohol and you’re done. That fast and easy!

Firefly 2 versus Crafty

Bottom line

If you have to pick one which for sure that’s what you will be going to do (That’s why your reading this review and watching it, right?:D). Just go by what experience you want and decide what the most important things are to you.

My personal favorite is the Firefly 2 and it was outstanding in terms of efficiency (more about that here). It’s the more modern, instant-heat function that got me addicted.

If you’re looking for Vapor Quality and Taste. I recommend either of the two (They are two of the best vaporizer this year! what can you expect!).

If Portability, Easy to Use, Efficiency, and quick Vapor Production. If those what you are looking for, the Firefly 2 works perfectly for you. I personally recommend purchasing the Firefly 2 directly from the manufacturer’s website for safe purposes. Visit Firefly Now>>

And if you typically like Rolling up Hard (“HIGH HARD!”) you’re gonna like the Crafty, which I totally recommend buying only from an Authorized Dealer. I had a great experience with Vape-Smart, their processing and shipping times are super fast.  Use coupon code thevapeguide581 and get 10% off on your entire purchase at Vape-Smart >>

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