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The Firefly 2 is an on demand vaporizer that lets users vape on their own schedule without having to use up all of their herb in one go. Though doing so might be hard to resist because the vapor the Firefly 2 produces is excellent. This vape has some other cool features like a convenient magnetic lid for easy loading and a nice viewing portal to monitor the state of the herb. All that and it is easy to maintain too. There is some trouble in paradise though, because the Firefly 2 has a high learning curve and a low draw resistance, so it’s not the most beginner friendly vape. However, it is great for intermediate and advanced vapers.


$329.95 directly from Firefly

Vapor Quality
Ease of Use
  • Great vapor quality
  • Simple loading procedure
  • Heats up instantly
  • Easy to maintain
  • Nice portability
  • Interesting design
  • Removable, fast-charging battery
  • High learning curve
  • High draw resistance
  • Battery can only be charged while in the vaporizer

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Firefly 2 Review

Firefly 2 Background

The Firefly 2 is an on demand dry herb vaporizer, which is a type of vaporizer that is relatively rare but highly desired. I don’t know why they’re so rare—perhaps because they’re so expensive to produce—but I do know why they’re so desirable. The reason is that they heat up instantly and cool down quickly, so you don’t have to vape all your herb in one go. You can vape as much, or as little, as you want, put down the vape, come back later, and continue where you left off.

Few vaporizers offer that kind of convenience, which is why on demand vapes are so popular. The Firefly 2 is a particularly great example of the on demand vaporizer because of its unique style, excellent vapor quality, and the fact that it can use concentrates as well as dry herb. It can take some time to set up the Firefly 2 to your liking, but once you do, it’s one of the best dry herb vapes available. There’s a lot more to this vaporizer, so keep reading.

What’s in its Kit

FireFly 2 kit

L-R: Cleaning kit, extra battery, USB cable, charging dock, concentrate pads, Firefly 2.

  • Firefly 2
  • Two rechargeable 7.4V Li Ion batteries
  • Charging dock
  • Three concentrate pads
  • Cleaning kit
  • USB 3.0 cable

How it Looks

firefly 2 design

The Firefly 2 has a convenient, magnetic lid with a viewing portal so you can monitor the state of the herb.

The Firefly 2 combines good looks with a user-friendly design. It forgos the boxy design of most weed vapes for a rectangular design more reminiscent of an e-cigarette, albeit, an unusually large one. That gives the Firefly 2 more of a streamlined look which makes it very portable friendly, since it can fit into most pockets. The design also makes vaping from it feel more natural because holding it feels very intuitive.

Loading the Firefly 2 is very easy because it has a secure magnetic cover that is easy to snap off when you need to access the herb chamber. That chamber can hold 0.2 grams of herb, which seems small, but it is perfect for solo users and perfect for an on demand vaporizer because the herb is meant to last for several sessions. There is a viewing portal that allows you to watch the herb as it is being vaped, which helps you to check how much of it is left.

The mouthpiece of the Firefly 2 is easy to remove and easy to clean, that latter point applies to the vaporizer in general. It is overall a very low maintenance device. The same can’t be said for using it as doing so can be complicated at first and requires careful study of the instruction manual if you want to calibrate the Firefly 2 to your liking. It’s worth it, but the learning curve is high. The Firefly 2 also uses a smartphone app that can make the process somewhat easier.

How it Performs

FireFly 2 Performance

The Firefly 2 produces great tasting vapor, but the low draw resistance will make accessing that vapor difficult for some.

Vapor Quality: The Firefly 2 has a long borosilicate glass vapor path that helps to preserve the flavor and aroma of the herb and to keep the vapor nice and cool. That means the Firefly 2 has some of the most flavorful vapor around, unfortunately, you might have some trouble inhaling that vapor because the draw resistance is higher than average. It might also take you a while before you can get the vapor quality you want because calibration can take some time before you find the setting with which you are satisfied.

Concentrate Performance: As with many dual use vaporizers, the concentrate performance is not as strong as the dry herb performance. It’s not bad, but if you’re a dedicated concentrate vaper, then you’re better off with a vape pen, assuming you don’t already own one. There is only one temperature setting for concentrates, and loading them takes longer because you need to insert the concentrate pad first. Concentrate compatibility is not a bad option but it is not the main selling point of the Firefly 2.

Battery: The battery of the Firefly 2 can last for forty to eighty draws before needing a recharge. It also uses a convenient removable battery, though the fact that the battery has to be in the vape as it charges lessens the convenience. So, it’s a good thing that charging is quite fast, taking just forty-five minutes to an hour.

The Last Word

The Firefly 2 is an impressive vaporizer that should satisfy any dry herb aficionado who likes to vape at their leisure. The on demand heating puts you in control of your vaping schedule and the excellent vapor quality means that you’ll want to vape as often as possible. The cool design, simple operation, high portability, and low maintenance make it even better.

There are some caveats though, the high learning curve and low draw resistance could be off-putting for beginners, making it more suitable for intermediate to advanced vapers. Those vapers are sure to love the Firefly 2 though, since it gives them impressive vapor, whenever, and wherever, they want it.

Those vapers can get the Firefly 2 directly from Firefly for $330.

Firefly 2 vs Ghost MV1

The MV1 is the other big—and I mean that literally and figuratively—on demand vape and you can check out the Firefly 2 vs Ghost MV1 comparison for a more detailed breakdown of how the two on demand, dual use vapes compare to each other. But here is a brief summary of that article.

[vc_table vc_table_theme=”classic” allow_html=”1″ el_class=”om-compare-table”][14px],[14px]Firefly%202,[14px]|[14px;b]Compatible%20with,[14px]Dry%20herb%2C%20wax%20concentrates,[14px]Dry%20herb%2C%20wax%20concentrates|[14px;b]Chamber%20Size,[14px]0.2%20grams,[14px]0.12%20grams|[14px;b]Smartphone%20app,[14px]Yes,[14px]Yes|[14px;b]Warranty,[14px]Two%20years%2C%20Five%20years%20with%20registration,[14px]Two%20years%20limited|[14px;b]Price,[14px],[14px][/vc_table]
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Oron has been vaping for over ten years, and been 100% combustion free since early 2016. He has tried and tested hundreds of vaporizers with every functionality imaginable. Some of Oron's favorite vapes are the Mighty, Solo 2, and Juul. After switching to vaping, Oron experienced first hand the benefits of being smoke-free and decided to help as many people as possible to make the switch. When Oron is not vaping, he is passionate about photography, technology, gadgets, health & nutrition, physical activities.

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  2. There was Fire

    There was the Pipe,

    There was the Joint

    The Bong

    and then there was the FireFly 2.

  3. I give the Firefly 2 a 9.8 (Glass and Scientific grade metal). I got it last Friday. I have used it everyday. It is a great vape. The metal and glass build, the glass window, the flavor, very powerful, the dock, easy to clean and when cleaned its like brand new every time, no filters to clean or replace, it comes with 2 batteries a cleaning kit, the unboxing is top rate, the warranty is great, the app is a very good feature, the size is very good, excellent portability and the convection oven and dynamic heating is like no other vaporizer very stealth.

    The batteries do have to be changed sometimes in midst of a long session. This would be a major negative but the Firefly 2 does come with 2 batteries. It can be awkward to hold when touching both sense buttons. This would also be a major negative, but it can be changed via the app, and its not that difficult of a hurdle to get used to. The downside to the app is it needs to be reconnected each time, or it will be set to factory settings. I find this annoying because I need to keep my phone close.

    I am retiring some great vapes in favor of the Firefly 2, My Magic Flight (9.6), My Arizer Air (9.6), and My Arizer Solo. I will still use my Arizer Extreme Q Desktop unit, but not as much the Firefly 2 is an extremely powerful device. I would also like to warn you to take it slow while getting used to your Firefly 2, it is a very powerful vaporizer.

    I have learned via the vapes I have purchased that, although the plastics get top tier reviews fo vapes like the Volcano, Plenty, Mighty, Crafty, Pax, and others made with plastic. I have learned that there is a major taste difference, and the taste from these plastic vapes, is coming from the plastic and rubber washers. This is something that has been ignored by Bud and many other critics.

    I would like to say I am on a crusade to make my fellow Vapers aware the plastic vapes are marketed extremely well, the initial results are great, but the long term results go south pretty quickly.

    The Firefly for the most part will take the place of my Solo (Metal and Glass), Air (Metal and Glass), Magic Flight (Wood, Metal Acrylic) and my desktop The Arizer Extreme Q (Glass and Glass!) desktop unit. Please stay away from the highly rated and marketed vapes made of plastic and rubber, its toxic. The performance might be super duper but plastic and rubber when heated and inhaled into your lungs cant be a good thing. Glass and Metal is pure vaping.

    — Doctor Vape

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  5. Firefly2 has amazing capabilities and is so customizable! I love that I can put concentrates or flower in the bowl and have totally different experiences and get amazing flavor each time! With flower, I’ve found that you truly get the whole plant experience, getting all those terpenes and flavors with each draw. With concentrates, the flavor is still incredible and I find that this works best for me if I’m going on a hike or somewhere that I don’t want to worry about reloading my Firefly2 and it lasts so long! Its amazing how much this vaporizer customizes to fit your lifestyle, health needs, consumption, and style! I truly love this vaporizer and it’s really changed the way I consume for the better <3

  6. First There was Fire, The Wheel and then The Firefly2.

    ^ ^ ^ The Vape Master ^ ^ ^

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  8. The Firefly2 vaporizer works like a charm. It is a high quality product that is compact with a sleek polished look. It is easy to use, and easy to clean up. Convection heating instead of burning preserves the true essence of the herb allowing for the intake of the full body flavor of your favorite herbs. The efficient and long lasting battery recharges quickly and is ready to use in under 45-minutes. The high tech glass heating and supply system provides a smooth chemical free vapor path. The Firefly2 has an APP to manage heating profiles for different densities and qualities of herb. It is economical and fun and one of the best portable vaporizers on the market.

  9. I recently need three more puzzles done in order to complete the game, but am
    utterly caught at this time on all games.

  10. I am impressed BUT you choose a deal killer when you decided that the customer MUST have a smart phone handy to put it on high for concentrates…. sorry but I do not keep cancer causing devices such as smart phones handy, not to mention what a great way for the feds to profile you by running a smart phone app like this…….

  11. I found two fatal flaws with Firefly 2: First, and I think the most fatal, is the lid doesn’t make a tight enough seal against infiltrated air flow through the seal. This, of course, after thoroughly cleaning the glass surfaces and the gasket. To me, it seems that the magnetism could be twice as strong as it presently is. Squeezed very tightly, heated to temperature, and drawn, the vapor production is possibly twice as much as when the lid is not pressed very tightly against the main body. (Elastics could be added at two evenly spaced points to augment the seal.) Second, set at a temperature of 390 F, and drawn upon, there is a central section of the herb at the bottom of the bowl which is almost black while the herb on the top still has flower color, temperature problem. I would add that by suggesting stirring the herb after a few draws, the maker is aware of this problem. I have other vaporizers that do not suggest stirring, yet produce an evenly darkened herb with no hotspots. I must say that the Firefly 2 is the most expensive of my three vaporizers, yet, because of these flaws ranks last in terms of vapor production, and ease of use. (ex. Having to keep two fingers on the sensors, tightly squeezing the lid to the body with fingers or elastics, and needing some implement to stir the herb.

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