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So, if you are researching the Firefly 2, you probably came across many blogs and reviews that claim that the Firefly 2 is super efficient. Even in my Firefly 2 review, I touched the subject of the Firefly 2 efficiency. But, what does that mean?  What makes a Vaporizer efficient or not? In this article I’ll explain what makes the Firefly 2 so efficient, and why should your care.

Note: If you are considering to buy the Firefly 2, I recommend buying directly from Firefly. It is the safest in terms of warranty and service.

To understand Vaporization Efficiency we need to look at two closely related subjects:

  1. Haw many “Highs” you get for your buck. Meaning if we test let’s say, 1 gram of medical weed- which vaporizer will give you the most effect from your material.
  2. How much of your material is being absorbed by your body, and how much goes to waste.

The two are related but I still I think a separation should be made. Let’s examine both aspects.

First, let’s talk about how using weed in a vaporizer even works, without being too technical. When you vape Cannabis (or consume in other ways), the chemical materials that has the medical benefits (and makes you feel the “High”) are Cannabinoids (examples: THC, CBD..). The Cannabis plant contains 85 different types of Cannabinoids, each interacting with the receptors in your brain in a different way.  When you Vape Medical Weed (or smoke it), you are causing the release of these particles (see table below with release points) allowing inhalation and absorption by your body.

In the table above- The main types of Cannabinoids and their release points while vaping medical cannabis.

Real vaporization occurs when you reach the vaping temperature, but don’t pass it to a point where your material is getting burned.

Most Vaporizers work in the following way- once you click the activation button, they take about 40 seconds to heat up to the desired temperature (usually around 374°-400°f) and then the stay there for about 2-3 minutes, then cool off. The device alerts you (LED or vibrate) to alert you when it reached the temperature, and then you start vaping. During the next 2-3 minutes (aka session), you usually take around 5-8 good draws from your material. Great right? No. Here’s why-

  1. What happens if you only want a little bit? Once you activate your vaporizer, you say goodbye to around 0.3-0.4 of a gram of your valuable cannabis. Once activated, you have to use it all! Not fun.
  2. How about all the heat the material is exposed to during the heat up / cool down process? And even while at prime temperature, you can draw 100% of the time! You need to recover. So at best you are inhaling half the time of your session. During the other half, heat is applied, weed is getting vaporized, but no one is there to consume it.
  3. As you can see from the table above, cannabinoids are released already at 250°f and while you absorb some of them, most are being released during heat up and cool down- during which you are not taking a draw and therefore missing out on those valuable molecules.

So while using a dry herb vaporizer for weed is far better than smoking, you can see why it is not the most economical and how your material can be wasted in between draws. But-

This is precisely where the Firefly 2 is different,

The Firefly 2 is a unique “instant heat” or “on-demand” vaporizer. This means that there is no heat up or cool down time. You touch the activation button and start drawing immediately. The material in the chamber is heated up by the air that moves into the chamber, then it cools down on the way to the mouthpiece, and finally making it’s way to your (stoner) receptors. So while you draw, the Firefly 2 goes from room temp to 400°f in a few seconds, and then cools down immediately. This means that you inhale all the cannabinoids that are released along the way. Sweet!

Another thing this means is that while using the Firefly 2, there is no period that your material is being “baked” without you to draw and enjoy every one of the cannabinoids that are being released. Unlike with traditional vaporizers, the Firefly 2 heats up and cools down all within one draw. Not within a session. Remember all the material that is wasted during heat up? All these chemical compounds that are released at lower temperatures? The FireFly 2 will allow you to consume them efficiently.

Firefly heating architecture activates and releases cannabinoids as you inhale, meaning you get to enjoy everything the plant has to offer without waste. With every other vaporizer out there, you are heating the plant up past different release points, off-gassing them into the air and wasting your plant

Another thing to keep in mind is that the Firefly’s chamber only contains 0.1-0.15 of material. Typically, this is about half the size of other vapes. This allows to pack the Firefly 2 for smaller “Sessions,” each session still yields at least 6-8 good draws.

Let’s compare the use of the Firefly 2 to a common dry herb vape such as the Crafty or Pax 2.

Crafty / Pax 2:

  • Chamber size: .3 gram
  • Session time 3-4 minutes
  • Number of good draws per chamber: around 6-8
  • Vaping temp: 375°f
  • Firefly 2 vs Crafty (4k video)
  • Firefly 2 vs Pax 2
  • Firefly 2:

    • Chamber size: .15 gram
    • Session time: Since the Firefly is “instant heat” device, each draw is a separate  session.
    • Number of good draws per chamber: around 6-8
    • Vaping temp: 0°- 400°f

    As you can see, the draws per chamber are the same, but the Firefly 2 uses half the material!

    And thanks to the fact that you draw during a whole spectrum of temperatures it will let you consume cannabinoids that are just not available with other Vapes.

    This makes the Firefly 2 THE MOST efficient vape on the market. It maybe not cheap with a price tag of over $300, but if you are an average stoner, you will probably save this amount in weed consumption within 3-6 months. So while it is not cheap, te Firefly 2 is an investment that over time will save you money, and make you healthier. For these reasons, the Firefly 2 is ranked so high in my top Herb/ wax vaporizers of this year.

    If you are considering purchasing the Firefly 2, I recommend buying directly from Firefly. It is the safest in terms of warranty and service.

    Thank you for reading and feel free to leave comments. Vape on!

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