Fathers Day 2017 Coupon Codes

Dad’s unique.

He’s got quirks. Preferences. He does things his way.
But you know your dad. You know that he’ll appreciate a thoughtful gift–something that suits him just right.

The Vape Guide knows that it’s not easy to shop for a gift for the man that’s given you life itself!
So, we did the legwork for you and selected a few great weed vapes your dad will appreciate and paired them with all the best father’s day coupon codes.

Check out these coupon codes, and keep reading for some great suggestions for your dad’s style.

  • VaporFi: ACT FAST! Ends June 16th @ Midnight: 10% Off EVERYTHING no coupon code required.
  • Atmos: ACT FAST! Ends June 18th @ Midnight: 20% Off sitewide with coupon code GIFT4DAD.
  • VapeWorld: Only $150 for the Dr. Dabber gift package (Dr. Dabber Boost + Budder Cuutter + Small HoneyMat + Free Shipping).
  • VapeDynamics: 15% Off with coupon code DAD15.
  • Vape-Smart: 10% Off with coupon code TVG10.

father's day vaporizer coupon codes

Who doesn’t love a new method to for getting high? We know that dads have different styles, check out some vapes that will bring your dad up to speed on his favorite recreational activity, and get you a great price at the same time. Enjoy 🙂

But first, what’s your dad’s thing? 

Dad might be a…

Hard-Working Dad

Dad’s got a hectic work week, why shouldn’t he be able to blow off a little steam at the end of the day? But maybe dad’s gotten too used to hitting his wooden pipe to consider switching it up. It turns out old habits really do die hard! Grab dad a Firefly 2, and let him enjoy on-demand, great tasting hits from an intuitive, premium vape. Vape-Smart is offering 10% Off sitewide with coupon code TVG10, letting you grab dad’s new favorite tool for a great price. Pro tip: Invest in some top-shelf indica with your savings and make sure dad’s set up right for a big night in.

father's day coupon codes

Take Atmos into consideration as well. They’ve got the Atmos Vicod 5G 2nd generation for 20% Off with coupon code GIFT4DAD. This vape actually looks like it belongs in your dad’s tool belt, but tell dad not to worry–no work involved. He can just load up his dry herb and enjoy a user-friendly vaping experience from a high-functioning dry herb vaporizer.

father's day dry herb vaporizer coupon codes

Organic Dad

Dad is what most folks would call a hippie. His upbringing in Portland means he’s been a Jogger, Hiker, and Toker his whole life. After a quick zip from the one-hitter, while you dig into a bag of potato chips, he’s off to hot yoga and a quick 5K through an enchanted forest. Consider picking up dad the KandyPens Galaxy Vaporizer from Vape-Smart with 10% Off using coupon code TVG10. Dad will love the high-quality flavor and convenience of dabbing from this sleek and efficient vape pen. Treat your dad to some high-quality extracts with the cash that you save from this great deal.

dry herb vaporizer father's day

Medicinal Dad (perhaps even recreational mom too ;-))

Poor dad had that embarrassing injury off the ladder last year taking down the Christmas lights and has struggled with back pain ever since. Well, it turns out he took your advice and actually gave nature’s medicine a chance (seems mom likes nature’s medicine too ;-)) Well, now is your chance to bring your good intentions full circle and set the big kids up with their new favorite toy: the Dr. Dabber Boost vaporizer. Make sure that your dad (and even his lucky friends ;-)) is getting the most out of his medical concentrates with devices that set the gold standard in dabbing: Dr. Dabber. VapeWorld is offering Dr. Dabber’s Boost Vaporizer Kit with complimentary gifts for $149.95–a super sweet deal for an effective, high-quality product. Make sure dad has the optimal hardware for his top-shelf medicine.

Dapper Dad

Dad’s got a refined palate, impeccable taste, and all the latest gadgets. I mean really–stuff that’s just not even out yet. What’s crazy is that Dad may already have his fancy pants Marley Collection black walnut grinder–but he hasn’t made it past his RAW rolling papers and perpetual joint-rolling sessions. Why don’t you put dad on for once and enlighten him on the benefits of swapping out his reefers (at least once in a while!) for the DaVinci IQ dry herb vaporizer. This smart vape is made of premium materials, including zirconia, and features a smartphone app that your dad can use to customize his temperature settings. This is the perfect, fancy pants vape for the ultra tech-conscious dad that loves to stay current. Plus, not only do you get to save 10% at Vape-Smart with coupon code TVG10 on the IQ and sitewide–dad might even let you experience the IQ’s intense vapor quality, first-hand.

davinci iq coupon code

Another option to check out for your high-taste dad is the brand new Hera 2 available from VapeDynamics for 15% Off with coupon code DAD15. This vape is compact, aesthetic and durable, with state-of-the-art touchscreen and temperature control. Plus, you’re getting a fresh new vape at an awesome price. Let dad show you how this fancy gadget works.

Token Stoner Dad

What can he say, it’s his thing! Dad has shared an intimate relationship with trees as you can remember. He’s been a space cadet since he was your age, and glued to his glass bowl and lighter for decades. Long overdue for an upgrade, transition your dad from his old school stoner materials to an updated VaporFi Atom Dry Herb Vaporizer, for 10% off sitewide with no coupon code required (valid Friday, June, 16th only!) This awesome vape is practical, easy-to-use, and will definitely give dad a little something different to play with periodically–because know he’s going to be running back to his bowl.

Whatever your excuse, make sure you’re belated Father’s Day gift is in the mail, so come Father’s Day, you can laugh about it over…coffee.

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