FAR e-liquid review

Far eLiquid review

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FAR e-Liquid is the latest line from the award-winning Element e-Liquid. A premium e-liquid made with superior ingredients of fruit extract with the highest standards comes in 5 super-smooth flavors. With its 75% VG it produces huge clouds just like the original Element Dripper Series. Comes in 20 or 100 ml (100 ml Unicorn Bottle included inside FAR Spray Can!). A mouthwatering experience that I always love and crave more.

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In-Depth FAR e-liquid Review:

Far e-liquid from the very popular Element e-liquids has five(5) flavors which are a complete set of different flavors. A new e-Liquid Line for those Fruit Lovers out there. The Far e-Liquid come in 0, 3, 6 mg of Nicotine. Drippers come in 20 ml Frosted Bottles and 100 ml Unicorn Bottles (100 ml Unicorn Bottle included inside FAR Spray Can!). This 100 ml bottles are slightly different because they actually come in a Spray Can Style which also comes with few empty Unicorn Bottles. So that you can decant out the big 100 ml into your Unicorn Bottles for easy filling and on-the-go. It’s a great touch for Far e-Liquid. Now for the review of each flavor lets go ahead and start!:D

far e-liquid review kits

All Far e-Liquid flavor and its goodies included

Strawberry Cupcake

“Soft and fluffy vanilla cupcake with the pink velvet frosting. Enticing and tantalizing this guilt-free treat is a myriad of luxurious vanilla cake layered in swirls of pink icing. Rich in flavor and clouds, this blend is reminiscent of delightful creamy strawberry cupcake dream.”

Flavor Review: It’s really a lovely vape.If you’re familiar with strawberry, whip from the original line of the Element e-Liquid, it’s quite similar to that. But it’s a little cakey as well so you get that cupcake taste too. The strawberry cupcake flavor it’s quite subtle. Really hard to make a strong flavor but they have done well with this flavor. As you exhale you get all the strawberries and cream which that’s what we want! Right?

far e-liquid review strawberry spray can 100ml

Far Strawberry Cupcake in spray can 100ml.

Neon Green Slushie

“One of a kind mouth-watering and invigorating bright neon lime blend. Cool down and chill out with our thirst-quenching sumptuous combination of intense neon green lime over endless slush ice. This zesty lime is sweetened to perfection making it the ideal taste bud tamer.”

Flavor Review: Just WOW! This is limes everywhere – limes on the inhale, limes on the exhale, limes on the aftertaste. There are just sweet limes everywhere – I LOVE IT! If you like the Key Lime from the elements first line or you’re into limes – this is definitely for you. This is definitely a nice summer vape! Get yours now.

Grape Vape

Full-bodied juicy medley of concord, Ruby and Red G obe grapes. A palate-pleasing union of bright and fragrant grapes coming together for a delicious vape certain to satisfy your sweet tooth.”

Flavor Review: When I tried it taste like a classic grape soda to me! I’m not a huge grape soda drinker but it’s really nice. It’s exactly what it says it is – Another great thing that Element e-Liquid are good at doing is they’re saying exactly what it is, they’re not trying to fabricate anything just to sell the product or something like that! I can really taste the grape in there with different elements of it coming in on the inhale and exhale. It’s quite shocking at the same time for that tastes lingers on your tongue and it’s not a tart flavor that you want to get it out from your mouth as soon as you vape it. It’s sweet and lightweight to vape at! A good vape for grape lovers out there.

far e-liquid review grape vape

Far Grape Vape in 20ml Unicorn Bottle

Pineapple Bliss

“A splendid fusion of ripe and tangy pineapple with sweet berry and tropical mango. Juicy, vibrant pineapple kissed with sweet berries and succulent mango, a truly tropical taste creating the perfect gateway to your own personal island.”

Flavor Review: Not too strong which Pineapple can be incredibly tough flavor. But they’ve really made that nice and sweet. I’m getting a lot of pineapples, a hint of mango and berries aftertaste. You’ve got that real big hit when you first inhale it and when you exhale you get more pineapple but it’s sweetened with the mangoes and berries- quite a subtle vape. It’s not heavy and too sweet. Perfect for on-the-go vaper.

far eliquid review pineapple

Far Pineapple Bliss 75/25 VG/PG ratio.

Candy Punch

“Bold sweet bursts of rainbow candy certain to shower your palate in juicy flavors. An intoxicating candy blend, this vibrant coupling of sweet and colorful fruit come alive with every puff. Brimming with mind-blowing rainbow candy, this delectable treat is the golden ticket to relive those fond childhood memories.”

Flavor Review: For me this flavor is very punched like it tastes like a punch flavored hard boiled sweet. It’s quite generic since candy is a generic flavor as far as I’m concern. It’s very sweet – I am enjoying it! It’s a little bit too sweet for me thou to be an all-day vape. I would probably have this every now and then but not on a daily basis. You get that hard-hitting candy on the inhale and on exhale you get that really sweet hit of the punches. I really love this flavor but it’s just too sweet for my taste buds. Kinda makes me thirsty like I need to drink water every now and then when I’m going to use this vape. But I recommend this is vape for those who really has a sweet tooth to grave for.

FAR e-Liquid review

Far e-Liquid Kit

Where to buy the FAR e-Liquid?

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Far e-Liquid

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