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KandyPens Asap Rocky dab pen review

Extract vaping is here to stay and if you want to get on the bandwagon, there are a lot of ways to do so. A lot of ways. So much so that many people can get overwhelmed just trying to figure out where to get started. That’s exactly why this buying guide is here.

It will help to keep you focused so that by the time you’re done, you will know exactly what kind of extract vaporizer is for you. That’s the upside to there being so many different types of concentrate vaporizers, there is one out there for everyone. So keep reading to find out which one is right for you.


Beginner Level Extract Vaporizers

Vape Pens

kandypens crystal vs linx blaze

These are some of the simplest types of extract vaporizers, second only to oil vaporizers, which we’ll get to soon. We’re starting with vape pens because they are possibly the most popular type of extract vaporizer available right now. That is because they are easy to use, highly portable, and many of them are pretty affordable. That makes them a great way to get into concentrate vaping.

Vape pens also have a good amount of vaping variety because of the different kinds of atomizers that they can use. Here is a quick look at them, if you want a more in-depth explanation, then check out the page on the coil types of extract vaporizers:

Coil Rod Atomizers – These heat up quickly and tend to give users a very intense vaping experience.

Ceramic Atomizers – They heat up more slowly and give users a smoother, more flavorful experience.

Quartz Atomizers – They are like a combination of the other two atomizers because they heat up quickly, but also provide flavorful vapor.

Examples: KandyPens Crystal | Linx Blaze | HoneyStick Plasma GQ

Oil Vaporizers

yocan uni performance

Oil vaporizers are essentially just batteries to which you attach an oil cartridge, so they are extremely easy to use. Those cartridges come in refillable or pre-filled forms, which should be pretty self-explanatory. Pre-filled cartridges are easier to use, though you won’t exactly be breaking a sweat when using a refillable cartridge. They can come in pen form or box form, both of which are pretty discreet.

Aside from their shape, the main difference is that the cartridge sticks out of the pen vape, while only the mouthpiece sticks out of the box vape. Other than their ease of use, oil vaporizers are appealing to newbies because they are a less intense way to get into extract vaping. Wax can be pretty strong and since oil is a little milder, it can serve as the perfect way to get on board the concentrate vaping train.

Examples: Yocan Uni | KandyPens C-Box | HoneyStick Bee Master

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Intermediate Level Extract Vaporizers

Concentrate Straws

Dabtech Daborizer Design

They are like a subcategory of vape pens, the big difference being that you dip one end of the vaporizer into the wax and inhale from the other end. They have many of the same positives as vape pens, the one exception being portability. While concentrate straws are pretty portable, the way that they are used prevents you from using them wherever you want.

While you do sacrifice portability, you do gain the ability to use as much wax as you want per session instead of being limited to what the vape pen can hold. The higher price points and the ability to use as much wax as you can handle—as opposed to what your vape pen can handle—means that concentrate straws are better for anyone who has some experience with extract vaping.

Examples: Dabtech Daborizer | Linx Ares | Yocan Dive

Handheld Dab Rigs

Puffco Peak extract vaporizer

These devices really straddle the line between casual and hardcore vaporizers, which makes them perfect for intermediate vapers. Handheld dab rigs are powerful wax vaporizers that are pretty easy to use because, unlike an e-nail, they have all of the components and accessories built into the device, so very little assembly is required. While they are much larger than vape pens, most of them can easily be held in one hand and carried around while you vape.

They can reach pretty high temperatures and they can hold a good amount of wax, so they’re better suited for people who have some vaping experience, as opposed to beginners. They are also pretty pricey, which is another factor that could scare off newbie vapers. But for anyone who wants a vaporizer that’s a mix of the casual and the hardcore, this category is for you.
Examples: Puffco Peak | Focus V Carta | Dr Dabber Switch

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Advanced Level Extract Vaporizers

dabado bolt pro 2 e nail kit


These provide some of the most intense extract vaping experience short of using a glass rig and a blowtorch. They can heat dabs up to nearly a thousand degrees, and many of them include multiple different nails—which is the shallow dish where dabs get vaporized—to choose from. They’re not overly difficult to use, but they are the most complex extract vaping devices available. Aside from the nails, they also include a water bubbler to cool down the fierce heat of the vapor.

The result of all this is that e-nails, aka e-rigs, have a higher learning curve than other vaporizers. After all, you need to select a nail, fill the water bubbler, and hold down a carb cap over the nail to prevent the vapor from escaping while you inhale from the bubbler. Compare that process to all the other extract vaporizers, where all you pretty much need is the wax to get started. The steeper learning curve, more intense vapor, and more complex set-up means that e-nails are for people who have clocked up a lot of vaping time.

Examples: Dabado Bolt V2 | Dabtech Elite Pro | Dr Dabber Boost

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are vaporizers for every experience level at a variety of different price points. It’s no coincidence that the beginner-friendly vaporizers are the more affordable options available. That’s why they make such great introductory devices for new vapers. In fact, many experienced vapers stick with those newbie-friendly vapes since they might never need anything more intense.

Of course, if it’s intensity you want, there are a whole lot of extract vaporizers that can deliver. They’re not for everyone but they are a better—and safer—option than using a blowtorch and nails. So, if you were wondering what vaporizer to buy based on your experience level, you have a wide spectrum of them from which to select, so do choose wisely.

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