eLeaf iNano Solo Review

eLeaf iNano Solo Review
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iCare Solo Review Bottom Line

The Eleaf iCare Solo is the next line-up in the critically acclaimed and trendsetting iCare series, presenting a sleek pen styled all in one device that packs in a 320 mAh battery and a capacity of 1.1 milliliters. The iCare Solo features a trim and slim form factor measuring 104.5mm by 18mm by 11mm. A perfect for the on-the-go situation and a must-have device for first timers in vaping who doesn’t want that bigger clouds.

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eLeaf iCare Solo Review:

Today we will look at the new eLeaf product – the eLeaf iNano Solo ($14.99 from VaporDNA). I’m a big fan of iCare products. So I was more than happy to give the iCare Solo a review. And it didn’t fail me for it performs just as well as the other ones before it.

First Impression

The iCare Solo is a small closed pod system like other e-cigs on my list. The difference thou is it features an internal tank and a coil to drip your e-juices. Unlike other brands that I love, that I keep buying/refilling pods which can be expensive or hassle. This device comes with two 1.1ohm coil heads. The coils remain the same as the normal iCare (which is a good thing) and the vape is very similar. It is primarily used for Mouth to Lung vaping but can be used as well for Direct Lung.

With LEDs in three different colors located in the side of the device, you can easily check the battery level by a simple glance at the light. You also get a micro USB charging cord which can be plug in right on the side of the device.

  • Green 100 %– 16 %
  • Yellow 15% – 6%
  • Red when less than 5%

Performance and Functionality

As for functionality the greatest difference between the Solo and the iCare Mini is its firing button. The Solo goes back to the traditional firing button that can allow you to switch the device on or off, with the standard 5 quick clicks. This is somehow different from the iCare mini that uses auto draw or other closed pod system devices like My Von Erl and JUUL.

Other immediately noticeable differences are the form factor, with the Solo being more like a traditional 510 device but wider and flatter, and very similar to the current crop of vape pod devices. Because of this, I have loaded the Solo with 24mg/ml nic salts rather than traditional freebase nic. Filling for me (1.1ml) is easier than the mini, as there are two tank viewports and the max fill line is much easier to see because of this.

Battery Life

It sports a 350mAh battery that can only last half a day or less if you’re an avid vaper. But interestingly, the iCare Solo has a consistent performance even in less than 50% battery life. Other closed pod system devices wear down its performance when a battery starts juicing out. I know that as soon as I notice any drop off in performance, it’ll be on the charger. Speaking of which, it is charged with the normal ‘USB to mini USB’ cable, and the specs say can be charged at 1A (which means a full charge in under 15 minutes).


As with the other iCare eCigs, this device isn’t going to produce huge clouds. It is purely focused on giving new users the easiest start to vaping they could possibly have. A perfect for the on-the-go situation and a must-have device for first timers in vaping who doesn’t want that bigger clouds.

Where to buy the eLeaf iCare Solo eCig?

I recommend to purchase it from VaporDNA. They offer free US shipping on all orders over $49 and get 10% off when you sign up for their daily newsletter.

eLeaf iCare Solo eCig

Buy the eLeaf iCare Solo eCig from VaporDNA and get Free Shipping over $49.



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  1. I’m new to vaping and have only tried traditional looking cigalikes, but I want a cute little device like this! What items should I purchase with the starter kit? Should I order extra tanks, coils, mouthpieces?

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