Easy Grinder Review

Easy Grinder Review
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The Easy Grinder is the next evolution in the seemingly static weed grinder market. For an electric grinder, it's immensely user-friendly and doesn't forget to look as great as it performs. What makes us fans are its intuitive design, its amazing battery life, and how easy it makes something that's usually a hassle. It may not be perfect, but it comes pretty close. What makes the Easy Grinder stand out? Read the full review to find out!

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In Depth Easy Grinder Review ↓

Easy Grinder Background

The Easy Grinder is the brainchild of Vapor Group, a company that prides itself on innovating products specifically for vape enthusiasts.  It’s the next logical step for any tech-focused vapers who’ve always got the latest gadgets. Your typical grinder is simple, with the sole focus on practicality but the Easy Grinder brings something special to the table that goes beyond utility.

We’re going to run through the nuts and bolts of the Easy Grinder, why we love it so much, and what makes it a must-have for the vapers who care about an experience that goes above and beyond the norm.


Easy Grinder Review

Easy Grinder Key Features

  • Adjustable quantity dispenser
  • Removable chamber with 2.5 g storage
  • 5-hour battery life
  • Manual grinder built-in

The Easy Grinder kit comes with:

  • Although the grinder doesn’t include any accessories, it’s safe to say that anyone buying a grinder, especially one of this caliber, already has the necessary set of items.

Easy Grinder Design

I let out an audible, “whoa,” upon seeing the Easy Grinder in person. There’s not an ounce of fat to trim on the design, which is impressive at every angle. I’ve been around grinders that I could appreciate as I was prepping my herb, but this one looks great just sitting on my bookshelf.

With the sleek look of the Easy Grinder, you’ll have every reason to leave it out even after you’ve finished your sesh.

Easy Grinder Review

Using the Easy Grinder

I had the chance to use the Easy Grinder with a group of friends, who all marveled at it. At first, they jokingly called me lazy for using an electric grinder but by the end of our session, they were asking were they could get one for themselves. I couldn’t ask for a simpler grinder – the intuitive design of the Easy Grinder makes transitioning from manual a walk in the park.

The nose screws off to reveal a 2.5 gram chamber with a gnarly blending tool on the inside. Turn it on by pressing the button near the center of the face three times in quick succession. Once you’ve filled it with herb, seal it shut and hold the button to blend your material to the desired grade and voila you’ve got herb that’s ready within seconds.

Be aware that the blender does activate even when the compartments are open, keep your fingers safe!

Easy Grinder Performance

I mentioned that the Easy Grinder has a similar design to a traditional manual grinder – one place this isn’t reflected in is the dispensing of the herb once it’s ground. You empty your prepared herb out from the tip of the nose, not either of the compartments below it, which is what my initial reflex to do was. If you do unscrew the lowest compartment, you’ll more than likely end up with finely ground herb everywhere, which is a situation most people wouldn’t want their worst enemy in.

One huge advantage of the Easy Grinder is being able to get your herb to the exact level of fine or coarse you desire, depending on your preference. If you’re like me and enjoy the occasional joint, it’s usually a non-starter to have huge clumps of weed making lumps in your rolling papers. On the other hand, if you’re smoking out of a bowl you’re not going to enjoy herb that’s too finely ground consistently hitting the back of your throat as you smoke.

The Easy Grinder allows you to have the best of both worlds, catering your herb to however fine or coarse your taste dictates.

Easy Grinder Review

Easy Grinder VS Comparable Grinders

The only other automatic grinder in recent memory that might give the Easy Grinder a run for its money is the Pen Simple grinder. Although boasting a lower price point, the Pen Simple doesn’t have the kind of elegant style which the Easy Grinder shows off at every angle. The Pen Simple grinder also does not actually electronically grind your herb, but rather calls for manual grinding and then it dispenses the herb electronically with precision. It also provides for a totally different vibe than the Easy Grinder buyer might be attracted to.

Though not an e-grinder, the SLX Grinder is also an awesome weed grinder and great for grinding up your herb for use in joints, vapes, and all of the above. When vaping weed particularly, it is important to increase the surface area of your trees by grinding it to the optimal fineness. How you do it–whether with a manual grinder or an automatic grinder for weed? Well that’s on you. Obviously, we have a grinder for every situation 😉

Leave it to the Easy Grinder to take something that’s usually a chore and transforming it into something easier and more fun

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Easy Grinder Bottom Line

I never saw myself indulging in a luxury like the Easy Grinder but now that I’ve used an electric grinder, it’s a no-brainer. If you’ve got to have the newest and the best, I don’t see many alternatives that match up against this electric grinder. Can I say that I’ll never use a traditional grinder again? Let’s just say the only manual grinder I’ll be using from now on is the one at the base of the Easy Grinder.

Where to buy the Easy Grinder

Easy Grinder

Electric Grinder for Dry Herb


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  1. That’s a serious grinder!

    It’s probably a big seller with Pax users. I see a charging port, so is it a removable 18650 battery or built in?

  2. can I grind hard spices like nutmeg and cinnamon in the easy Grinder?

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