Heating Methods Of Dry Herb Vaporizers

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One of the big advantages of dry herb vaping is that the weed is heated rather than burned, and since no combustion takes place, no toxins and carcinogens are created. That means vaping weed is much more convenient and much less harmful to you than smoking it is.

So, if the herb doesn’t get burned, how does it get heated? There are a few methods used and while vapers might debate which one is the best, they are all highly effective and far better than smoking. So continue reading to learn all about the different heating methods used in dry herb vaporizers.



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Vaporizers that use this method pass heated air over the herb in order to vaporize it and release all the precious terpenes and cannabinoids in the marijuana plant. That means the herb never comes into contact with a heating element, so it gets heated evenly, which results in better vapor quality. That is why vaporizers that use convection heating are regarded as the best by many vaping connoisseurs. Some of those vaporizers include the Arizer Solo 2 and the Firefly 2+, both of which are highly regarded.

Convection Heating Pros

  • There is no risk of accidental combustion since the herb never comes into contact with a heating element
  • All the herb gets heated evenly, which means that it gets vaporized more efficiently
  • The flavor tends to be purer and more flavorful because of the more efficient heating

Convection Heating Cons

  • Since hot air is passed over the herb instead of the herb being heated directly, heat-up times are generally slower compared to other heating methods
  • Vapor production is less dense during the first few inhales than it is with other heating methods
  • Convection vaporizers tend to be more expensive than ones that use other heating methods
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With conduction heating, the herb comes into direct contact with the heat source. That heat source is usually a ceramic or quartz oven, which gets heated from below by the battery. Even though the herb is touching the heat source, it doesn’t get burnt because the temperature doesn’t get high enough to cause combustion. Also, vaporizers have an auto-shutoff feature to prevent them from heating constantly, so the herb doesn’t have a chance to combust. Even so, there is a risk—albeit a low one—in some older, lower quality conduction vaporizers that the herb might get burnt.

A more common problem is that the herb might get heated unevenly, which might result in flavor that is not as good as it could be. Grinding down the herb to a fine consistency can help to avoid that problem. However, to make absolutely certain that you never encounter any problems or inconsistencies, you should make sure to purchase a high-quality conduction vaporizer like the DaVinci IQ or the KandyPens K-Vape Pro.

Conduction Heating Pros

  • It is typically a faster heating method since the herb is heated directly
  • Conduction vaporizers are easier to manufacture and are therefore usually cheaper
  • Direct heating also helps to create denser clouds

Conduction Heating Cons

  • There is a possibility that the herb could get burnt, creating smoke in addition to vapor
  • Heating can be uneven if herb is not ground finely enough, which can result in subpar flavor
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Convection/Conduction Hybrid

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As the name implies, this type of heating uses both methods to heat up the herb. The herb comes into contact with the heating surface but the air surrounding it gets heated as well. This is an efficient method that results in faster heating. This type of heating method is not as common as the other two methods, but it tends to be highly enjoyed by vapers who experience it. High-quality vapes like the Crafty and the Mighty use this heating method.

Convection/Conduction Hybrid Heating Pros

  • Very efficient method that heats up all of the herb evenly, resulting in great tasting vapor
  • Since two different heating methods are used, vaping is usually much faster
  • Dual heating methods often result in much denser vapor

Convection/Conduction Hybrid Heating Cons

  • Since two heating methods are used, these vaporizers are generally more expensive
  • Hybrid heating can result in hotter vapor faster, so careful temperature regulation is necessary
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This is a brand new, high-tech heating method for vaporizers, it isn’t a brand new heating method though since it has been used in stoves. Induction heating works by sending an alternating current through an induction coil, which creates a magnetic field. A metal receptacle is placed within the coil and gets heated by electric currents created by the magnetic field. At the moment, the Dr Dabber Switch and Loto Labs Legend are the only induction vaporizers available. Both are primarily concentrate vaporizers, though the Switch does have a receptacle that is meant for vaping dry herb.

Currently, this method is only used in concentrate vaporizers rather than dry herb vaporizers. There are a few reasons for that, one of them is that vaporizers that use induction heating tend to be quite large, and most dry herb vapers favor portable vapes. One of the main appeals of induction heating is how fast it can reach very high temperatures and that heating speed is generally not necessary for dry herb vaping.  

Induction Heating Pros

  • Fastest heating method available
  • Coils don’t get hot to the touch during the heating process
  • Very low maintenance heating method

Induction Heating Cons

  • Devices that use this method are very large
  • Devices that use this method are also very expensive
  • Currently, it is more suited to concentrate vaping than dry herb vaping
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Tips and Tricks

SLX Grinder Review Residue Free

No matter which heating method your vaporizer uses, there are ways to get it to operate more efficiently.

Grind your herbs: All vaporizers benefit from herb that is very finely ground. That is because finely ground herb has a larger surface area so it gets heated more efficiently. A quality grinder like the SLX is perfect for grinding your herb down to the right consistency
Reuse your herb: Once your herb is cashed, that doesn’t mean it has reached the end of its usable life. You can take that cashed herb and use it in a variety of different recipes to make some delicious weed-infused treats.

Final Thoughts

While heating methods are certainly important, they are not necessarily the primary determining factor in how you choose the vaporizer you want. That is because each of those heating methods are capable of producing delicious tasting vapor. If price is not an obstacle to you, then you should try and get the best convection dry herb vaporizer that you can since it is unlikely to disappoint. If price is a factor, then just choose one of the best vapes under $100, since many of them use conduction heating to provide great tasting vapor.

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