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The DaVinci IQ is a fantastic dry herb vaporizer because of its stylish elegant design, advanced feature list, and excellent vapor quality. The zirconia elements keep the vapor cool and pure, but the device itself does get a little hot while it’s in use. That’s the only big downside to this vape, otherwise it’s all upsides, which is why the DaVinci IQ is one of the best premium, portable dry herb vaporizers on the market.


$274.99 directly from DaVinci

Vapor Quality
Ease of Use
  • Great vapor quality
  • Very portable and discreet
  • Zirconia elements keep vapor cool and pure
  • Cool, elegant design
  • Extended mouthpiece feels very good
  • Smart path feature is very useful
  • Device gets hot while in use
  • Using device buttons for calibration can get complicated
  • Not wax compatible

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DaVinci IQ Review

DaVinci IQ Background

The DaVinci IQ manages to live up to its provocative name, it’s a name that suggests a combination of artistry and intelligence. A look at the IQ shows you that it lives up to the former, actually using it shows you that it lives up to the latter.

Aside from smarts and good looks, the IQ also delivers excellent vapor quality, some of the best for a conduction style vaporizer. All of those qualities have made the IQ one of the Best Dry Herb Vaporizers available. All the details about this weed vaporizer’s design, functions, and more can be found in this DaVinci IQ review.

This is What’s in its Kit

davinci iq vaporizer kit

(L to R): The Flavor Chamber, extended mouthpiece, flat mouthpiece, and exposed Zirconia Pearl from the IQ’s oven chamber latch.

  • DaVinci IQ vaporizer
  • Two zirconia mouthpieces, one flat and one extended
  • One 18650 battery
  • A packing tool integrated into the device body
  • Cleaning accessories + micro USB charging cable
  • Carry can
  • One 10mm adapter for attaching compatible waterpipes

How it Looks and How it Works

davinci IQ design

The IQ with the extended mouthpiece and LED light grid, which displays battery level and temp setting.

The IQ is easily one of the best-looking vaporizers ever made, it really stands out in a sea of saminess. One of its unique and standout design features is the grid of fifty one LED lights on the front of the device. This grid displays the temperature, and various other settings, in a really cool way. I like messing around with the various settings just to watch the LEDs light up. One of those settings is the useful Smart Path mode that gradually increases the temperature as you vape.

I can vape pretty much anywhere because the IQ is small enough to carry anywhere, though only with the flat mouthpiece. The extended mouthpiece is better for vaping but it impedes portability a little, which is a shame, but hardly the end of the world. The interface of the IQ is wonderfully simple too, there are up/down buttons on the side that allow you to precisely adjust the temperature.

The IQ also has a pretty nice feature list. There is an adjustable zirconia pearl—basically a small orb—in the oven that enhances heat distribution and allows you to adjust the size of the oven, it’s a nice feature, though the size of the pearl can get in the way sometimes. There is also a flavor chamber that sits along the IQ’s airpath, you can use it to store extra buds or you can experiment and put other non-psychotropic herbs in there. They can affect the flavor of the herb in interesting ways, it’s not a feature that everyone will use, but it’s neat nonetheless.

Like a lot of the fancy-pants vapes in this price-range, the IQ has a smartphone app, but unlike many of them, the app isn’t really necessary since you can perform a lot of adjustments on the device itself. The app does make it easier since you otherwise need to use the three buttons on the device in various combinations to make those adjustments, a process that can get confusing in a hurry. Aside from that, the IQ is an attractive, user-friendly device.

How it Performs

davinci IQ Performance

The oven chamber of the DaVinci IQ is on the device’s base: the zirconia pearl inside the oven provides even and precise heat distribution.

Some people will tell you that conduction vaporizers don’t produce the same quality of flavor as convection vaporizers. The IQ proves them wrong. One of the reasons is the zirconia pearl in the oven that distributes the heat, and vapes the herb, evenly. So, it produces great flavor throughout each session.

Draw resistance is nice and smooth, though I prefer the longer mouthpiece. Like the pearl, it’s made from zirconia, and it helps to keep the vapor cool, plus it just feels better vaping from it. One cool and convenient feature that I very much appreciate is the removable and rechargeable 18650 battery. As long as I carry around a fully charged spare, keeping the IQ charged isn’t a problem.

One downside is that the IQ gets pretty hot, despite the zirconia elements that keep the vapor cool, so I had to put it down between hits.

Extra Accessories

DaVinci IQ Portable Weed Vaporizer with glass spacer in the oven

The glass spacer fits snugly inside the oven without restricting vapor flow.

The IQ already has a pretty impressive kit, but it also has some useful, optional accessories, like the 10mm and 6mm IQ glass spacers. They’re short glass cylinders you place in the oven to make it a little smaller.

The IQ has a deeeep oven, it might be too deep for some people, so rather than packing a smaller load and hoping for the best, they can put these spacers in there instead. They have seven holes drilled through them, so vapor quality and draw resistance are unaffected by their presence.

The Final Word

The DaVinci IQ is in the upper echelon of dry herb vapes because of its looks, brains, and practicality. The great-tasting vapor doesn’t hurt either. The high level of customization and the removable battery are just more feathers in the IQ’s cap. It’s not perfect as the body can get quite hot while it’s in use, and trying to memorize the various button combinations on the device is like trying to remember all of your passwords. Borderline impossible.

Even so, the IQ is still an impressive weed vape that few other vapes can match, much less surpass. So what other vapes at this price point can challenge the IQ? There’s it’s little brother, the DaVinci Miqro, as well as industry warhorse, the Crafty. Outside of those, the IQ has few challengers.

The DaVinci IQ is available directly from DaVinci for $274.99, a premium price for a premium vape.

DaVinci IQ vs DaVinci Miqro vs Crafty

DaVinci IQ DaVinci Miqro Crafty
Compatible withDry herbDry herbDry herb, Wax
Heating MethodConductionConductionConduction/Convection hybrid
Warranty10 Years5 Years2 Years
Battery Life90 minutes20 - 30 minutes65 minutes
Smartphone AppYesNoYes
Price$274.99 directly from DaVinci$199 directly from DaVinci $279 from Vape-Smart


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  1. Thank you for this excellent review. I’m so glad to have finally found a site, and it’s people, most of all, (of course), that presents vapourizers and their reviews in a way that makes sense to me, and that doesn’t leave me feeling like someone behind it is trying to pull some kind of fast one on me!

    The Vape Guide is definitely now both bookmarked, and at the top of my list of bookmarks!

    Thanks again,

    Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada

  2. Can it be used while the battery is charging?

  3. Amazing video and incredible product!!!! You showed us the quality efficiency, which is great, but how long did that session last? I’m curious to know because that holding chamber(not the amazing flavor chamber you mentioned!) for the herb looks a bit larger than it’s davinci predecessor along with the pax and firefly one’s.

    Thanks for the review, very very much appreciated!

  4. I am looking to buy my first vaporizer. How many sessions can you get when you load the oven or do you have to smoke all the herb at one session?

    • You kinda have to vape it all in one session with this one. Oven is not too big, I think its perfect for personal (single person) use.

  5. what was the battery life like per charge? How many sessions?

    • It’ll last 3-4 sessions. I recommend buying an extra battery and external charger. Will help you if battery life is a concern.

  6. Hi there – the chamber size of 0.3 to 0.5g is quite a bit larger than i’d like, as I normally smoke alone and don’t always want to get off my tree! – is there anything i can use to take up space in the heating chamber so that I’m using less herb?

  7. Greetings! Thanks for the review. I might have missed it if you clarified, but I assume this is a conduction vape? In terms of stealth use, did you consider odor? Still looking for the perfect vape to pair with a Smoke Buddy Jr. for concert use. Convection vapes I’ve tried work best IME for control of odor but are typically not stealth enough for public use or are too fragile for “blind” use. The conduction vapes I’ve tried, though, put off such an odor that even exhaling with the Smoke Buddy, after a few moments of heating, people surrounding me start noticing and looking for the source.

    Any insights along those lines for the IQ?

  8. Can you set to Celsius instead of Fahrenheit?

  9. Would the vapor have a strong smell? One of the major problems I have is that the smell tends to offend a few of my housemates, so I want to make sure it’s close to odorless – I saw you mentioned stealthy, but I was not sure if that meant masked well, or just the design.

  10. Let me know when there’s a new handy vaporzier, that is as smooth to clean as the FF2, produces the vapor like the IQ, and can also handle concentrates.

    I’d easily pay 350€ for that.

  11. oh, and as stealthy as the pax.

  12. What amps is the davinci iq battery? Is it the same as other 3500 mah 18650 baterries (10amp ) or does it require a higher ampage.

  13. They are exceptionally high-quality, unbranded 3500mAh. Batteries don’t get better than these.

  14. i have a davinci iq and like so many before me i do have serious problem with it…it as stop heating,it doesn’t work anymore after only 3 months of use it’s dead.
    my davinci is registered and under the 10 years warranty but their is the big catch about their warranty they just make it very very difficult to get your device fixed,so much that i have decided not to have it fix and just take my lost and never buy anything from davinci again.
    whenever a company mistreat its customer after selling them default item should never be encourage by buying more from them.
    on top of that the device taste like s””t after a very short time of use because it’s impossible to clean it properly.
    definitely not worth 275$+tx
    i’m using my arizer solo that i bought before and loving it better then davinci iq…buyers beware of poor services with davinci they really don’t want to make you happy

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