DaVinci IQ Review

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davinci iq review

The Good: Excellent vapor quality | Unique stylish design | Impressive feature list | Small and discreet | “Smart Paths” allow full-spectrum vaping | Removable 18650 battery

The Bad: Device gets hot after extended use | Long charge time with default micro USB charger | Relatively high maintenance and cleaning

The Bottom Line: The DaVinci IQ is a high-end vaporizer that produces tasty vapor in a convenient, portable package. It uses zirconium elements that keep the vapor cool even though the device itself can run hot. It also comes with a nice array of accessories that allow you to choose how you want to vape. If you want a high quality portable weed vaporizer, then the DaVinci IQ is one of the best options available.

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Kit and Accessories

davinci iq vaporizer kit
(L to R): The Flavor Chamber, extended mouthpiece, flat mouthpiece, and exposed Zirconia Pearl from the IQ’s oven chamber latch.
  • DaVinci IQ Vaporizer
  • One flat zirconia mouthpiece + one extended zirconia mouthpiece
  • One replaceable/rechargeable 18650 battery
  • Micro USB charging cable
  • Integrated packing tool
  • Cleaning accessories
  • Carry can
  • One 10mm water pipe adapter


The DaVinci Miqro is the IQ’s scrappy little brother. It is somehow even smaller than the IQ, though it still retains a lot of its strengths like the cool LED display, removable battery, and good vapor quality. It does sacrifice a few things, like the smartphone app and battery life, not to mention that its small size means that it gets very hot. That means that the vapor gets really hot too, which isn’t exactly comfortable. If you prefer cooler vapor, then choose the IQ instead.

Compatibility: The DaVinci IQ is only compatible with dry herbs. See other types of weed vaporizers here.

DaVinci IQ Mouthpiece Options: The IQ kit includes a flat mouthpiece and an extended one.

davinci iq mouthpiece
The extended mouthpiece on the left (which we love), and the flat mouthpiece on the right. Both are made of zirconia, a heat resistant material that cools down the vapor.
  • The flat mouthpiece helps to maintain the IQ’s distinctive shape and makes pocketability and portability much easier. However, it provides a less satisfactory vaping experience than the extended mouthpiece because the shorter vapor path doesn’t cool down the vapor as much.
  • Inhaling from the extended mouthpiece feels more natural, and the longer airpath helps to cool down the vapor. This was my favorite mouthpiece by far. The downside is that it reduces portability a little.

Chamber Capacity: The IQ can hold about .3 grams of herb in its chamber.

Water pipe adapter: This allows compatible water pipes to be attached to the IQ. This is a rare and unusual addition when it comes to weed vapes. But it is a nice option for those who have a compatible water pipe because it helps to provide the coolest vapor possible. With the adapter, you can use any 14mm water piepes, such as these on Amazon.

Glass Spacers: There are optional 10mm and 6mm glass spacers available for the IQ. They are inserted into the herb chamber, reducing its capacity for users who want to use less herb. So, they give you the choice of three different oven sizes:

DaVinci IQ Portable Weed Vaporizer glass spacers and oven
The glass spacers give you peak vaping performance even with smaller loads.
  • The full oven without any spacers
  • A roughly half-sized oven with the smaller 6MM spacer.
  • And the smallest oven size when using the larger 10MM spacer.

The spacers are great accessories because they make efficient use of the oven and your weed supply.

External Charger: There is also an optional external charger for the removable 18650 battery which halves the charge time of the included micro USB cable. You can purchase more 18650 Batteries on Amazon and always have one in the charger, and one in the vape.

Additional Accessories

Like all dry herb vapes, the IQ benefits from a good grinder to provide the finely ground herbs that make for an optimum vaping experience. The SLX Grinder, available from Amazon, is among the best around

Design and Features

DaVinci IQ Portable Weed Vaporizer aromatherapy
The IQ has a simple, timeless design that feels solid and well made.

The IQ is easily one of the best-looking vaporizers around and the standout feature is the grid of fifty-one LED lights on the front of the device. They light up in various patterns that convey useful information in a really cool way. The IQ is also a sturdy feeling device that weighs a little more than other vapes in this size and price range. That extra weight gives the IQ a nice feeling of solidity.

The IQ has three buttons on the device, giving it a nice feeling of tactility. The buttons control the power and the temperature selections and pressing them in certain combinations activates additional modes without the need for the smartphone app. I like the fact that the IQ can be used without the app, but those button combinations can be complicated and difficult to remember. Especially when the sesh has been going on for a while 🤪.

Build Quality

The build quality of the IQ is quite good The device feels solid, and the openings for the herb chamber and the mouthpieces feel nice and secure. The only weakness is the zirconia pearl in the oven. It helps to regulate the temperature and is adjustable, but it is prone to breaking if you’re not careful.

Zirconia: The IQ’s air path and mouthpieces are made from zirconia, a highly heat-resistant material that helps to prevent the vapor from getting too hot before it reaches your mouth. There is also what DaVinci calls a zirconia pearl on the cover of the oven lid. It is actually a small orb that helps to regulate the temperature in the oven so that the heat is distributed evenly.

That helps to prevent the uneven heating you sometimes get in conduction vaporizers. The zirconia elements also keep the vapor pure, ensuring that nothing affects the flavor and quality of your herbs’ vapor.

cleaning herb vaporizers
Pax & DaVinci (top) have the airpath between the oven and mouthpiece. Solo 2 & Crafty have the airpath as a part of the mouthpiece. The latter design requires less cleaning.

Cleaning and Maintenance

The IQ is a relatively high maintenance device compared to other vaporizers. All the parts are easy to clean, but there are a lot more of them than in other vapes, so cleaning takes a little longer.

The flavor chamber is one of those extra components but it can be easily cleaned by dipping it in isopropyl alcohol and wiping it down, the same goes for each of the mouthpieces. The chamber should be cleaned after each session and doing so is pretty easy with the included cleaning kit.

Other Notable Features

Flavor Chamber: The chamber is a removable pod that is placed in the airpath below the mouthpiece. You can fill it with any kind of herb to enhance the flavor of the vapor as it reaches your mouth. It’s an interesting option for the curious and experimental, but it’s unlikely that most people will use it. Fortunately, you don’t have to and you can leave it empty. I never use it.

Smartphone App: The IQ’s app is one of the best around because of how easy it is to use and the range of options it provides. You can do things like adjust the brightness of the LED lights on the device and adjust the temperature range of 230°F to 430°F, however, the most significant feature is control of the Smart Path mode.

Smart Paths

Smart Path mode gradually increases the temperature by 20 degrees as you vape and you can choose from four preset Smart Paths or customize your own. Doing so is very simple and it is a great option for anyone who likes to adjust the temperature as they vape. The preset smart paths are as follows:

  • Smart Path 1: 350°F – 370°F
  • Smart Path 2: 370°F – 390°F (my favorite)
  • Smart Path 3: 390°F – 410°F
  • Smart Path 4: 410°F – 430°F

Each path is designed to activate various terpenes in the marijuana plant to give users a full spectrum vaping experience. You can customize your own smart path and save it, so that you can activate it any time you vape.

How to Use

DaVinci IQ Portable Weed Vaporizer oven
The IQ’s sizable oven is very easy to load.
  1. Open the chamber, fill it with herb, and then close it up.
  2. (Optional) Place dry herb or aromatic material in the flavor chamber.
  3. Click the control button 5x to power up the IQ, click it again to switch between precision and smart path modes.
  4. Use the up/down buttons to choose the temperature or smart path and start the heating process.
  5. Once heating is complete, inhale from your choice of mouthpiece to start vaping.

You can view the official instruction manual here.

Temperature Options: The IQ has three heating modes:

  • Precision mode allows you to select the exact temperature you want.
  • Smart Path mode gradually increases the temperature as you vape.
  • Boost mode maxes out the temperature as you hold down the power button.

Performance and Vapor Quality

Vapor Quality: The IQ produces excellent flavor and surprisingly thick vapor, especially for a conduction vaporizer. The not-so-secret secret is the zirconia pearl in the oven that helps to regulate the temperature and provide a nice even vape to the herbs. The long airpath helps to cool down the vapor, particularly with the extended mouthpiece. I prefer vaping at the lower temperatures since the flavor is stronger at those settings.

Vaporizer Performance: The IQ takes about forty five seconds to heat up, a little longer than average, but not too long. It does get hot during extended sessions, so you’ll need to put it down if you’re vaping from it for a while, and considering the high flavor quality, you’ll definitely want to.

Battery Performance

Battery Life: The battery lasts for about ninety minutes, which is about the average for this type of vaporizer.

Battery Capacity: The IQ uses a 3500 mAh removable/rechargeable 18650 battery.

Charging Options: The included USB cable or the optional external charger are the methods of recharging the IQ.

Charge Time: Micro USB cable – Four hours

                       External charger – Two hours

DaVinci IQ vs Pax 3 vs Crafty

The DaVinci IQ is a great vaporizer but it has some serious competition in the Pax 3 and Crafty. The IQ and Pax 3 both have 3500 mAh batteries while the Crafty has a 2700 mAh one, which accounts for a shorter battery life. The IQ is the only one of the three that has a removable battery.

The Crafty is much easier to clean and maintain than the other two and it doesn’t run as hot as they do. Plus It has a smart mouthpiece design that delivers cooler vapor.

The IQ does offer superior temperature control since you can both control and monitor on the device rather than the smartphone app. Both Pax and IQ have great apps with lots of features and control. The Crafty’s app is more basic.

CategoryDaVinci IQPax 3Crafty
Compatible withDry herbDry herb, WaxDry herb, Wax
Heating MethodConductionConductionConduction/ Convection hybrid
Battery Life90 minutes90 minutes65 minutes
Battery Capacity3500 mAh3500 mAh2700 mAh
Warranty10 years10 years2 years
Smartphone AppYesYesYes
Price$274.99 directly from DaVinci$249.99 directly from Pax Vapor$279 from Vape-Smart

Ghost MV1 VS DaVinci IQ vs solo2 vs crafty vs pax 3

Other IQ Comparisons: vs Pax 3 | vs Ghost MV1 | vs Arizer Go | vs DaVinci Miqro

Bottom Line

davinci iq
9.6 Total Score
DaVinci IQ Review bottom line

The DaVinci IQ is a high-end vaporizer that produces tasty vapor in a convenient, portable package. It uses zirconium elements that keep the vapor cool even though the device itself can run hot. It also comes with a nice array of accessories that allow you to choose how you want to vape. If you want a high quality portable weed vaporizer, then the DaVinci IQ is one of the best options available.

Who is it for: Anyone who enjoys great vapor in a small package and wants a highly customizable vaping experience.

Who is it NOT for: Anyone who wants a simple fuss-free vaporizer, for example, the Crafty. Anyone who mainly vapes indoors, they might prefer a larger unit with a better battery capacity, like the Arizer Solo 2 or the Mighty. Anyone who prefers a milder vaping experience might prefer the Linx Gaia instead. 


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Oron has been vaping for over ten years, and been 100% combustion free since early 2016. He has tried and tested hundreds of vaporizers with every functionality imaginable. Some of Oron's favorite vapes are the Mighty, Solo 2, and Juul. After switching to vaping, Oron experienced first hand the benefits of being smoke-free and decided to help as many people as possible to make the switch. When Oron is not vaping, he is passionate about photography, technology, gadgets, health & nutrition, physical activities.

  1. Thank you for this excellent review. I’m so glad to have finally found a site, and it’s people, most of all, (of course), that presents vapourizers and their reviews in a way that makes sense to me, and that doesn’t leave me feeling like someone behind it is trying to pull some kind of fast one on me!

    The Vape Guide is definitely now both bookmarked, and at the top of my list of bookmarks!

    Thanks again,

    Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada

  2. Can it be used while the battery is charging?

  3. Amazing video and incredible product!!!! You showed us the quality efficiency, which is great, but how long did that session last? I’m curious to know because that holding chamber(not the amazing flavor chamber you mentioned!) for the herb looks a bit larger than it’s davinci predecessor along with the pax and firefly one’s.

    Thanks for the review, very very much appreciated!

  4. I am looking to buy my first vaporizer. How many sessions can you get when you load the oven or do you have to smoke all the herb at one session?

    • You kinda have to vape it all in one session with this one. Oven is not too big, I think its perfect for personal (single person) use.

  5. what was the battery life like per charge? How many sessions?

    • It’ll last 3-4 sessions. I recommend buying an extra battery and external charger. Will help you if battery life is a concern.

  6. Hi there – the chamber size of 0.3 to 0.5g is quite a bit larger than i’d like, as I normally smoke alone and don’t always want to get off my tree! – is there anything i can use to take up space in the heating chamber so that I’m using less herb?

    • From the article: “The IQ already has a pretty impressive kit, but it also has some useful, optional accessories, like the 10mm and 6mm IQ glass spacers. They’re short glass cylinders you place in the oven to make it a little smaller.”

    • Yes! You can buy the DaVinci glass spacers!

  7. Greetings! Thanks for the review. I might have missed it if you clarified, but I assume this is a conduction vape? In terms of stealth use, did you consider odor? Still looking for the perfect vape to pair with a Smoke Buddy Jr. for concert use. Convection vapes I’ve tried work best IME for control of odor but are typically not stealth enough for public use or are too fragile for “blind” use. The conduction vapes I’ve tried, though, put off such an odor that even exhaling with the Smoke Buddy, after a few moments of heating, people surrounding me start noticing and looking for the source.

    Any insights along those lines for the IQ?

  8. Can you set to Celsius instead of Fahrenheit?

  9. Would the vapor have a strong smell? One of the major problems I have is that the smell tends to offend a few of my housemates, so I want to make sure it’s close to odorless – I saw you mentioned stealthy, but I was not sure if that meant masked well, or just the design.

  10. Let me know when there’s a new handy vaporzier, that is as smooth to clean as the FF2, produces the vapor like the IQ, and can also handle concentrates.

    I’d easily pay 350€ for that.

  11. oh, and as stealthy as the pax.

  12. What amps is the davinci iq battery? Is it the same as other 3500 mah 18650 baterries (10amp ) or does it require a higher ampage.

  13. They are exceptionally high-quality, unbranded 3500mAh. Batteries don’t get better than these.

  14. i have a davinci iq and like so many before me i do have serious problem with it…it as stop heating,it doesn’t work anymore after only 3 months of use it’s dead.
    my davinci is registered and under the 10 years warranty but their is the big catch about their warranty they just make it very very difficult to get your device fixed,so much that i have decided not to have it fix and just take my lost and never buy anything from davinci again.
    whenever a company mistreat its customer after selling them default item should never be encourage by buying more from them.
    on top of that the device taste like s””t after a very short time of use because it’s impossible to clean it properly.
    definitely not worth 275$+tx
    i’m using my arizer solo that i bought before and loving it better then davinci iq…buyers beware of poor services with davinci they really don’t want to make you happy

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