Dabtech Elite Pro Review

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Dabtech Elite Pro Review

The Good: Choice of three different nails | Nails can hold a lot of wax | Granular temperature control | Replaceable 18650 battery

The Bad: Battery duration is a little shorter than other e-nails | More expensive than other e-rigs

The Bottom Line: The Dabtech Elite Pro is a great e-nail for vapers of any experience because of its wide temperature range. The choice of nails is also great, particularly the quartz and ceramic ones. The only problem is that it’s more expensive than other e-nails. But hey, you get what you pay for.

$129.99 Visit Dabtech

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Kit and Accessories

Dabtech Elite Pro Kit
The kit comes in a travel case and includes three different nails and a silicone storage case in addition to the usual e-nail accessories.
  • Dabtech Elite Pro e-nail w/ water bubbler
  • One XL quartz nail
  • One XL ceramic nail
  • One XL titanium nail
  • 18650 battery
  • Magnetic base
  • Silicon storage container
  • USB charging cable
  • Carrying case

Compatibility: The Dabtech Elite Pro is only compatible with wax concentrates (aka Dabs, Honey, Shatter, Crumble)

Official Accessories

Dabtech sells replacements for the nails, heating rod, and glass bubbler on their website. Additionally, you can purchase different, more elaborate glass bubblers to use with the Elite Pro. You can also buy the Dabtech Daborizer concentrate straw from them if you want a different kind of wax vaping experience. Just don’t forget to use the Dabtech coupon code with anything you buy from them.

Design and Features

Dabtech Elite Pro Design
The Elite Pro looks much like other e-nails, but it does have larger nails than most of them.

General Design: The design of e-nails doesn’t vary too much, which means that the Elite Pro looks a lot like most of the other e-nails out there. It’s a design based on practicality more than style, so the Elite Pro is pretty easy to assemble.

While it’s definitely not meant to be a portable, the Elite Pro is small enough to hold while you’re using it. It’s also pretty convenient for an e-rig because it uses an 18650 battery, so you can just replace it when it dies instead of waiting for it to recharge.

Ease of Use: The Elite Pro is pretty easy to assemble and disassemble. Switching out the nails is easy, and the same goes for the heating element. Temperature selection is simple because of the digital readout, and the larger than average nails are all very easy to load.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Nails: The nails are cleaned by heating up the Elite Pro close to its maximum temperature level to burn off any excess residue. Smaller bits of residue can be cleaned off using a q-tip or cotton swab soaked in isopropyl alcohol.

Water Bubbler: When the bubbler gets dirty, you can pour some iso alcohol into it and swish it around before pouring it out. Rinse it out with warm water afterwards.

How to Use

Dabtech Elite Pro How to Use
The Elite Pro has a wide temperature range, with a maximum of 900°F.
  1. Screw your choice of nail onto the device and then attach the water bubbler over it.
  2. Fill the bubbler with water.
  3. Press the power button three times to turn on the device.
  4. Use the selection button to choose a temperature.
  5. When heating is complete, inhale from the bubbler.

Temperature Range: 200°F to 900°F

Seasoning the Titanium Nail: Before you use the titanium nail, you need to season it first. The reason is that metal affects the flavor of the vapor in a bad way, and you don’t want that. You season the nail by turning up the temperature close to the max, and then coating the nail with a thin layer of wax. Wait for the wax to burn off and the nail to cool down before repeating the process three or four more times. Once done, you’re ready to start vaping in earnest.

Performance and Vapor Quality

Dabtech Elite Pro Performance
The quartz (left) and ceramic (center) nails provide much better flavor quality than the titanium nail (right).

E-nail Performance: The Elite Pro only takes a few seconds to heat up regardless of which temperature you select. Once it does heat up, you’ll only know it once you start vaping because the Elite never gets too hot to the touch, though it does get warm after you use it for a while. So, if you like to keep a tight hold of your e-nail while you vape, you won’t have any problems with the Elite.

Vapor Quality: E-rigs always produce great vapor and the Elite Pro doesn’t disappoint. No matter how intense you like your vapor, the water filtration always keeps it cool. I tend to favor flavor over big clouds, so I kept the temps in the mid-range of 450°F to 650°F, and the flavor of the wax was amazing. I also chose the quartz nail since it produces the best flavor, though the ceramic isn’t far behind. The titanium nail is decent, but even after seasoning, it isn’t as good as the other two.

I still got some nice clouds of course, since this is an e-nail after all, but if you want to fill the room, then you can go even higher with the temperatures than I did. The large nails hold a lot of wax, so if you have a generous supply, you can use a lot of it in one session. Or you can bring some friends over to share. It’s your call.  

Battery Performance: The battery is good for 20 to 30 sessions before it needs to be recharged. High temp dabbing means you’ll have to recharge sooner, rather than later, so keep that in mind. As I mentioned earlier, the Elite Pro uses a removable 18650 battery, so there’s no need to wait for a recharge if you have a replacement handy.

Dabtech Elite Pro vs Cloud V ElectroMini Dab Rig vs Dr Dabber Boost

The Electro and Boost are both great e-nails that have a lot to offer. The Electro has a powerful battery and a higher max temperature than the Elite Pro. However, it only comes with titanium and quartz nails. The Boost includes both titanium and quartz nails, as well as a ceramic one. It doesn’t have precise temperature control though, which means that only the Elite Pro is the complete package.

Dabtech Elite ProCloud V ElectroMini Dab RigDr Dabber Boost
Compatible withWax concentratesWax concentratesWax concentrates
Nail ChoicesQuartz, ceramic, titaniumQuartz, titaniumQuartz, ceramic, titanium
Temperature Range200°F to 900°F500°F to 1000°F515°F to 610°F
Sessions per Battery20 to 3030 to 4025 to 30
Precise Temperature ControlYesYesNo
Price$129.99 from Dabtech$149 from Vape-Smart$127.95 from Dr Dabber

Bottom Line

Dabtech Elite Pro
9.4 Total Score

The Dabtech Elite Pro is one of the better e-nails available because it is the complete package. It combines precise temperature control with the choice of quartz, ceramic, or titanium nails, each of which is larger than average. So, you can get huge dabs that are full of flavor, at least if you choose the quartz or ceramic nails. Add the removable 18650 battery, and you have convenience as well as quality.

Who is it for: Vapers who like a more intense vaping experience. Anyone who likes a wide temperature range when using their e-nails. 

Who is it NOT for: Might be too expensive for some vapers. 


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