Dabtech Daborizer Review

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dabtech daborizer review

The Good: Great vapor quality | Water bubbler keeps vapor cool and pure | Includes two different heating tips | Lengthy battery life

The Bad: Only one temperature setting | Not a travel-friendly device

The Bottom Line: The Dabtech Daborizer produces some of the best vapor I have ever experienced from a concentrate straw, and the water bubbler is responsible for that. It might not make it the most convenient nectar straw I’ve ever used, but the flavor quality is definitely worth the extra fuss.

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The Dabtech Daborizer is another concentrate straw type of vape pen, also called nectar collectors, honey straws, or nectar straws. With these vaporizers, you dip a heating tip into the wax instead of loading the wax into the vaporizer itself. Since the mouthpiece is on the opposite end of the heating element, the airpath is longer than in regular vape pens. That helps to keep the vapor cool at any temperature.

The downside to these kinds of vapes is that they use up more wax during a session than vape pens. No wax is wasted but you do use a lot during each session. So, that is the big caveat if you’re thinking about investing in a concentrate straw. You can check out the Dabtech Coupon Code for more information about the company behind this, and other, wax vaporizers.

Kit and Accessories

  • Dabtech daborizer
  • Quartz tip
  • Ceramic tip
  • Tip cover
  • Dab tool + silicon storage container
  • USB charging cable
  • Carrying case

Compatibility: The Dabtech Daborizer is compatible only with wax extracts.

Official Accessories

You can buy replacements for the glass bubbler and the heating tips on the Dabtech website.

Design and Features

Dabtech Daborizer How to Use
Concentrate straws are very easy to use since you just dip the heating element into the wax when you’re ready to vape.

General Design: The Daborizer is different from other concentrate straws in a lot of different ways. The most significant of which is that it uses a water bubbler as its mouthpiece. The bubbler is about the same length as the daborizer battery and fits firmly onto it using gaskets.

The other way that the Daborizer is different is that it is shaped like a square column instead of a cylinder, like other vape pens. It still fits comfortably in the hand, and, in fact, feels a little better to use than the cylindrical nectar straws.

Portability: Concentrate straws aren’t all that travel-friendly because you need to dip them into the wax to get a session going. That means you need to hold onto two things at once when you vape, which isn’t exactly convenient. The Daborizer is even less convenient than other nectar collectors because of the prominent water bubbler.

Not only is the Daborizer unable to fit into any pockets because of the bubbler, you would have to worry about a water source to fill it as well. The Daborizer itself is small enough to fit in your palm, but realistically, you’ll mainly be using it at home.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Honey straws can be pretty messy so each heating tip needs to be cleaned right after it is used. Each tip can be cleaned by immersing it in isopropyl alcohol. To clean the bubbler, pour some iso alcohol into it, swish it around, and then pour it out. Use warm water to rinse it out afterwards.

How to Use

  1. Attach the bubbler to the Daborizer and then pour water into the bubbler.
  2. Get your wax ready by placing it into a heat-proof container.
  3. Press the power button five times to turn on the device.
  4. Dip the heating tip into the wax while holding down the power button, and inhale from the mouthpiece.

Heat Setting: The Daborizer has a single heat setting, though the heat increases as you hold down the power button while inhaling.

Performance and Vapor Quality

Dabtech Daborizer Performance
The water bubbler is one of the factors responsible for the great vapor quality of the Daborizer.

Vaporizer Performance: The Daborizer only takes a few seconds to heat up and never gets hot to the touch. So, it’s pretty easy, and comfortable, to use overall.

Vapor Quality: The vapor of the Daborizer is exceptional regardless of which heating tip you use. It’s comparable to dab rigs like the Dabtech Elite Pro. That’s because quartz and ceramic are ideal heating materials in vaping. That is because they are both neutral materials that don’t affect the flavor of the vapor. So, the flavor is great no matter what. The bubbler helps a lot too because of its water filtration.

The vapor from nectar straws is usually pretty cool, but the vapor from the daborizer is even cooler—and purer—because of the bubbler. So inhales from the Daborizer are extremely smooth thanks to the great airflow and cool vapor. There is only one temperature setting but it seems to be calibrated pretty well. A few more would be nice, but nectar collectors don’t really need a whole lot of different temperature settings.

Battery Performance: The battery can last for up to eighty sessions before it needs a recharge. So there’s a good chance that your wax supply will run out before the battery does.

Dabtech Daborizer vs Linx Ares vs Yocan Dive

The Ares and the Dive are more discreet than the Daborizer, especially the Ares, since it looks just like a regular pen when it’s not in use. It also has the second best mouthpiece—after the Daborizer of course—because it’s made of glass. The Dive has the most temperature settings of the three, and is also the cheapest.

Dabtech DaborizerLinx AresYocan Dive
Compatible withWax concentratesWax concentratesWax concentrates
Number of Temperature SettingsOneTwoThree
WarrantyOne yearOne yearFifteen days
Price$99.99 directly from Dabtech$109.95 directly from Linx Vapor$59.99 directly from Yocan

Bottom Line

dabtech daborizer
9.2 Total Score

The Dabtech Daborizer is a concentrate straw type of vape pen, but with a water bubbler instead of a standard mouthpiece. That means the vapor from this device is incredibly cool and pure. The Daborizer also comes with two heating tips, one quartz and one ceramic, but it only has one heat setting. Fortunately, that setting is good enough to create some excellent vapor.

Who is it for: Extract vapers who want cool, pure vapor, but don’t want to invest in an e-nail or a dab rig. Anyone who prefers to vape indoors. 

Who is it NOT for: Anyone who likes to vape on the go. Hardcore extract vapers may prefer e-nails or dab rigs. 


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