Dabado Review and Coupon Code

Dabado Coupon Code: TVG10 (10% off sitewide)

dabado review and coupon code
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Dabado Review

Dabado is one of the vaping industry’s premier manufacturers of wax vaping devices, namely vape pens and e-nails. Their e-nails are especially well-regarded because of how easy they are to use, their variety of nail choices, their replaceable heating elements, and their use of interchangeable 18650 batteries.

Dabado’s e-nails are great for beginners because of their relatively small size and simple operation. They also appeal to experienced vapers for the same reasons, as well as the fact that some of them feature extra large nails for extra large dabs. The rest of this Dabado review tells you more about the company’s history and their website, so keep reading.

Use coupon code TVG10 for 10% off sitewide

Company Overview

Dabado was founded by brothers Nicholas and Steven Helfer in Denver, CO. They parlayed their Facebook videos about dabbing and other marijuana related activities into a company dedicated to providing the best wax vaping experience possible. The company became successful enough that they received a Forbes magazine profile.

That’s because they simplified the act of concentrate vaping, users no longer had to worry about using a blowtorch to heat up a glass rig. They were the first to market an all in one rig for concentrate vaping that doesn’t require several disparate components to function.

This has been a boon to medical marijuana patients, many of whom need the more intense hits from concentrates but would balk at using a rig and blowtorch. Dabado’s rigs make life much easier for them.

Website Review

Purchasing those rigs from their website is also an easy process because it has an easy to navigate interface along with some interesting features. A floating currency converter in the top left corner can instantly convert the price of any product into Canadian Dollars, British Pound Sterling, Japanese Yen, or Euros.

The Dabado site also has a page comparing the feature set of each Bolt to make it easier for shoppers to decide among them. Each device also has its own support and FAQ page and shopping is easy. There are embedded YouTube videos for each product but they’re more promotional than instructional.

The only minor drawback is the occasional pop-up in the bottom left corner that shows who bought what product when. It seems unnecessary but if your name ever shows up there, hopefully you used Dabado coupon code TVG10 for a 10% discount.

  • Expected shipping time: Orders are shipped within 24-48 hours. Orders over $149 are shipped free.
  • Typical warranty: Products must be registered within 14 days of purchase to receive warranty coverage. One year warranty covers the battery and charger of all Dabado products. 90 day warranty on heating elements.

Product Spotlight

Dabado Bolt V2

Dabado Bolt V2 e-Rig wax vape review

The Dabado Bolt V2 is a substantial upgrade over the original Bolt. The Bolt V2 features an LCD screen, a replaceable heating element, and more detailed temperature controls than the original. It also gives users the choice of a titanium, ceramic, or quartz nail and comes in a handy carrying case.

Dabado Bolt Pro 2

Dabado Bolt Pro 2 review

The Dabado Bolt Pro 2 is  a great upgrade to one of the best e-nails available. The Bolt Pro 2 has granular temperature controls that peak at 900°F, as well as an LCD screen, extra large quartz, titanium, and ceramic nails, and an extra large heating element. It’s perfect for anyone who likes big dabs.

Dabado Coupon Code

The Dabado coupon code is exclusive to our readers, here is how to redeem it on the Dabado website:

  1. Go to dabadovaporizers.com, select a product then choose add to cart.
  2. Click the cart icon in the upper right corner, this takes you to the cart page where you click Check Out.
  3. On the checkout page, enter TVG10 in the box next to the Apply button.
  4. Click the Apply button to activate the coupon code and then click the Continue to shipping method button to continue.

TVG exclusive Dabado Coupon Code: TVG10 for 10% off sitewide.

Dabado Review: Final Thoughts

This Dabado review is meant to show you just why they should be your first choice should you ever decide to invest in an e-nail. Dabado was the first company to market a comprehensive electric rig and they haven’t stopped since then.

Their e-nails are among the best in the industry and appeal to users of all experience levels because of their low learning curve and high quality. Buying from their website is a smooth, hassle-free experience and using the Dabado coupon code TVG10 makes that experience even better.

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