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The Dabado Bolt V2 is an upgrade over the original Dabado Bolt, a pretty awesome dab rig in it's own right. The Bolt V2 has an LCD screen that gives users more temperature control than the previous Bolt models, so you know exactly what temperature you are vaping at. Granular control, and the high quality dab vaping that Dabado is known for, makes the Dabado Bolt V2 one of the premier e-nails available.

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 Dabado Bolt V2 Background

After the Dabado Bolt Pro eNail improved on the success of the original Bolt, we thought Dabado might be taking a rest for awhile but we’re glad they aren’t. The Dabado Bolt V2 e-nail for concentrates ($159.99 from Dabado) is yet another generous improvement on the original Bolt.

The Dabado Bolt V2 has smaller nails and is less expensive than the Pro but it’s an improvement on the Bolt because the V2 has a new LCD screen and a replaceable heating element. We loved the original Bolt and the Pro, with the Bolt V2 even making our Best e-Nails List.

The question isn’t whether the Bolt V2 will be good—the question is how good it will be? Our detailed Dabado Bolt V2 Review answers that question to let you know all about this e-Rig’s kit, design, and performance.

Dabado Bolt V2 review
The Dabado Bolt V2 improves upon the original Dabado Bolt with the addition of an LCD screen and replaceable heating element.

Dabado Bolt V2 Kit

The Dabado Bolt V2 comes with a full kit that gives users options in how they want to dab their wax—and we always like more options. You also get a replacement heating element in case anything happens to the original (thanks Dabado!). Check out what you’ll be getting:

  • Dabado Bolt V2 eRig
  • 3 Nails: Ceramic, Titanium, and Quartz
  • Replacement heating element
  • Glass attachment
  • Silicon protector + container
  • USB charger + Carrying case

The kit of the Bolt V2 has almost everything you need, the only thing it is missing is a premium set of dab toolsAmazon has the hook up you need to keep your vaping sessions neat and tidy.

Dabado Bolt V2 kit
The convenient carrying case of the Dabado Bolt V2 easily holds all of its accessories.

Key Features of the Dabado Bolt V2

The main new feature of the Bolt V2 is the LCD screen that shows the temperature and battery level, even the Bolt Pro doesn’t have that feature. Of course you also get all the cool features of the original Bolt as well, here’s a quick rundown of what the Dabado Bolt V2 has to offer:

  • Compatibility with
    • wax
    • concentrates
    • shatter
  • LCD screen keeps you up to date on temp. and battery level
  • Magnetic dabber/carb cap and magnetic base keeps the whole kit stable and secure
  • Huge temperature range: 680-699 degrees Fahrenheit and 700-720
  • Sells for $159.99 from Dabado

Granular features and the choice of three nails, plus a replacement heating rod makes the Bolt V2 a nice deal. You’ve got everything you need, plus a few extras in case.

Dabado Bolt V2 design
Anyone who wants to add some extra style to their Bolt V2 can pick up one of the stylish water pipes.

Design of the Dabado Bolt V2

Dabado calls the Bolt V2 a portable e-nail and while it’s a little smaller than most e-nails, it’s not really something you carry around—like the Prism vape pen, for example. The convenient carrying case makes it great for long trips where you can set up the Bolt V2 and get your vape on but it’s not the ideal choice for daily errands or…anything like that. Vape pens will be your go-to in that case.

The simple design and the magnetic accessories make the Bolt V2 easy to set up and use, so assembly and disassembly are quick and simple. Honestly, e-nails aren’t really meant to be portable but this is about as close as you’re likely to get with one in that you can transport it w/out worry, if you must.

Dabado Bolt V2 e-Nail wax vaporizer review
The Dabado Bolt V2's design makes disassembly + reassembly simple w/ the use of magnetic parts + detachable glassware.

Like the other Bolt models, the V2 is light but feels really solid thanks to quality build materials.

The LCD screen isn’t some fancy gimmick either, the other Bolt models have huge temperature ranges as well—but they’re hard to regulate without an indicator. The Bolt V2 lets you know the exact temperature at all times, making it more practical than its antecedent models.

How to Use the Dabado Bolt V2

E-rigs have a reputation of being difficult to use but the Dabado Bolt V2 is about as simple as they get:

  1. Add water to the glass attachment (just a few tablespoons).
  2. Place the glass over your choice of nail.
  3. Set temperature: Press power button 3x for lower temp ranges | 5x for higher ranges.
  4. Dab your wax onto the nail while the V2 preheats, or once ready.
  5. Hold the carb cap over the nail + inhale from mouthpiece to begin.

It’s not too complicated and as they say, practice makes perfect!

Dabado Bolt V2 performance
The quartz nail of the Dabado Bolt V2 produces the strongest flavor, especially at the lower temperature ranges.

Performance and Vapor Quality of the Dabado Bolt V2

The other Bolt models produced impressive flavor and nice clouds and the Dabado Bolt V2 is no different. I found that the ceramic nail on the lower temperature settings produced the purest vapor quality. Higher temperatures feel a little more harsh, but produce really great clouds.

The quartz and titanium nails were pretty solid but the ceramic is the nail of choice. One of the reasons e-nails are the premier choice for wax vaping is that they tend to have water bubblers that keep the vapor clean and pure. The Dabado Bolt V2 includes this feature so definitely try using the bubbler with each session—you’ll be glad you did. When necessary, clean it using cotton swabs and isopropyl alcohol.

Dabado Bolt V2 e-Nail wax vape review
The Dabado Bolt V2 provides a choice of nails (left to right): Titanium | Ceramic | Quartz.

The 18650 battery is good for 20-30 sessions per charge so you’ll be good to go for a long time—once the Bolt V2 is charged up. The battery is removable and can be charged separately from the rest of the V2, taking about 3-4 hours. Charging the entire vaporizer unit via USB cable takes about 4-5 hours.

Dabado Bolt V2 VS Similar Vapes

The Dabado Bolt V2 is a top-notch e-nail but that doesn’t mean that it lacks competition. Check out the following contenders:

  • The KandyPens ICON is a powerful e-rig that has the same nail choices as the V2, but is slightly more expensive.
  • The FocusVape Tourist is more versatile since it also supports dry herb—but only comes with a titanium nail.
  • The original Dabado Bolt is still a great e-nail and cheaper than its big brother, so if you don’t mind the lack of an LCD screen—it’s a deal.

Consider the playing field, and make the best choice for your needs. 🙂

Dabado Bolt V2 Review: Final Thoughts

We loved the Dabado Bolt and we love the Dabado Bolt V2 ($159.99 from Dabado). Just the LCD screen alone makes the Bolt V2 a great upgrade from the original. If you’ve never tried an e-rig before, this is a great place to start as it’s easy to use and even offers a level of portability that most e-nails lack. You won’t be skimping on quality either as the Bolt V2 produces great tasting, and abundant vapor.

The Dabado Bolt V2 is a great choice for new or veteran e-rig users and for those that enjoy using Vape Pens, it could be the next logical step in your extract vaping progression. Don’t be surprised if the Dabado Bolt V2 ends up on our Best E-Nails List…or yours. 🙂

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