Dabado Bolt Pro Review

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Dabado Bolt Pro Review

The Good: Extra large nails | Removable heating element

The Bad: Lack of granular temperature control creates a varying vaping experience.

The Bottom Line: The Dabado Bolt Pro is an easy to use e-nail that’s great for beginners but not so much for experts. That’s because it doesn’t have precise temperature controls, rather it simply has upper and lower temperature ranges. Even though it has extra large nails and a removable heating element, it’s still more suitable for first time e-nail users.

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Kit and Accessories

Dabado Bolt Pro Kit
Unique and interesting water bubblers are some of the optional accessories available for the Bolt Pro.
  • Dabado Bolt Pro
  • One XL titanium nail + one XL ceramic nail + one XL quartz nail
  • Magnetic stand
  • Dab tool + carb cap
  • 18650 battery
  • Storage jar
  • USB charger
  • Carrying case

Compatibility: The Dabado Bolt Pro 2 is compatible with wax, shatter, honey, crumble, etc.

Official Accessories

There are replacements available for all of the various parts and accessories for the Bolt Pro that can be obtained from the Dabado website. Additionally, you can get a variety of different glass bubblers from them as well. They come in a wide range of different styles and shapes and can give the Bolt a little more visual oomph. Just make sure to use the Dabado coupon code whenever you buy anything.

Design and Features

Dabado Bolt Pro Design
The Bolt Pro is small, light, and streamlined, but is not really portable friendly unless you use the included carry case.

General Design: E-nails tend to have pretty homogeneous designs, which is understandable since they are more about function than form. Still, the Bolt Pro manages to stand out because of its bold white color and the set of circular vents on the front. Aside from those flourishes, it’s business as usual, skinny battery, magnetic base, glass water bubbler. If you’ve seen an e-rig before, then you’ve seen this one.

The Bolt Pro does have some other things going for it, like the extra large nails and the fact that the heating element is replaceable. That latter point gives this e-nail a little more versatility than others that have fixed heating rods.

Portability: Due to their relative complexity and their huge glass bubblers, e-nails are not really portable friendly devices. The Bolt Pro is no different, though the included carrying case makes transportation a little easier.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Nails: Choose the highest temperature setting to burn off any remaining residue on the nails. You can clean smaller bits of residue using a cotton swab or q-tip that has been soaked in isopropyl alcohol.

Water Bubbler: The bubbler is cleaned by pouring iso alcohol into it, swishing it around a little, and then pouring it out. You should rinse out the bubbler with warm water afterwards before you use it again.

How to Use

  1. Attach the nail of your choosing to the device and then place the water bubbler over it.
  2. Fill the bubbler with water to the fill line.
  3. Press the power button five times to turn on the device.
  4. Press the power button three times to select the low-temperature mode, press it five times to select the high-temperature mode.
  5. Inhale from the bubbler when heating is complete.

Temperature Range: Low-temperature range 500°F – 650°F | High-temperature range 650°F – 900°F

Titanium Nail Seasoning: The titanium nail can have an unpleasant aftertaste if it is not seasoned properly. You season it by dabbing a thin layer of wax onto the nail and then turning the nail to the high-temperature range. Once the wax has burned off, wait for the nail to cool down and then repeat the process a few more times. Once complete, the nail will be fully seasoned and there won’t be any weird metallic aftertaste from your wax.

Performance and Vapor Quality

Dabado Bolt Pro Performance
The quartz (left), ceramic (middle), and titanium (right) nails of the Bolt Pro are all extra large, but the ceramic produces the best flavor.

E-nail Performance: One good thing about the lack of precise temperature control is that the Bolt Pro heats up quite quickly. Naturally, the lower range heats up faster, but the upper range only takes about thirty seconds.

Vapor Quality: The vapor flavor is generally good, but it’s inconsistent because you can’t select a precise temperature. So, if you select the low range for one session and select it again for another session, you’ll have a different experience. The vapor quality is good overall, but I would have preferred some granular control.

Nonetheless, I like the lower temp range more because it delivers the vapor quality is superior at those temperatures. The higher ranges give you bigger clouds but harsher vapor. The ceramic nail is my favorite because I got the smoothest, most flavorful vapor from it. The quartz nail is close behind and the titanium nail is much further behind. Even after seasoning, its vapor quality isn’t that great. It is the most durable though.

Battery Performance: The Bolt Pro uses a single 18650 battery that is good for about twenty to thirty sessions. Fortunately, it is removable, so you can just swap it out for a new one when it dies. Charging the battery while it’s in the device takes about three to six hours, while using an external charger takes two to three hours.

Dabado Bolt Pro vs Dabtech Elite Pro vs Cloud V ElectroMini Dab Rig

Only the Bolt Pro and the Elite Pro include titanium, quartz, and ceramic nails, the ElectroMini just has quartz and titanium nails, though it lasts longer than the other two. The Elite and the ElectroMini each have precise temperature control but the Bolt has bigger nails and a removable heating element.

Dabado Bolt ProDabtech Elite ProCloud V ElectroMini Dab Rig
Compatible withWax concentratesWax concentratesWax concentrates
Nail ChoicesQuartz, ceramic, titaniumQuartz, ceramic, titaniumQuartz, ceramic, titanium
Temperature RangeLow range 500°F – 650°F | High range 650°F – 900°F200°F to 900°F500°F to 1000°F
Sessions per Battery20 to 3020 to 3030 to 40
Precise Temperature ControlNoYesYes
Price$150 from Dabado$199.99 directly from Dabtech$149, $169, $179 from Vape-Smart

Bottom Line

Dabado Bolt Pro Wax
8.5 Total Score
Dabado Bolt Pro Review Bottom Line

The Dabado Bolt Pro has a lot going for it, like the extra large nails and removable heating element. Unfortunately, the lack of precise temperature control creates an inconsistent vaping experience. That experience is often good, particularly with the ceramic nail at the lower temperature ranges. It is just hard to recreate that experience from session to session.

Vapers who like to use a lot of wax during their sessions.

Who is it NOT for: Anyone who likes a more consistent or more customizable experience. 


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