Dabado Bolt Pro 2 Review: One of the Best E-nails Just got Better

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The Dabado Bolt Pro is a terrific e-nail dabber but the Bolt Pro 2 takes it up a few notches. The Bolt Pro 2 adds granular temperature control and an LCD screen. That’s in addition to the original’s great features, like extra large nails and a swappable battery. If you’re into pure vapor and high quality dabs, then you’ll be into the Bolt Pro 2.

Dabado Bolt Pro 2 Background

The original Dabado Bolt Pro is still one of the Best E-rigs around because of its extra large nails, ease of use, and killer vapor. The Dabado Bolt Pro 2 ($199.99 directly from Dabado, coupon code TVG10 saves you 10%) retains all those qualities while adding granular temperature control to give users more options. Check out the rest of my Dabado Bolt Pro 2 review to discover what else this portable e-nail has going for it.

Dabado Bolt Pro 2 Kit

  • Dabado Bolt Pro 2 e-nail
  • Carrying case
  • Glass attachment
  • 1 XL Titanium nail + 1 XL Ceramic nail + 1 XL Quartz nail
  • 1 extra XL heating rod + carb cap
  • Dab tool + storage container
  • Magnetic stand + USB cable

Pretty comprehensive but if you need any more dab tools or storage containers, hit up Amazon for quality extras.

dabado bolt pro 2 dab rig review
The Bolt Pro 2 comes in a sturdy case that includes three nails, extra heating rod, a dab tool, and storage container.

Key Features of the Dabado Bolt Pro 2

  • Compatible w/ THC concentrates, wax, shatter, honey
  • 18650 battery can be replaced or recharged
  • Extra large nails = more wax than other e-rigs
  • Large temp range: 200°F – 900°F
  • Retails for $199.99 directly from Dabado, use coupon code TVG10 to save 10%

There is also an extra heating rod and a sturdy plastic case to store it and everything else included.

Dabado Pro Dabado Bolt Pro 2 XL nails2 XL nails
L-R: XL ceramic nail, XL quartz nail, XL titanium nail.

Dabado Bolt Pro 2 Design

The Bolt Pro 2 e-nail dabber has the standard e-rig design of a slim body with the nail on top. It looks similar to the original Bolt Pro of course but the Bolt Pro 2 features precise temperature control and an LCD screen to monitor it. The Bolt Pro 2 is pretty easy to use so even e-rig beginners shouldn’t be intimidated by it.

Newbies will want to take it very slow when starting eNails and/or extracts, but experimental cannabis users will love this. It’s not portable like a vape pen but the carrying case means that you can take it with you on longer journeys.

Dabado Bolt Pro 2 XL nails
The Bolt Pro 2 features easily interchangeable nails for more dabbing options.

Using the Dabado Bolt Pro 2

  1. Place one of the nails onto the Bolt Pro 2’s body.
  2. Add a few tablespoons of water to the glass attachment and place it over the nail.
  3. Choose your temperature then dab your wax onto the nail.
  4. Hold the carb cap over the nail then inhale from the glass attachment.
Dabado Bolt Pro 2 -nail review
The XL titanium nail heats up quickly and retains heat well.

Dabado Bolt Pro 2 Performance and Vapor Quality

The choice of different nails and a wide temperature range gives users a lot of options. You’ll always get strong flavor and big clouds but here’s what to expect from each nail:

Heat TimeHeat RetentionFlavor

The titanium nail is the most durable of the three if that’s also a factor, you need to be more careful with the other two. Lower temps produce excellent flavor quality while higher temps produce bigger clouds, your choice.

Battery life is great, giving you 25-30 sessions before a recharge—or a swap—the removable 18650 battery gives you that choice. It charges in 3-4 hours, the entire unit charges in 4-5 hours.

Dabado Bolt Pro 2 XL titanium nail
The extra large titanium nail holds more wax than regular sized nails.

Dabado Bolt Pro 2 vs Similar E-nails

Dabado Bolt Pro 2 vs Dr Dabber Boost

The Dr Dabber Boost has many similar options to the Bolt Pro 2, however it lacks precise temp controls and has smaller nails. It is $40 cheaper though.

Dabado Bolt Pro 2 vs Dabado Bolt V2

One successor vs another! The Bolt V2 is also an excellent upgrade with many identical features to the Bolt Pro 2. The main difference is that the Bolt Pro 2 has larger nails and a wider temp range.

Dabado Bolt V2 review
The Dabado Bolt V2 improves upon the original Dabado Bolt with the addition of an LCD screen and replaceable heating element.

Dabado Bolt Pro 2 Review: Final Thoughts

The Dabado Bolt Pro 2 ($199.99 directly from Dabado, coupon code TVG10 will save you 10%) is a great upgrade to a great dab rig. It can match any of the Best E-rigs when it comes to vapor quality, customization options, and ease of use.

Novices shouldn’t be afraid to check it out and veterans will get a kick out of it. The Bolt Pro 2 produces some of the purest vapor around, if that’s something you want, then you should give the Bolt Pro 2 some serious thought. Thanks for reading my Dabado Bolt Pro 2 review, check back regularly for more reviews, articles, and more!

Where to buy the Dabado Bolt Pro 2?

Dabado Bolt Pro 2

An excellent upgrade to one of the best e-nails on the market

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