Dabado Bolt Pro 2 Review

Bottom LineThe Dabado Bolt Pro 2 is a great upgrade to what was already a great e-nail. The standout features are the larger than average nails, which are double the capacity of other nails. The wide temperature range and removable battery just add to the appeal of the whole package. And it’s a complete package too, there isn’t a single e-nail accessory you need that isn’t in the kit of the Bolt Pro 2. So, if you want to experience some of the best extract vaping around, give the Bolt Pro 2 a try.


$199.99 directly from Dabado

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Vapor Quality
Ease of Use
  • Uses extra large nails
  • Precise temperature control
  • Wide temperature range
  • Removable battery
  • Long battery time
  • Limited portability

Dabadao Bolt Pro 2 Review

Dabado Bolt Pro 2 Background

E-nails are the ultimate way to enjoy wax extracts and the Dabado Bolt Pro 2 is one of the best e-nails around. That’s because it has a whole suite of options that you won’t see in other e-rigs, ranging from precise temperature control, a convenient removable battery, and extra large nails for extra large dabs.

Even better is the fact that this is one of the easier e-nails to carry around with you. E-rigs aren’t exactly known for their portability, but the Bolt Pro 2 comes with a convenient carrying case that makes transportation a lot easier. There’s a lot more to the Dabado Bolt Pro 2 so keep reading to find out more.

Inside its Kit

  • Dabado Bolt Pro 2
  • Carrying case
  • One XL titanium nail + one XL ceramic nail + one XL quartz nail
  • One 18650 battery
  • Glass bubbler
  • One extra XL heating rod + carb cap
  • Dab tool + wax storage container
  • Magnetic stand + USB cable

How it is Designed

E-nails have a pretty standardized design and the Bolt Pro 2 doesn’t stray too far from the norm, though the glossy black finish gives it a nice elegant look. The LCD screen is a nice feature in terms of both design and functionality, when it’s off, the dark screen matches the rest of the Bolt Pro 2, giving it a nice uniform look. When it is on, it clearly relays useful information about the temperature and battery level.

The Bolt Pro 2 functions nicely in general, there are a lot of interchangeable parts, from the nails, to the heating rod, to the battery, and they are all easy to remove and replace when you need to do so. That gives the Bolt Pro 2 an extra level of versatility over the competition. The extra large nails and heating rod also give it an advantage over the competition, at least for those of you who like extra large dabs.

How it Performs

Vapor Performance: The type of nail you use affects everything from the heating speed to the flavor of the vapor, however, since this is an e-nail, you will always get strong flavor and big clouds. Of course the temperature you choose—which ranges from 200°F to 900°F—also has an effect, with the lower temps producing better flavor and the higher temperatures providing a more intense experience and larger clouds. Here is an overview of how each nail affects the vaping experience:

[vc_table vc_table_theme=”classic”],[14px]Heat%20Time,[14px]Heat%20Retention,[14px]Flavor|[14px;b]Titanium,Fast,Excellent,Good|[14px;b]Ceramic,Slow,Excellent,Great|[14px;b]Quartz,Fast,Low,Excellent[/vc_table]

Each nail has its strength and weaknesses, but there will always be a situation where one is more useful than the others, so they will all become necessary at one point or another. I should also mention that the titanium nail is the most durable of the three, so you don’t have to handle it with kid gloves like you do with the other two nails.

Battery Performance: The battery life is excellent, you can get twenty five to thirty sessions out of it before you need to recharge it or to swap out it out for a new one. The battery charges in three to four hours by itself, you can also charge it while it’s in the Bolt Pro 2 but that takes four to five hours.

The Final Word

The original Bolt Pro was a great dab rig, but the Bolt Pro 2 is even better because of the bigger nails and the bigger heating element. The extra convenience helps too, the carrying case and removable battery all help to make the Bolt Pro 2 one of the more easy to use e-nails around.

The choice of nails and wide temperature range also give users a wide array of customization options. The customization and convenience makes the Dabado Bolt Pro 2 one of the better e-nails available. If you’re ready to step up to the next level of wax vaping, then give the Bolt Pro 2 a try.

The Dabado Bolt Pro 2 can be purchased directly from Dabado for $200 and you can use our exclusive Dabado coupon code TVG10 to save 10%.

Dabado Bolt Pro 2 vs Dr Dabber Boost vs Dabado Bolt V2

[vc_table vc_table_theme=”classic” allow_html=”1″ el_class=”om-compare-table”][14px],[14px]Dabado%20Bolt%20Pro%202,[14px]%3Ca%20href%3D%22https%3A%2F%2Fthevape.guide%2Fdr-dabber-boost-black-edition-review%2F%22%3E%0ADr%20Dabber%20Boost%0A%3C%2Fa%3E,[14px]%3Ca%20href%3D%22https%3A%2F%2Fthevape.guide%2Fdabado-bolt-v2-review%2F%22%3E%0ADabado%20Bolt%20V2%0A%3C%2Fa%3E|[14px]Nail%20Choices,[14px]Ceramic%2C%20titanium%2C%20quartz,[14px]Ceramic%2C%20titanium%2C%20quartz,[14px]Ceramic%2C%20titanium%2C%20quartz|[14px]Nail%20Capacity,[14px]0.6%20grams,[14px]0.3%20grams,[14px]0.3%20grams|[14px]Sessions%20per%20Battery,[14px]25%20to%2030,[14px]30%20to%2040,[14px]20%20to%2030|[14px]Precise%20Temperature%20Control,[14px]Yes,[14px]No,[14px]No|[14px]Price,[14px]%3Ca%20href%3D%22https%3A%2F%2Fvape-link.us%2Fdabado-bolt-pro-2%22%20target%3D%22_blank%22%20rel%3D%22nofollow%20noopener%22%3E%24199.99%20directly%20from%20Dabado%3C%2Fa%3E,[14px]%3Ca%20href%3D%22http%3A%2F%2Fvape-link.us%2Fboost-erig-attacment%22%20target%3D%22_blank%22%20rel%3D%22nofollow%20noopener%22%3E%24159.95%20directly%20from%20Dr%20Dabber%20%3C%2Fa%3E,[14px]%3Ca%20href%3D%22https%3A%2F%2Fvape-link.us%2Fdabado-bolt-2%22%20target%3D%22_blank%22%20rel%3D%22nofollow%20noopener%22%3E%24159.99%20directly%20from%20Dabado%3C%2Fa%3E[/vc_table]

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  1. I ordered this as a gift for my girlfriend for valentines day this year and it was back ordered. This was okay because I was just stoked to get her a sweet portable dabber to replace her nectar collector. She was beyond excited when it showed up! Put it all together and it worked. A few days later she mentioned that she did not like the ceramic nail because it wasn’t getting hot enough. It turned out it was the small heating element. Fortunately, it came with a 2nd heating element. Popped it in and it worked like a charm. 3 months later, the standard glass attachment got a crack in it. I ordered the Orbit glass for her with additional batteries and the charger from Dabado. We went out of town the day the Orbit showed up so she was not able to use it. It was 5 days after we returned home with light use on the device when suddenly, the unit stopped working. When it is plugged in to the usb charger to charge directly to the unit, the display lights up but shows a weird default readout. I am convinced that it is NOT charging despite it it saying it is. The voltage readout says 4.20 V and this tells me it is in an error state. I reached out to Dabado to see if they can help me and I am told that it is past the 90-day warranty (121 days to be exact) and they can’t help me. In hindsight, I should have thoroughly looked through the warranty / repair policies better before purchasing this. I was an idiot to assume that they would support their products for longer because I had the impression that Dabado was the best of the best and would support their devices better. It was a newer product too! So I kick my self harder because of course all the kinks wouldn’t have been ironed out. Dabado offered to me a new heating replacement (part with the display is / internal circuitry) for 35% off $79.99. I am pretty bummed at this point and even though I would like to get this part so that my girlfriend can use the vape with her new glass and batteries, I do not have faith in the product or Dabado in general. The customer service people on the phone were cold and far from empathetic. Having to call them in the case that the replacement part malfunctioned as well is enough for me to not want to give them any more money. Anybody else in the market for paperweight that looks like it could be a good product? hmu.

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