Dabado Bolt e-Nail review

Dabado Bolt E-Nail

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If you're looking for a portable dab rig. Why not try Dabado Bolt e-Nail, it’s an all in one portable vaping device for wax and concentrates. The battery lasts up to 45-50 dabs of an uninterrupted vaping session and reaches up to 980°F. It's a perfect on-the-go portable Dab Rig that you will love.

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In-Depth Dabado Bolt e-Nail Review:

The Bolt e-Nail vaporizer from Dabado is what every dabber has been waiting patiently to see. Combined with thousands of other dabbers, to deliver technology for the next generation of portable dabbing devices and user’s alike. It’s a portable vaping device for wax and concentrate, that offers a lot of convenience and custom vaping experience. Fully loaded with a potent 2500mAh Lithium-Ion battery which gives you up to 45-50 dabs of uninterrupted vaping sessions. The Dabado Bolt e-Nail has the capacity to reach vaping temperatures up to 980°F in just 30 seconds. Its magnetic base and carb cap keep this eRig in a safe upright position while it is not being used. The battery can be charged conveniently with the USB cable that comes with the kit.

First Impression:

I’ve been looking for an on-the-go dabbing setup for months now and finally, I found the Dabado Bolt e-Nail. So the whole setup comes with a nice matte black carrying case box and when you pop it you can see everything you need in there!

Dabado Bolt e-Nail Review

  • You got your Dabado Bolt battery
  • The Glass Bubbler Attachment
  • The Magnetic Dabber and Carb Cap
  • You got also your Charger
  • The Ceramic and Quartz Nail to ensure the cleanest, purest, truest-tasting dabs possible
  • An extra Titanium Nail and
  • Even a Non-stick Container to throw your wax in is present on the kit

The Dabado Bolt has this really cool and well-made magnetic based that allows you to put it down on a table or flat surface, without to worry if it falls or drops. The Dabado Bolt can also be pulled out from the magnetic based easily becoming a nice handheld device to show off.

Dabado Bolt e-Nail Review

Also one of the coolest features of this unit is the dabbing tool which is also magnetic. It sticks to the carb cap which you can use horizontally or vertically and when you’re done with it! – It comes apart quickly for easy storage and cleaning. I never saw a magnetic carb cap that comes on and off like the Dabado Bolt does.

I’m really impressed by how much wax this unit can handle in just one hit! Amazing

Dabado Bolt E-Nail Review

How to use:

When using, fill the glass pipe with just a little amount of water (If you want a smoother hit, you’ll definitely want to toss a little water in there. Be careful, though, not too much). Secure the glass water pipe over the e-Nail. Be sure you charge first your battery – LED light will appear Red when charging and Blue when complete.

Dabado Bolt e-Nail

Press the power button 3 times – The LED will Turn On white to indicate the device is heating, after 30 seconds it will turn green when e-Nail is ready. You can add your favorite wax before or after the device is preheated. Inhale and enjoy your dabbing experience 😀

Dabado Bolt e-nail in-depth

What I think about Dabado Bolt e-Nail:

Definitely, it hits harder than any of the wax e-Nail that I ever vape and it is comparable to Dab Rig. Although I wouldn’t completely replace my Dab Rig with this for an everyday basis because it’s just a SMALL DAB RIG that why it’s called portable! But it really takes a big dab and it heats up super fast. Great for an on-the-go sesh!Dabado Bolt E-Nail

For a portable e-Nail, this is by far the best portable on-the-go Dab Rig setup that I ever had and ever experience. Bringing Dab rig with torches can sometimes be annoying to carry especially if you’re traveling. So, it’s better to use a portable e-Nail like the Dabado Bolt to carry around with ease. And with just a little rechargeable battery and USB charger to bring on, you can charge it anywhere and anytime. It’s a perfect on-the-go portable Dab Rig.

Dabado Bolt Kit

Buy the Dabado Bolt Kit directly at Dabado Vapes for exclulsive and great offers.


  1. Reply
    david December 6, 2016 at 8:50 am

    I ordered the thunderboxpro and the m nail mod. Its a very poor design. The o rings should be glass on glass instead. And the bubblers so short that even with the minimum amount of water he still end up sucking it into your mouth and lungs. If you plan on ordering this product plan on smoking your o rings and drowning with the original Factory bubbler. Might want to consider ordering a different class peace and throwing the one that it comes within the garbage. The only reason I’m on other sites leaving my review. My honest review. Is because dabado ask me to fill out a survey so I did honestly which it wasn’t negative review. So I went on to dabado website to find the review that I left and I quickly realized that dabado is one-sided and biased on the reviews that they pick that people can see. My glass nail and mouthpiece both were broken when it arrived and I inform them and they were shipped but I now have my new mouthpiece which instead of having chips of glass broken off of it now has tooling marks instead. Also I noticed that I didn’t receive the O-rings That was supposed to come with it and I’ve contacted dabado 2 times about the missing O-rings and the fact of drowning while trying to use their product. And still no response. Everybody do yourself a favor and hold off on ordering from dabado until they redesign their rubber O-rings to be glass on glass, that way all you are really smoking is the concentrate and not the O-rings

  2. Reply
    Jared March 6, 2017 at 2:45 pm

    That sucks for you guys experiences, Ive had mine a month and love it. Specially my wife. Yes you have to take tiny dabs BUT it milks the crap out of it so you get a great dab. All my dabs are done before it cools. Ive never had a metal ring pop off on my nails. I have had to reheat it while taking my BIGGER dabs just to finish it, but thats no biggy, just makes it milk more! Love the case, the glass I NEVER get water in my mouth, there is a fine line of how much water you should be putting into it. Enough to filter but not too much to bubble too much. The way i see it is this, ive waited years for someone like this. This is not 100% and there will always be a drawback to portable nails until time corrects the mistakes and makes them more efficient. Until then, i bought the Dabado Bolt Pro, and LOVE IT! Just my 2 cents.

  3. Reply
    Michael K March 19, 2017 at 3:48 pm

    I have to agree with the first comment. Poor design with cheap materials. The ceramic heating element cracks after a short period of time. The bowl attachments either crack or the screw strips come apart making them impossible to use. If you check out their Instagram page every picture has a comment from at least on dissatisfied customer. Check out the promo that cloudvapes is running now. I wish I never went with dabado over cloud. Just my two cents.

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