Cync VS Juul: The Ultimate eCig Showdown

The Juul ($49.99 from Juul Vapor) is one of the best e-cigarettes on the market because of its ease of use and the strength and flavor of its vapor. Both of these qualities make it attractive to former smokers that are trying to transition to vaping and the Juul. The Cync (Coming soon to Vape-Smart) is a new entry in the e-cigarette marketplace and is set to become one of the Juul’s main challengers.

The Cync has similar benefits to the Juul and also a number of options that the Juul lacks; options such as a additional battery and pod customization options. Both the Cync and the Juul are great e-cigarette choices–if you want to know their different attributes and want to find out which one is right for you, check out this JUUL versus Cync comparison.

First Round: Options and Convenience

One look at our Best e-Cigarette List and you’ll know that the Juul is at the top. One of the reasons is that the Juul is incredibly simple to use and is just as portable as regular cigarettes. However, the Juul offers a cleaner experience that’s less disruptive to bystanders. As of now, the JUUL offers five flavor to choose from: mint, mango, creme burlee, tobacco, and fruit medley.

juul vape review
The JUUL does not use any buttons, simply inhale from the mouthpiece to activate it.

The Cync has impressive customization options: you can choose from two different batteries, standard pen style or small boxes like a mini vape mod. You have 3 battery capacity options: 200, 380, or 390 mAh. There is also a choice of two different pod sizes, 1.5 mL and 2.5 mL, each of which comes in a wide variety of flavors and nicotine levels from various top e-liquid suppliers.

The flavor pods and battery units snap into and out of the devices easily. The Cync has a more ergonomic mouthpiece than the Juul, with a rubber panel on either side and rounded corners–very comfortable.

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Second Round: Performance and Vapor Quality

One of the reasons the Juul is so popular is the quality of its vapor; it’s flavorful and the nicotine-filled pods pack a punch strong enough to appeal to former smokers. The performance of the Cync is on par–it delivers great flavor and impressive clouds.

One major benefit of the Cync is that customization of the pods over the restriction of the JUUL pods. JUUL pods are limited to what JUUL Vapor puts out. In the case of the Cync, ejuice manufacturers create the closed pods for use specifically with the Cync ecig. Cync pods are also generous in size, and the unit itself is cheaper than the JUUL as well.

The Cync pods are a VG/PG mix and come in a variety of nicotine levels, so there is an option for every type of user. The JUUL pods contain nicotine.

Vape Forward Cync e-Cig

The Cync’s battery charges quickly and you will get much use out of each charge–same case for the JUUL. The JUUL’s handy USB charger doohickey is good-looking, but Cync’s microUSB port will do you better if you forget to charge at home and count on the chance that someone may have a charger for you.

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Final Round

You can’t go wrong with either the Cync or the Juul. Our list of the Best e-Cigarettes shows that the market is very strong right now, with these two e-cigs, as well as other top performers like the Phix–e-cig vapers are spoiled for choice.

While the JUUL ($49.99 from JuulVapor) is a classic and universal choice that most people will really enjoy, the Cync (coming soon from Vape-Smart) is the choice for vapers that will really appreciate customizing their device with multiple options for battery and pods.


The Cync is one of the best choices available, sure to continue to give JUUL a run for its money. Its impressive array of battery and e-liquid pod options make it a viable option to consider.

Both eCigs are great choices, and frankly, nice gadgets to have around the house for when you feel like taking a drag. They are both particularly great for smokers that would like to transition from traditional cigarettes to vape pens due to lack of smell and an overall less offensive habit. The cloud production and nicotine pods in both of these vapor pens support this point.

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