Crafty vs Mighty Comparison

crafty vs mighty comparison

It’s time for another comparison and this one has been a long time coming. It’s time to see how the Crafty (Review | Buy) and the Mighty (Buy) compare to each other. On the one hand, it may seem natural to compare them since they are so closely related and so similar to each other. Both are made by Storz & Bickel and they are two of the best weed vaporizers. On the other hand, their differences seem obvious enough that a comparison isn’t necessary.

However, they have differences and similarities that go below the surface. That is why it’s worth comparing them to see how those differences and similarities can affect your purchasing decision. So, let’s take a closer look at both dry herb vaporizers in this Crafty vs Mighty comparison.

The Crafty and Mighty At a Glance

Height4.3 inches5.5 inches
Oven Size0.3 grams0.3 grams
Temperature Range104°F to 410°F104°F to 410°F
Precise Temperature ControlVia Smartphone appOn the device
Battery Life60 to 80 minutes120 minutes
Charge TimeTwo hoursNinety minutes
Charging MethodUSB charging cableWall outlet adapter
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Crafty vs Mighty: Similarities and Differences

Crafty Mighty new version
The Mighty (L) and the Crafty (R) are very similar to each other but still have some distinct differences.

Crafty/Mighty Similarities

  • Despite the size difference, both vaporizers have an oven capacity of 0.3 grams
  • Both vaporizers also feature a boost mode that gradually increases the temperature by 10°F
  • Same usage/ cleaning process
  • Same design lines and swivel mouthpiece

Crafty/Mighty Differences

  • The Crafty uses a smartphone app for precise temperature control. The Mighty has precise temperature control right on the device
  • The Crafty is charged via a micro USB cable. The Mighty is charged using a proprietary wall adapter.
  • The Mighty heats up faster and has slightly better cooling than the Crafty.
  • The battery of the Mighty lasts nearly twice as long as the battery of the Crafty.
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General Design

Crafty dry herb vaporizer
The Crafty and the Mighty have distinct designs; the ribs in the body are intended to facilitate air flow and maintain a cool temperature.

Both vaporizers have hard plastic bodies with fins that give them a rather distinct look. Those fins aren’t just cosmetic though, they help distribute and dissipate the heat from the vaping process. So, they don’t get as warm during use as other similar sized vapes do. The plastic shell and black color aren’t as stylish as other premium vaporizers, but they don’t look, or feel, cheap.

They each feature a swivelling mouthpiece that folds away when not in use. Not only does this aid in portability, it feels good to vape from too. Loading the Crafty is easier because it can stand upright on its own. The Mighty has a rounded base so it can’t. That makes the loading procedure a little more awkward. The temperature control buttons and digital display of the Mighty are located on its base, which isn’t the best location, but you get used to it pretty quickly.

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Cleaning and Maintenance

The Crafty and the Mighty are notoriously low maintenance devices that hardly ever need cleaning. Only the top piece, called the cleaning unit, needs to be cleaned. Cleaning the chamber is easy, you just need to give it a once over with the included cleaning brush and you’re good. If that’s too much work for you, then the entire cooling unit can be easily replaced for a low price.

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Crafty Mighty Portable Weed Vaporizer
The smaller Crafty is far easier to carry around than the larger Mighty.

Crafty: The Crafty is a little bigger than some other portable weed vapes, but it is still easy to fit in your pocket, it just won’t disappear in your hand. The swiveling mouthpiece helps a lot since it folds away and makes the Crafty a lot more compact. Also the fact that it uses a USB cable for charging means that you have more recharge options when you’re on the go.

Mighty: The Mighty is technically a portable but it’s on the very large size for one. You won’t be stuffing it in your pocket, but it fits easily into a backpack or a purse. You’ll definitely draw attention when you’re using it, so I hope you’re not a wallflower. Recharging could be a problem on the road since it uses a wall adapter, but the length battery life mitigates any recharging needs.

It’s no surprise which one wins here, pretty much any dry herb vape would win a portability contest against the Mighty.

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Substance Compatibility

Both the Crafty and Mighty are compatible with dry herb and wax concentrates.

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Oven and Heating

Crafty Mighty Vaporizers Review
Using the Mighty (L) is a little easier than the Crafty (R) because the temperature controls are right there on the device.

Crafty and Mighty Oven Size: 0.3 grams

Average Crafty Heat Time: Just under two minutes

Average Mighty Heat Time: A little over three minutes

Even though the Mighty is bigger, it has the same size oven as the Crafty. Both vapes also use a convection/conduction heating system. Considering that most recent weed vapes take no more than ninety minutes to heat up, both vapes are on the slow side when it comes to heating.

The advantage they have is that they retain heat quite well no matter how long or hard you inhale. They both keep the vapor cool during each session but the Mighty has a slight edge because it has a larger cooling unit.

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Temperature Control and Crafty Smartphone App

Crafty Mighty differences
The Mighty (left) has analog controls for precise temperature selection, the Crafty (right) uses a smartphone app for that function.

Both vaporizers have an impressive temperature range but only the Mighty allows you to access that temperature range on the device itself. It has up and down buttons and a digital display, so you can calibrate the temperature to exactly where you want it.

The Crafty doesn’t have that functionality, instead it has two preset temperatures, 356°F and 383°F. If you want more granular control, then you’ll need the smartphone app. The app is a little basic compared to the ones on other premium vaporizers, but that does mean it’s a little simpler to use. Aside from granular temperature control, the app can turn on the Crafty remotely and make it vibrate and flash its lights if it gets lost.

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Vapor Quality

Crafty Mighty cooling unit comparison
The mouthpieces of the Crafty and Mighty have a low draw resistance, making the delicious vapor easier to enjoy.

The vapor of both the Crafty and the Mighty is thick and full of flavor and it stays cool throughout each session. The Mighty has a slight edge because its larger cooling unit provides slightly cooler vapor but you won’t have any complaints about the vapor temperature of the Crafty.

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Longevity and Reliability

Crafty and Mighty: I’ve had both vaporizers from the beginning, back when they launched in 2014 and they’re both still going strong. They’ve outlived other vapes that debuted at about that time and they’ve outlived vapes that came after them. Heck, they’ll probably outlive most of us.

Warranty – Two years

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Battery Life and Charge Time

Battery Life60 to 80 minutes120 minutes
Charge TimeTwo hoursNinety minutes
Charging MethodUSB charging cableWall outlet adapter

Both the Crafty and the Mighty had a firmware boost to their battery life, which is nice for the Mighty, but desperately needed for the Crafty. Before the update, its battery life was a mere forty five minutes, now it’s nearly double that. It’s still shorter than most premium dry herb vapes, but at least it’s not as bad anymore.

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How to Use

Crafty vaporizer dosing capsule
The optional dosing capsules are a recommended option if you like to keep your sessions clean and streamlined.

Crafty and Mighty

  1. Twist off the cooling unit to expose the herb chamber.
  2. Pour your ground herb into the filling aid.
  3. Firmly attach the filling aid to the herb chamber, remove the stopper from the filling aid and use it to sweep the herb through the open hole of the filling aid into the herb chamber. You also have the option of filling dosing capsules in advance and just popping them into the oven.
  4. Remove the filling aid and then reattach the cooling unit.
  5. Turn on the device and select your temperature.
  6. Once the vape finishes heating, swivel out the mouthpiece and inhale from it.

The Crafty and Mighty are each equally easy to use since they have perfectly identical loading procedures. They both have a filling aid included in their respective kits that streamlines and speeds up the loading process. Also, they can both use optional dosing capsules to speed up the loading procedure even further.

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