Crafty vs Mighty Comparison – Which one should I Buy?

The Crafty ($279 from Vape-Smart) and the Mighty are two high-quality dry herb vaporizers from Storz & Bickel. They are pretty similar with just a few key differences.

The Crafty and the Mighty are two of the best dry herb vaporizers for a long time running. This comparison helps differentiate between the similar, sister devices, and raises a few considerations to keep in mind when deciding which of these two herb vapes to invest in.

Crafty: A Portable Powerhouse

The Crafty is easy to use–even for beginners–thanks to user-friendly features. The included filling aid makes packing the herb chamber a simple task. For an even easier time filling the Crafty, you might consider an electric grinder like the PenSimple which grinds your herb finely–great for vapes–with no effort.

The Crafty has a wide range of customizable options if you use the free smartphone app that is available for Android or iOS devices. With the app you can minutely adjust the temperature setting to your liking, check the temperature of the herb chamber, as well as control the brightness of the LED displays on the Crafty. The temperature controls let you vape discreetly or at high profiles.

Crafty dry herb vaporizer
The Crafty has an iconic design; the ribs in the body are intended to facilitate air flow and maintain a cool temperature.

The main downside to the Crafty is its short battery life compared to other similarly sized vaporizers. You can get a 45 minute session out of a full charge and a recharge takes about 2 hours. You’ll probably end up getting a lot of use out of the Crafty’s pass-through charging feature because of this. Considering all the Crafty has to offer, it had to sacrifice something and battery life is a fairly small loss.

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Mighty: Large and in Charge

The Mighty is nearly double the size of the Crafty and, when it comes to battery life, offers over double the performance. The Mighty can last a little over 90 minutes on a single charge, that’s among the longest lasting batteries in the industry. Even better, it only takes about 2 hours to charge, just like the smaller Crafty. The only negative is that charging requires a wall outlet.

The Mighty offers convenience; it has customizable temperature controls like the Crafty but those controls are integrated into the vaporizer. The Mighty has a pair of analog temperature control buttons and an LED display instead of a smartphone app. The Mighty will give you the same dense, tasty vapor as the Crafty–and for longer. 🙂

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Should I Buy Crafty or Mighty?

With the Crafty ($279 from Vape-Smart) and the Mighty, the choice comes down to whether you want portability or a long battery life. The Crafty can be taken anywhere and is easy to use for beginners or veterans. The Mighty is just as easy to use but is less portable, however, you can vape without interruption.

Both the Mighty and the Crafty are both known for the tasty, dense vapor that earned these vaporizers a stellar reputation–and add another rung to the legacy of success over at Storz & Bickel. S&B recently came out with these convenient, refillable pods too. With either Crafty or mighty, you can prefill these pods and keep them on your keychain for easy loading.

Crafty disposable weed cartridges
The smaller size of the Crafty results in a smaller battery and shorter battery life versus the Mighty.

While the ribbed design successfully maintains a cool temp on the body of the device, they also  make them slightly hard to clean. These vaporizers are fixtures on our list of the Best Vaporizers out. Basically, your choice comes down to whether you’re mainly an at-home vaper and/or frequent host, or you want to vape on the go. Once you decide this, the answer here is clear.

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